However, in 1897 the first modern pilgrimage made its way to the Slipper Chapel, about a mile from the village. The seriousness of the walk—of about 59 miles, completed in two and a half days—expresses the seriousness of our devotion. day ‘in reparation for the destruction of the Walsingham Shrine during the English Reformation, and for the sins of disunity in Christ’s Church.’ As we will see on our pilgrimage. We launched our pilgrimage to Walsingham amid the bustle of the church food bank. One of the fans of the Walsingham Pilgrimage is the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams; “We walk the route from the Catholic Slipper chapel to the shrine barefoot”, he says”. It is a ‘virtual’ pilgrimage, through the facility of the Walsingham Shrine livestream, and we wish to express our immense gratitude to the Rector, the Pilgrimage Coordinator and all the Shrine staff for their help in enabling the pilgrimage to go ahead in this way. The Walsingham shrine is about 30 miles from Norwich and receives an estimated 100,000 pilgrims every year. ‘ the site of the original Walsingham Holy House is to be found in the Abbey Grounds in the Village of Little Walsingham. This route would have been the route of European pilgrims who can by sea and docked on the East coast – we were very much walking in their footsteps. This is a German carol, taught to […] A 2015 Song Pilgrimage Day 1: Maria Durch Ein Dornwald Ging (in St Mary’s Church Willesden) We began at St Mary’s Willesden, a church with a Black Madonna statue and a holy well. The aims of the Walsingham Way project are to: Research and recover the lost, historical pilgrimage routes to Walsingham in partnership with University of East Anglia and other local institutions Pilgrimage to Walsingham was at some point so common that even the Milky Way was renamed the Walsingham Way! The Walsingham Pilgrimage is physically demanding, but in equal measure, if undertaken in the proper spirit, it is rewarding. Pilgrims stopped coming to Walsingham after the destruction of the shrine. From the East - This would take the least work and entails a minimum of extra costs. Simply add the Wherryman’s Way to the Walsingham Way and extend the route to the coast at Great Yarmouth. Norfolk Long Distance Paths and Green Pilgrimage 3 3.i. Built in the 14 th century, the Slipper Chapel was historically the last stop on the route to Walsingham.