Shendelzare, the Vengeful Spirit, is a ranged agility hero who excels at ganking, disabling, and kill hunts. On the planet of Molech, the Titan Legions go to war against the armies of Horus.. Once the favoured son of the Emperor of Mankind, the name of Horus has become a curse to the loyal defenders of the Imperium, and a rallying call to the traitor forces tearing across the galaxy. There were only three other such command ships of the same class that could rival the Vengeful Spirit in size and power – Hrafnkelof the Space Wolves, Conquerorof the World Eaters and Iron Bloodof the Iron Warriors– and each served as their Primarch’s flagship. Designated a Battle Barge, no other starship type came to be as feared and respected as these, and just their arrival would often result in the quick surrender of a contested star system. With the Sons of Horus in disarray after the fall of their fortress on the world of Maleum during the Legion Wars, an expedition led by Falkus Kibre, Iskandar Khayon, and other Heretic Astartes eventually managed to find both Abaddon and the Vengeful Spirit. If the latter option was taken, it could also take Chosen Chaos Terminators for more effective boarding/hit and run attacks. When the Adeptus Mechanicus first swore their fealty to the Emperor as their Omnissiah following the Treaty of Mars, many wondrous and terrible creations did the Adepts of Mars construct to reunite all the disparate peoples of Mankind into one unified Imperium. The range is 50,000 km away for both targets. [4] The Vengeful Spirit is known to have appeared in the 10th[7] 12th[5] and 13th[6] Black Crusades. This was the eye of the Warmaster himself, unblinking and open to see all that transpired. The Vengeful Spirit appears as Abaddon's flagship for this game, replacing the Planet Killer (which was loaned to one of his Chosen and the Iron Warriors) that was used previously. Though the Emperor was mortally wounded, Horus was slain, and this one act spelled defeat for the Forces of Chaos as the battle for Terra was won and Humanity's once-bright future was shattered beyond repair. It was there, in the bowels of the Vengeful Spirit, that the Chaos-tainted Word Bearers First Chaplain Erebus schemed to corrupt Horus to Chaos on the command of his new masters within the Immaterium. This article needs work on its citations.For help on citation see the citation guidelines. Following the death of Horus and the defeat of the Traitor Legions in the Great Scouring, the Vengeful Spirit fell under the control of the Sons of Horus' First Captain Ezekyle Abaddon. Faced with the prospect of losing his prized flagship and key symbol of authority, Abaddon was forced to withdraw from Vigilus to reach the Vengeful Spirit before it made its Warp transition.[9]. Somehow, the vessel became embedded under the former Eldar world of Asa'ciaral deep within the Eye of Terror. Vengeful Spirit is the twenty-ninth volume in the Horus Heresy series of novels.. Synopsis. In fact, it was aboard the Vengeful Spirit, the flagship of Horus throughout the conflict, that the final climactic battle of wills took place between the Emperor and his once favoured son who have become the most foul Arch-Traitor in Mankind's history. Mar 10, 2020 #2 I don't know the other guys, but … In the early days of the galaxy-spanning campaign known as the Great Crusade, the Emperor and the only one of his sons to have been recovered, the Primarch Horus, forged the initial expansion of the newborn Imperium of Man. Following the Battle of Harmony, Abaddon resumed command of the Sons of Horus as the new Warmaster of Chaos and Chaos Lord of the renamed Black Legion. The core of the Vengeful Spirit is also where Erebus would eventually hold the ritualistic ceremonies of dark worship and human sacrifices that were required for Horus to communicate with the Ruinous Powers of the Warp he later called allies. The Warmaster Horus' flagship, the Gloriana-class Battleship Vengeful Spirit, during the Great Crusade. A heavy ingot of fashioned iron, the Vengeful Spirit radiated quiet power. Warhammer 40k – The Unremembered Empire Audiobook; Star Wars – The Courtship of Princess Leia Audiobook; George R. R. Martin – The Skin Trade Audiobook; Warhammer 40k – Mark of Calth Audiobook; Warhammer 40k – Betrayer Audiobook; George R. R. Martin – The Hedge Knight Audiobook