I regret to inform that we do not know when the next promotional sale will be. Fix the couch. After six months I asked for my order to be canceled. The 4th time it was delivered wrong I just gave up and kept it. I can show them on my VISA statement when I made the purchase but they don't care because they aren't going to help me anyway. She says she cannot because it has already processed and that I would need to call customer service to cancel. I agree. We are processing your message. The overall rating of the company is 1.9 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied . Check our FAQ. What is the purpose of complain board if no one reponse to my post and every time I call to find out about the status I got the "We don't know" answer. © 2004-2020 ComplaintsBoard.com. I loved the color, the yarn and style. She matter of factly states, well we don't have any more. I ordered 5 pieces of furniture and 1 bedding item online. Close to that date, I call to cancel the order but can not because the order is in transit. Hate it. It will cost me more money later on to swap the bed for my kid from out of town. I thumbed through the new catalog when it arrived and immediately knew this table fit a look we want. Order no : MY85656532908. The company offers no explanation as to why it has taken over three weeks for my furniture to travel from LA to Boise. Most commonly, consumers tend to contact West Elm to ask questions about: Request for Information, Payments and Charges, Shipping and Delivery. I was quoted 4-6 week delivery for a section I purchased and received the item 9 weeks later. Review #2112783 is a subjective opinion of poster. I hope the Kansas City store has to close. Blog article. I call and the man on the phone tells me he just needed permission to rerun the card. The purchase itself was a painstaking process as the website was having issues. There is not enough information available to create the chart. I have spent hours on the phone and taken time off work for delivery. Im getting the feeling they are hoping I will give up my refund and go away. A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. West Elm ranks 279 of 1470 in Furniture and Decor category. Unbelievable. Review authors value the most Diversity of Products or Services and Website. west elm NEWLYWED DISCOUNT Receive 10% off any purchase for 6 months after your wedding. I approved that and now I wait. ! For more information about PissedConsumer check out our When it comes to pay, I give her my reward card for $25 and she asks if I will be using my west elm card. why!? User's recommendation: AVOID AT ALL COSTS. We did a 3 way call and everything was supposed to be worked out. The overall rating of the company is 1.9 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. We have to swap the bed to him and properly swap back when the bed frame arrive. Also, due to this a few family members will nit be registering for weddings with your company after hearing what happened to me. She put me on hold for about 3 minutes to check. I have the Modern 6 Drawer Dresser and decided to move it to another bedroom, upstairs. She says, well you can't get the rewards without the credit card. We ordered the Emmerson reclaimed table, bench, coffee table, and two leather couches. I have tried repeatedly to secure the promised designed dollars from a large purchase I made in June, and... Dear customer service I am extremely upset and disappointed I did not get the table I hoped for or ordered. About two months later, Im still waiting for a refund. I called to arrange this over a week ago and haven't heard back with a date for when this will be collected or refunded. I ordered a bed from West Elm on May 5th. West Elm Chest Of Drawers review: Fixed drawers. Fast forward 6 months and it's worse than ever - if we get too close to the rug, we are covered in sharp fibers and they get into our throat - horrible and potentially dangerous. Much to my surprise and distress, I learned the drawers are NOT removable!!! I contacted customer service and was told by more than one person there that the warranty is only good for 12 months. I ordered furniture from West Elm on July 26, 2018, including a bed I was told would be delivered between August 27, 2018 and September 3, 2018. Not the case. This is not a life or death matter so I am very patient and I worked retail during college and know how stressful and unfulfilling it can be at times, but I just felt this overall experience deserved to be shared. I caution everyone to stay away from Westelm. The West Elm chandelier I bought has two LED tubes. When I talked to Sidelitona and they said that they hadnt received my sofa yet and had no information about when they would get it. I repeated this request November 11th & 16th and no one has responded. After major surgery Ill finally get to rerun the damaged throw to store. I bought the Ilya wide planter Wednesday night in your Skokie, IL store. I had to change my flight schedule three times. During this period (7 weeks) the item has gone on sale twice. I returned a Rug to west Elm at the begging of July 2018. I was quoted Oct 11 delivery for a bed frame I purchased for my kid to go to college. It … Website says to expect shedding but it will stop in 3-6 months. I ordered them in person and scheduled for them to be delivered in April. To which she replies, I don't know. I believe that this is totally unfair and would never order from west elm again. West Elm kicked me over Sidelitona, which mismanages delivery. I ordered a table in January to replace another Westelm dining table that broke in less than a year of use. The algorithm is subject to change in future. As a customer, I should not pay the delivery charge that is not deliver on time as promise. I have been sharing with all and asked others but to purchase from West Elm. Boycott this type of " in your face" LGBTQ content. I have tried calling and am out on hold. And I told her to cancel the order. I say well I just called and was told there was one in stock. Order number 723894 was returned via post office on 7th September recorded delivery. So I was disappointed by the quality, but thought it might be fixable. Are you delivering? West Elm does not disappoint when it comes to providing shoppers with beautiful and modern lighting pieces, however, there has been some mixed feedback when it comes to shipping and durability. Which bed is this? Do you have something to say about West Elm? This lasted over six months! The lady tells me to call fraud protection or something like that [protected]) to get it resolved. Finally this morning I call customer service and they tell me there is a hold on the order. Very happy with my purchase, but they did not have the Faux ZZ plant to go inside it. I worked at home on these days to make sure I was there for delivery (I know it was estimated delivery, but figured one of the days had to be right). This is criminal. What a nightmare getting it picked up, but nothing compared to the nightmare of getting a refund. I don't know about the quality of the product yet but the delivery is not good. This is second sectional from this company that has not last for even months. Even after I found out that the problem was with the SKU number in the warehouse and asked that the employee double check the item before shipping- it was still wrong multiple times. We have all of our receipts for purchases made and there is no purchase for the amount charged. I am not sure why no one reached out before then. I called on August 27, 2018 and was told it was not yet ready but was going to be When I asked for a call or return answer . West Elm ranks 279 of 1470 in Furniture and Decor category.