Set the tension firm. Tune up the string, cut the excess length off. We used this to show the depth of the hole. This allows a little space for the trem to be pulled back (pitch UP). In the case of the VS100 the studs sit inline with the outside strings and up against the bridge pickup route. Remember to check that there is always a gap (at least 2mm with humbuckers, 4mm with single coils) between the bottom of the string and top of the pickup as you play at the last fret on any string. before you pull it off the work piece; and (3) Keep your hands away from the Usually a quarter turn will do the job. Google "set up Modern Fender Trem". Remember not to use excess force, as this will damage the locking hex screws. Messages 589. Never try to adjust the truss rod with wrong size key, as this may damage the guitar severely. The arm screws into and onto that anchor and it DOES NOT WIGGLE. started by OGG, Nov 28, 2013. After placing the two outer lines, I mark points midway between the lines in a few places. There are a lot of commercially available fretboard oils around. Trem arm tension – to adjust the Wilkinson (by Gotoh) VSVG trem arm tension, press the arm so that the bottom plate raises from the body about 1 cm. The Wilkinson (unlike the vintage Fender trem) is designed to be set-up so that at its zero-position (at rest, with the guitar tuned to the desired pitch) is parallel to the flat top of the guitar. ** Current Guitar Of The Month contest **, Entry for the November Guitar Of The Month Contest is now open. Now keep in mind that prior to deciding to document some progress of my work I have already pulled the bushings from the OEM tremolo using the "screw-in-the-hole" trick as shown below. It provides a smooth blank surface to mark on and when you're done, it peels off cleanly. Ruokangas double-way truss rod – every Ruokangas guitar is fitted with a double-way truss rod, which corrects both up- and backbowed necks. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Blackwood appears to have a higher Janka hardness rating than maple, so I assume using it as a top wood would add strength to that area where the leverage forces would be higher, and therefore I can have a smaller gap between stud and pickup? Repeat the procedure to unlock the strap. aligned center and made sure the intonation center was correct. If your guitar has a trem, use a piece of folded cardboard to protect the finish behind the bridge before loosening the strings. You can then see a small hex screw behind the sustain block. Once a year or even once in two years is enough. Great stuff! This type of tuner is easy to restring, when you remember a couple of things. Locking Gotoh MG-T or Schaller M6 – to remove the old string, turn the thumbscrew on the back of the tuner counter-clockwise to unlock the string. SET-UP GUIDE – first of all, I recommend you to change strings to your Ruokangas guitar regularly to maintain the tone, tuning and playability. Now while that tricked worked for the OEM bushings, it won't work on the Wilky bushings as they are closed at the base. Using a Freud Wilkinson bridges allow you to use the tremolo arm to lower the pitch of any note that you play by pressing on it, which can add style and dramatic flair to your soloing technique. Push the new string to the hole on top of the post and start winding. Yes, but probably when I have finished the guitar. This has probably been done before, but I hadn't seen it used this way before. We have included instructions for the most common adjustments, but left out repairs – fret dressing, nut filing, refretting etc – that require special tools and skills. However, the arm swings loosely the way I like. working with power tools; (2) Always wait until the router stops completely Price $72.00 - $88.00. Price $210.00 - $235.00. Reactions: Gig Young. Turning the nut counter-clockwise from zero point will loosen the rod more – bowing the neck up. Hold the string down at first fret and stretch with the other hand. I ordered my parts months ago, but only this week when I removed the Wilkinson Trem parts from the plastic wrapping did I appreciate its design. I also drilled out those holes to 3/8", and glued in maple dowels. trem cavity. If your guitar has a locking trem, you need the 3mm hex key provided with the guitar to unlock the nut and to remove the strings from bridge. Truss rod – ok, now you have new strings fitted in and tuned up. Framus Tutorial: Setup of a Guitar with a Wilkinson Tremolo Next, let’s check the neck relief. Guitar polish can be used to clean the pickguard, lacquered maple or birch fretboard and metal parts of your guitar as well. Again, using our laser, we In case you will clean/oil the fretboard, take off all the old strings. If you change to heavier gauge, the truss rod may need tightening – and the nut will most likely have to be modified so the strings slide in the slots smoothly. the big template down with some double-sided carpet tape and made sure it wouldn't move DO Tune-o-matic – the string radius of the tune-o-matic bridge matches the Ruokangas fretboard 12” radius. Insert the string into the tuner post hole. Wilkinson/Gotoh WT3 – the string height of the WT3 bridge is adjusted in pairs, two strings at a time. I believe Known throughout the world as a guitar 'guru' (a moniker he tolerates rather than endorses) Trev Wilkinson's comprehensive range of replacement guitar parts are what cemented his reputation throughout the industry with their simplicity, durability and problem solving designs.