Whether you are creating your username for the first time or debating if you need to change your current username, we put together a list of best practices to help you understand the criteria for the perfect username on Instagram. You might be tempted to follow the footsteps of an established account by riding their coattails. It’s easy to add a period or a few numbers at the end of your username. Let us know down in the comments. It is the lifeblood of your Instagram account because the username is used to discover your profile, your brand and a critical factor whether a person will follow you or not. How to Create the Perfect Username for Instagram, Instagram Tips For Creatives: Optimizing Your Instagram Portfolio. 1. While you have the option to claim an inactive account, it’s an impossible process without a trademark. We may earn commission from the links on this page. It should align with your overall brand, message, and objective that connects with your audience. So it's time to look at all of your favorite things and what makes you unique to come up with the perfect username, and we've compiled tons of ideas for you. You can either use a shortened version of your name like @GaryVee or just use your full name similar to @SimonSinek. There is a 30 symbol limit for Instagram usernames. The best type of marketing is still word of mouth. With your trademark, all you have to do is fill out Instagrams trademark infringement form, cite all the details on Instagram’s trademark policy and provide your trademark registration details. These are just to inspire you to help you make your own. 500 million of those users get ... Grow your Instagram account organically. If you’re a Vlogger, it’s a hassle carrying around your camera ... Instagram is a market of One Billion prospects on one platform, along with its ... Instagram has one billion monthly active users. Whether you're thinking about joining Instagram or are looking for a new name for your already fire profile, choosing a username can be the toughest part (apart from coming up with amazing captions). Depending on what exactly you'll be using your Instagram for, you might have completely different ideas on what you want your username to be. Seventeen picks products that we think you'll love the most. For starters, it might easier for you to just use your name or a well-known nickname so that people can find you faster. Another option is to find something that defines you. Kori Williams is the Editorial Fellow at Seventeen and covers celebrities, pop culture, music and what’s interesting on the internet. You can even play with them a little bit to add your name or something else on there to make it more personal. Still can't come up with one? To become successful, you can’t just build a copy of a copy. Build your username around your content strategy and your target audience. We compiled a few username generators to help you get started. You want to make your username memorable. apart from coming up with amazing captions, you might have completely different ideas, 22 Gorgeous Graduation Dresses Under $100, 100 Funny Group Chat Names Your Squad Will Love. With a trademark, it will not guarantee the username you asked for; it will just increase your chances. Here is the top instagram usernames ideas 2021 for you. *Just a heads up: You can't have the same Instagram username as someone else, so chances are, these are already taken. Don’t be lazy when choosing another username. It is the lifeblood of your Instagram account because the username is used to discover your profile, your brand and a critical factor whether a person will follow you or not. As dictionary.com defines, a trademark is “a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.”. Usernames can include letters, numbers, periods and underscores. Seventeen participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. It takes work and thousands of iterations of your strategies to make it work. Of course, this means that you might be found/followed by other Riverdale fan accounts. It will also help you to tell your Instagram username to someone verbally. Creating a username for Instagram is as important as naming your child. How to Reach Brands and Create Sponsored Posts, The Truth behind the Follow/Unfollow Method on Instagram, What Your Follower/Following Ratio Say About Your Instagram Account, How to you Recover a Deleted Instagram Account, How to Increase Brand Awareness through Instagram, Is Instagram still the Best Place to Market your Product in 2020. Even if you become successful copying off a brand, you could be liable to copyright and trademark issues. Claim the Inactive Account if you have a Trademark It might not be perfect, but at least it's available. By having these keywords in your username, it also increases your chances of your profile to show at the top of the list when searching for these keywords. … Why not pay homage to your favorite CW show with your username? If the results are full of accounts with high follower counts + engaged users, its likely that the hashtag is too competitive. Tamara Fuentes is the entertainment editor for Seventeen and covers celebrity news, pop culture, television, movies, music, and books. Creating a username for Instagram is as important as naming your child. For example, you could create an account called @Nike.Jordans. Personal Profile: Your username should represent you and what you want to be known as because you are the brand. Input a few keywords you’re interested having your username and let the tools give you a variety of options. don’t worry let’s throw this tension to dustbin. Excellent examples include @thegoodquote, @zociety_, and @powerofpositivity. However, if you have a pretty common last name or don't want to be found super easily, you can always go a different route. There are three main categories of Instagram accounts: Business, Personal Profile, and Curation. Another tip is never to use profanity or offensive language in your username. A string of words that can be easily said and shared. But remember the fundamental’s of the perfect username outlined in this article. There will be users that follow you based on their loyalty to Nike. Here are some ideas for Instagram usernames to inspire you. 4K Stogram: The Best Software to Download Instagram Photos, How to Calculate Your Instagram Engagement Rate, 5 Reasons Why Buying Fake Followers Will Kill Your Account, Live Stream Instagram Stories Directly From These Sunglasses. But once your account gets big enough, Nike has the power to close your account due to trademark infringement. But that doesn’t mean it’s an open invitation to pack it all with keywords and complicated words. 2) Check competitiveness of keyword by searching people on the Instagram app to see who shows up It’s better to avoid the trouble of getting your account unbanned. Your favorite lyrics or saying can totally turn into the perfect Instagram name. How do people earn money through Instagram? Username is one of the main thing while creating an account. Take @AwwwCuteDogs as an example. Coming up with an Instagram username is tough. 3) Review follow count, see if keyword exists in the username and how engaged their followers are by checking the number of likes/comments for the recent posts. In an overly sensitive world, avoid anything that might tip someone off to report your account. Curation: Accounts that curate + create original content that corresponds to a theme allows for lots of creativity when creating a username. The written form is concise and straightforward. Try to research popular keywords that are less competitive to rank if you’re planning to build your username around keywords. It’s a slow trial and error process, but it’ll pay off in the future. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Miranda on What National STEM Day Means to Her, The Most Savage Captions for Your Next Instagram, 102 Instagram Captions for Your Halloween Post, The TikTok Ban Has Been Delayed Amid New Deal, 65 Birthday Instagram Captions For Your Big Day. Your username should represent who you are and what the account will be about. confused on Instagram username ? 1) Research popular keywords using Top-Hashtags.com @Cuteigpuppies, @Cutecatonline and @Cutedogshub are a few great examples that do this accurately.