His lie was exposed upon their return, but Hun soon had larger problems: namely, a reformed Foot Clan under the leadership of a digital clone of the Utrom Shredder who sought to emerge from the digital world into the real world. Leonardo. Shredder secretly moved to New York, where he crossed paths with Yoshi after many years believing his old rival was dead. Doctor Dome is a dome-headed member of the Justice Force with genius-level intellect who can control his robots called Domeoids. Watching the whole scene through security cameras, Shredder approached him by offering him an even better job (which was accepted), first having Stockman create a master control device for the MOUSERS so that the Foot Clan could use them to destroy the Ninja Turtles. Stainless Steel Steve offered Doctor Dome a chance at redemption which he accepted. After a lengthy conflict-and several apparent demises-Ch'rell was captured and banished to the ice asteroid Mor Gal Tal. In the 1987 cartoon, Leatherhead (voiced by Jim Cummings) was a giant American alligator living in the Everglades who swam in a part of his swamp that was polluted with mutagen by Shredder and Krang, and mutated into his current mutant form. In the 1987 cartoon, Stockman (voiced by Pat Fraley) was a misguided inventor who tried billing his MOUSERS to the Ajax Pest Control company, but was told that it would only run them out of business and was kicked out of the building. The Cape 3. He leads a human street gang. Fifteen years after her tragic demise, Hamato Yoshi had moved to New York City (which had been her own desire), where he had purchased four baby turtles, encountered a Kraangdroid, and mutated into the rat-mutant Splinter via their mutagen. Ruff the Ref is a mutant flamingo with a referee motif who is Halfcourt's "Best Buddy." Despite the distrust this prompts in the Turtles, April, and Casey, Fugitoid manages to recover the generator and execute his plan: combining his power source and that of his ship to destroy the generator while wiping out the Triceraton fleet in the process. 1, "Planet of the Turtleoids" Pt. In her adult years she had fall in love with and married an Irish scientist by the name of Kirby O'Neil. When Shredder learned of Splinter's presence in New York, he sent by Bradford to find and kill both him and the Ninja Turtles, first tricking Michelangelo into a faux friendship on a social media website. He later returned in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comics series published by Archie Comics in 1991 as a New York City fireman named Chu Hsi. Both the Triceratons and the Federation pursued him seeking to obtain his Teleportal device in order to gain the upper hand in their ongoing conflict, but Honeycutt found surprising allies in the Turtles. His connections with Bebop and Rocksteady remain intact. As Scumbug and Wyrm fought knee-deep in sewer water, they accidentally got electrocuted by nearby power lines. Rockwell escaped before Falco could even extract the chemical from him. Renet makes a third appearance saving the Turtles from Romero's demonic bride, Juliet Romero. Nicknamed "Leo," he is usually seen with a blue mask and twin swords. She makes her first and only live appearance in "Tale of the Yokai" when the Turtles travel back sixteen years previously via Renet's time specter. In the present, Stainless Steel Steve runs a comic book store with Metal Head as the stock boy when Doctor Dome began to target his old teammates. He does not carry a signature weapon however he is well known to walk around with a wooden cane and also seems to be a incredible marksman with the bow and arrow. While Tattoo is engaged in his Sumo match, the TMNT, Ninjara and the Warrior Dragon infiltrate the mob headquarters and rescue the feisty pup. Exclusive to the Mirage Studio comics, Bloodsucker was a normal leech until Donatello, Leonardo and Michelangelo decided to use it to get back at Raphael who had been disobeying Splinter and stalled their training. Jail Bird is a mutant bird who is Scratch's sidekick. Atilla the Frog is a member of the Punk Frogs. In the IDW comics, Splinter, as Yoshi, was a member of the Foot Clan until he defected to start his own clan, the Hamato Clan, with him as the Hamato's jonin (leader), upon learning of Shredder's true intentions. Slash's rampage caught the attention of the Mighty Mutanimals, who captured him and brought him to their island. Rasputin the Mad Frog is a member of the Punk Frogs. His mutation prompts an angry April to sever her ties with the Turtles for some time. She is even seen in memories of Splinter's. Muckman and Joe Eyeball became allies with the Turtles when they realized that Rocksteady and Bebop were behind their mutation. Koya is expressive and is excited and eager to hunt down her prey. In the IDW comics, the Purple Dragons are led by Angel Bridge. Eventually Old Hob left Stockman and later forms the Mighty Mutanimals with him as the leader and evolves into an anti-hero. He occasionally allied himself with other villains, but was depicted as somewhat an anti-hero on one occasion, when he helped the Turtles rescue a captured April O'Neil. As a generous measure, Stockman's service to the Foot later earned Shredder possession of various projects, such as the Shredder Mutants and a mind control serum. She cuts off Tiger Claw's tail and wears it around her waist as a trophy. She ended up becoming a thief and assassin for the villainous dog-man Chien Kahn, but then had a change of heart when she met the Turtles, and fell in love with Raphael. Through unknown means (possibly the use of clones of himself created using alien technology) Bishop survived into modern times, and first came into conflict with the turtles when the D'Hoonib Federation and the Triceraton Republic brought their war to Earth. In the last of these run-ins, he was freed by Newtralizer and allied with him to start a violent but effective crusade against the Kraang. After learning of the negative effects of one of the fragments upon the Aeons, Bishop and his cohorts consider helping the Turtles, but their base is then attacked by their traitorous former colleague Kraang Sub-Prime, whom Bishop reveals was once an Utrom hero named Knight. In the 1987 cartoon, Bebop (voiced by Barry Gordon) and Rocksteady (voiced by Cam Clarke) were part of a street gang mostly employed by Shredder. Thus, he was branded a traitor by Shredder and killed along with Tang Shen and their four teenage sons.