Albouy Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, delivering the closing speech for the World Health Assembly Today, we produce enough food to feed the world, yet over 820 million people suffer from hunger. WHO has embarked into a process developing a global Health Narrative for Sustainable Food Systems and to contribute to the UN Food Systems Summit 2021. In this scenario, agricultural producers play a critical yet often insufficiently recognized and rewarded role- not only as producers of food but also as stewards of the Earth. HIS WEBINAR OCTOBER 2020 Please click the arrow to open. It is time to rebalance the scales, reassess and restore nature’s vital building blocks so that we build more efficient, effective and equitable food systems that are sustainable. Eastern Time (US & Canada). Here is part 10. Webinar Best Practices. This webinar is the fourth in a series of conversations with experts, partners and WHO staff. Here is part 10. Webinar 1: Formal Launch of the Work Disability Management System (WDMS) Standard CSA Z1011. Close extra browser tabs, quit other applications, or restart your computer. Closing Remarks - This seminar has performed a valuable function in that it has enabled experts on the many different aspects of climate change to give us their views. Opening and Closing Webinar Scripts for Every Webinar You Give. Log In Register. Earlier, Prof Webb spent nine years with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). Closing remarks We have appreciated the engagement and candour that you all have contributed to this workshop. It looks like your internet is a little slow right now…. Update your browser to attend this event. Dave Yoho Associates is one of the oldest, largest and most successful business consulting companies operating within North America. Required if you have no logo image. He is the author of the best-selling book: Have a Great Year Every Year (Oakhill Press). To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! Prof Patrick Webb will present to us the key findings and recommendations of the report. From our FAO experts with their knowledge of excellence to the extraordinary contribution of the various Italian Research Institutes with whom we are working and will work more intensively in the future with other prominent international partners such as Bioversity International. Closing Remarks. Impact of COVID-19 on people's livelihoods, their health and our food systems 13 October 2020. This evidence-based Global Panel report offers policy solutions to improve the quality of diets using a food systems approach through promoting availability, accessibility, affordability, and desirability of sustainable healthy diets for all. "Zoonoses are defined as those diseases and infections naturally transmitted between vertebrate humans and animals" [WHO]. He has appeared in over 100 training videos. Please confirm your participation to He is the President of the oldest, largest and most successful consulting company representing small businesses. by: Geoff Ronning August 20, 2013. To attend, you’ll need to download our free app. If so, the following will help you regardless of if the webinar is live or automated. The report puts the health impact of current food systems in the centre by describing the multiple impacts of food systems on people’s health and well-being, and highlighting the hidden costs in terms of economic and development. News . This is the fourth debate regarding the different aspects of the Mediterranean diet, which demonstrates a continuous process of reflection that began in September 2019, with the presence of the FAO Director-General, just a month after having taken a position in his new responsibility. Move closer to your router, connect to a faster network, or plug in via ethernet. Sat, Aug 29, 2020 at 1:00 PM | Rome | Add to ... WEBINAR ENDED NGC 2020 Website. His ideas and counseling have brought success to thousands. Millions more are micronutrient deficient, and we have an alarmingly growing number of overweight people across all ages, classes, and borders. We maintain a primary niche within the building products and home improvement industry; however we also cater to in home sales and direct sales organizations of all sizes. - Climate change is a complex subject and it is important that all of its dimensions are highlighted. Outline: Introduction, Welcome and Opening Remarks: Dr. Amin Yazdani (CISWP) Standard Development Process: Candace Sellar (CSA) We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Date/Time: Monday, September 14th, 2020 @ 12:00 – 1:00 PM EDT. At this webinar, the recently published Foresight 2 report ‘’Future Food Systems: For people, our planet, and prosperity’’ from the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition will be presented and discussed.