The security of your uPVC door will be improved as high-security handles protect the euro cylinder and are tested against burglar attacks, also they are normally twice as thick as normal handles. In most cases a multipoint lock that is fitted to a upvc door will have a 35mm backset and a multipoint lock fitted to a composite/timber door will have a 45mm backset. To secure your uPVC door locks you must use the correct standard of euro cylinder lock. Sash Jammers – Are They Good? Door chains are available that be can be fitted to uPVC doors. PayPal accepted online. + How to tell you have British Standard Locks, Key Cabinet Guide – How to Choose the Right One, Key Cutting Price List for 2020 in UK + Estimated Times, Blowtorch Burglary – What It is & How to Prevent it (Expert View). A higher level of security than normal euro cylinder locks, Tested against lock snapping and lock bumping. The number one and best way to upgrade the security of your uPVC door is by fitting an anti-snap / snap secure lock which can prevent lock snapping from happening. uPVC doors are one of the most common door types in the UK, so our approved locksmiths are always asked: “how can I make my uPVC door more secure?” Here we give you 5 ways you can upgrade the security of your uPVC door by adding extra security locks without it costing a fortune. Sash Jammers are available as locking and non-locking versions, they can also be fitted to French Doors and uPVC windows. We recommend any door chain you fit has Secured by Design accreditation (Police Approved). SS312 Diamond Cylinder fitted to uPVC Door. & Best Sash Jammer to Fit, Keyed Alike Locks – A Simple Guide (Pros & Cons). & Approx Cost, Complaints about a locksmith – Here’s what to do, What are BS3621 Locks? The centre case is the middle part (gearbox) of your lock. Buy online & collect in hundreds of stores in as little as 1 minute! Correct fitting is however vitally important so we recommend you speak to your local professional locksmith about supplying and fitting them. Copyright © 30 day money back guarantee. A high-security uPVC door handle is a great security extra for any uPVC door, although the handle must be the correct security standard such as TS007 2 Star or Police Approved. Additional security on top of this can be sash jammers, door chains and hinge bolts. Pay your way. The most secure standards are SS312 Diamond approved lock OR at least Kitemarked to TS007 3 Star, both these standards include testing to protect against lock snapping. All MLA Approved Companies are Vetted, Inspected & Qualified. The advantages of having an anti-snap lock instead of a standard budget euro-cylinder lock are: To be anti-snap the lock MUST be the correct standard which is either a) SS312 Diamond or b) TS007 3 Star. Our Locksmiths are Open: Click for COVID-19 UPDATE, Home > Advice and Tips (FAQs) > uPVC Door Security – 5 Quick Tips to Secure your uPVC Door. A door chain allows you to see who as at the door before allowing the person to enter. Although a door chain on its own should NOT be your only security prevention on a uPVC door, it should always be an extra. A Sash Jammer can cost from £10, you will need to fit 2 to a uPVC front door. Anti Snap locks can also be fitted to Composite & Timber Doors. Apple Pay accepted in store. When the door is closed hinge bolts will prevent the door from being forced open off the hinges. 60 days free credit available. A more secure sash jammer that locks from the outside will be slightly more expensive. The following security additions and extra locks are in order of relevance from most important. The cost to fit anti snap lock including labour is approx from £110, the average price of an anti-snap lock is from £50 for supply only.