Shimaya Konbu Dashi 56g. Overall, wonderful value and I would definitely buy again. Buy Now DRIED TASMANIAN KOMBU Tasmanian variety of Japanese Kombu. The kombu also becomes easily malleable when soaked in water. JAPANESE FOOD. $9.60. Order 24/7 at our online supermarket NSW 2048 Australia. Note: Japanese kitchen knives only > See instructions Available in 100g and 30g packets. box hill is OK but it's mostly chinese/korean versions of authentic japanese stuff. $9.91. DRIED WAKAME made from the fronds of the incidentally introduced seaweed Undaria pinnatifida to Tasmania. Shimaya Kelp Kombu Dashi Powder 112g. 600 Elizabeth Street Melbourne VIC 3000 515 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham VIC 3000 289 Elizabeth St Melbourne VIC 3000-Browse: Home. $10.49. Qty: Shimaya Kelp Kombu Dashi Powder No MSG 42g. JAPANESE FOOD. in particular i'm looking for stuff like mirin, kombu dashi, tenkasu, beni shouga, dried udon noodles, etc. hey all, i've just come back from three years in japan and i'm looking for the best place in melbourne to buy japanese cooking supplies. Kombu is used to make dashi stock for many dishes. If using Kombu for dashi or stock, always remove it right before the water reaches boiling otherwise it may make it a bit "slimy". BELLINGEN - Kombu Wholefoods BOWRAL - Organic Wholefood Store BOWRAL - Raw and Wild ... SOUTH MELBOURNE - South Melbourne Market Organics NORTHCOTE - Terra Madre NTH FITZROY - McCoppins Clifton Hill NTH FITZROY - Piedimonte's Supermarket ORMOND - Sunnybrook Health Foods in decent sized quantities. CHEFS in Japanese restaurants and home cooks are having to adapt recipes as stocks of the dried seaweed kombu dwindle across the country. $4.81. FROZEN JAPANESE MIXED FISH CAKE. Qty: Shitake Dashi Powder 42g. Postal Sharpening. $4.34. Qty: Shimaya Udon Dashi Powder 64g. Not currently available. Qty: Shimaya Kelp Kombu Dashi Powder No MSG 60g. Mail to: Shop 1&2/105-107 Percival Rd Stanmore. Check out spiral sea vegetable wakame 50g at $4.81. Buy Now DRIED MEKABU made from the sporophylls or spore producing ruffles at the base of … Out of Stock. Qty: TENYO TAKEDA Gluten Free Soup Base 500ml. Product. Available in 30g and 100g packets. $9.66. Qty: