The importance of kettle in the kitchen is undisputed, especially among tea drinkers. Johnny, Your email address will not be published. Cleaning the inner surface can be tricky, especially if there is limescale. In this case, laziness does not pay off. Make sure to be careful when pouring so that you don’t get boiling water splattering everywhere. Any more and you risk the water bubbling out of the spout whilst boiling. In a nutshell, in spite the fact that they are highly reliable to use, the first thing you’d want to find out as a newbie is how to perfectly use an electric kettle, right? This will increase the durability of the heating element. But your electric kettle would work only if you have correctly placed it on the power base and switched ON the power button. Do not store water in the kettle after boiling as it causes limescale to build up faster, damaging the kettle and left water can stagnate over time. View My Blog Posts. Electric kettles are highly dependable if they are discreetly maintained. So, when you plug in your kettle, electric current flows through the base. Absolutely never cook rice inside your kettle. A removable lid for filling, a spout and some form of lifting handle. Absolutely never cook rice inside your kettle. Many thanks for your helpful posts. Just be careful when pouring the boiling water into a mug or pot so that it doesn’t spill everywhere. Do not allow flames to come out from either side of the kettle as it might melt the handle or spout. It will automatically switch off once water is boiled. Today, we’re clearing the air and telling you all there is to know about using an electric kettle at home. Electric kettles are used to increase the temperature of waters so as to make it suitable for your optimum benefit. Lastly, one of our top safety tips for electric kettles is not overfilling the unit. In other ways, you can choose to have water that is almost to the boiling point, but not quite. : Do’s and Don’ts, You can also make coffee with your kettle, especially if you have a. , Aeropress, or a pour-over cone. If your kettle won’t switch on, check whether you have correctly placed it on the power base. Is It Ok to Leave Water in a Kettle? You have entered an incorrect email address! You’ll end up ruining it. Just make sure your kettle doesn’t have an exposed heating element. You can add it to a large pot with rice, pasta, or any other grain you want to eat. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. If you’re planning on boiling a pound of noodles, add more than one liter of water. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'teahow_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',108,'0','0'])); As you can see in the diagram, every kettle has a spout, lid, handle and body. Thirdly, never turn on an empty kettle. Wipe the base with a clean piece of cloth before refilling. This would help to elongate its longevity. Some manufacturers even make their products very easy to use as you can preset the temperature degrees and once the temperature actualizes the limit it halts the power of the unit. Generally speaking, it should take between two and four minutes. Also, water left in a kettle long enough will begin to stagnate as well as being prone to dust particles entering through the spout. How to Use Electric Kettle | Learn This Secret, How to Clean Electric Tea Kettle – 8 Easy Steps, Cuisinart CPK-17AMZ Perfect Temp Cordless Programmable Kettle Review, Breville SK500XL Ikon Cordless 1.7-Liter Stainless-Steel Electric Kettle Review, Honest Hamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Review, OXO On Cordless Glass Electric Kettle Review, Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle Review. This feature will come in handy when you’re preparing specialty teas and coffee brews. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Plus, if you have muscle pain, a hot water bottle or pillow can do wonders. This heat is in turn transferred into the water, bringing it up to its boiling point. The rules are reliable to keep your electric kettles safe. In other words, all you just have to do is initiate the power and its performance will definitely stop when the temperature attains the limit. Since the temperature of the water is higher than if you were using cold water, it will take less time to boil. As water increases its temperature, pressure starts to build in the enclosed space. Some of you might find that your new kettle smells bad when boiled. Get the base and connect its power cord inside the nearest power outlet and switch on the power on the outlet. Especially in copper stovetop kettles. You will hear a whistling noise once water is boiled and that’s your cue to turn off the stove. Yet another great — and pretty typical — use for your electric kettle is to use it … Can I add natural ingredients directly in the kettle: ie; sage leaves, lemons, soursop leaves? Afterwards, use the information on the manual to further set it if it eventually features temperature control. And, purchasing a product with so many prospects in... An electric kettle is a multi-purpose appliance in a modern kitchen, pub, and cubicles. You’ll know when the water is boiling when your kettle turns itself off. But if you’re just wanting to brew a cup of tea, half a liter (or slightly less) will do. An electric kettle is a multi-purpose appliance in a modern kitchen, pub, and cubicles. Fill your kettle at least halfway up with water. How To Use A Kettle Properly The Boiling Process. I came across 2 best BPA free kettles that had good reviews and ratings on Amazon. Never soak the pot of the unit inside your washing water except the manufacturer consented/affirmed it. We enjoin our amiable readers to utilize this information in properly using the unit. Find out whether there is an additional toggle on the electric kettle that you need to turn so as to switch on the unit. This is to avoid water spilling out of the spout while boiling.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'teahow_com-leader-1','ezslot_5',114,'0','0'])); For the electric kettle, only fill what you need to use, with a little extra, and only fill water up to the maximum water level marked on the side. You can then clean the inside by scouring it with a soft sponge. I cut out the boring stuff and added together with the important information that most of us tend to ignore because it’s buried in plug safety guidelines! We’re not entirely sure if we should be recommending this, but we’ll include it anyway. The information is highly reliable. Remove the pot from the base and pour out the water into a designated container. Lastly, don’t heat milk in the kettle. seems like an easy countertop appliance to use—and it is. It’s much more practical. With the use of these steps, you will definitely use your electric kettle for a very long time. Now that the kettle is full, set it on the base. Power off the unit by completely removing the power cord from the power outlet. Boiling water in a stovetop kettle is simple. Which is all good, but I needed the important stuff – like how to set it up fro first use! But are there more to keep in mind? If at all this is your plight, then we’ve got you practical tips that you can systematically imbibe in the use of an electric kettle. Apart from the power button, there’s almost always a water gauge that shows you the amount of water in the kettle.