die Tanzen – the infinitive “to dance” and refer back to the subject – Dan shirked paying for the children’s meal. A gerund is a verbal that ends in -ing and functions as a noun. I don’t think “this year” is part of the direct object at all. Direct object – my gardening I’ve only really learnt these sort of grammatical terms in the last few years, first as an EFL teacher and second because I write a language blog for foreign students. If you will excuse my, "They cut down elms to build asylums for people driven mad by the, "There are times when parenthood seems nothing but. The gerund phrase cannot be “gardening an obession” since what is an obsession is “my interest”. My surprise was that no one commented on Mr. Nichol’s analysis of this sentence: “I do my gardening in the morning.” Doesn’t that look like a direct object (of the transitive verb “do”) rather than a subject complement? Gardening is my favorite leisure activity. Till now you might be aware of the Gerunds in English. “Some people consider my interest in gardening an obsession.” Mark’s sentence is absolutely fine; it’s only his interpretation that is a problem. But I doubt you’re much older than I am. Trask does a great job of explaining this: "A gerund is derived from a verb by adding the suffix -ing. ‘He’s given up smoking’ – now ‘smoking’ is the direct object of the phrasal verb ‘give up’, also a noun function. (B) “Some people consider gardening an obsession.” Like gerunds, present participles are also formed from verbs (making them verbals), but they are not used as nouns. And as others have said – “gardening”, not “gardening an obsession” (which makes no sense), is the object of the preposition “in”. (arguing refers to the same time as hate: I hate when we argue.) This is a gerund from the verb ‘to smoke’ – it is one particular form of the verb, the same form as the present participle, also known as the -ing form. ), For timeline diagrams, quotes and exercises, check out our e-book The Grammaring Guide to English Grammar, Grammaring – A guide to English grammar | Copyright © 2009-2020, Non-finite verb forms (infinitives, gerunds and participles). @Bob Howell – well spotted. (The other two are participles and infinitives.) @thebluebird11 – Thanks for giving me a good chuckle :)). Sarah enjoyed singing three songs. Thanks for the explanations! The forward slash is a punctuation mark to indicate several …, Adjectives that start with B! As a result,I could write a good sentence, but I could not tell you why it was right or good. They test difficult examples against various prototypical patterns and decide which pattern the case at hand most resembles. Tom suggested going back to our tents. “Some people consider my interest in gardening an obsession.” – here’s my reading: Subject – “Some people” Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! He prefers sitting at the back of the movie theater. Example: In football, deliberately tripping an opponent is a foul. A gerund is one of three types of verbals. Subjects 2. D.A.W. Finally getting around to this after more than a week … Great discussion of the “gardening an obsession” issue — and I agree (1) that “an obsession” is an object complement, and (2) that “to be” isn’t necessary; it’s just an elliptical construction. (Again, gardening is described as something done, not the act of doing it. Object of preposition A gerund (or gerund phrase) can be the subject of a sentence. Bernard O'Dwyer also notes the similarities between participles and gerunds, a common source of confusion for readers and writers. He complained of having been unjustly accused. . Please tell me what you think; English is only my second language (and so I read your blog to improve it) but that phrase just does not sound right. (Henry) James considered The Ambassadors his most “perfect” work of art (DO – The Ambassadors; OC – his most “perfect” work of art), We’ve named our son John. I cannot parse a sentence, I don’t know the parts of speech, I don’t know the difference between an object complement or a direct compliment. The gerund Gardening is the subject of the sentence. Generally, Objects in English Grammar refer to the words that ‘receive’ another part of a sentence. In Example 3, Mr. Nichol left out “to be”, and that sentence should have concluded with: Direct Object The lawyer defended her making such statements. In some cases, the verb in the main clause is negative, not the gerund: I like getting up early. Have you ever think about …, Many times, you may have encountered a symbol that looks …, Adjectives that start with C! Sam tried opening the lock with a paperclip. A phrasal verb consists of a verb and a preposition which together The term gerund is used in traditional grammar, but many contemporary linguists prefer instead to use the -ing form instead. Object of Preposition Also, the United States and some other countries do not recognize any such “claims”.). The job necessitates lifting heavy objects. Oops, sorry. (the simple gerund being refers to the same time as denied: He denied that he was married. Gerunds function as nouns in the sentence. @DAW: DWT = Daily Writing Tips…I used to play Acrophobia so let’s not get started in that direction or it will be a loooooong day. By knowing its meaning, the usage, and application in English Grammar. “subject verb agreement”, I am not so sure about (C) though it sounds a little vague, so is this sentence. Thanks for the short, concise explanations on gerunds. Basically a gerund phrase would start with a gerund.