Is the idea that tourism could be sustainable a reality or is it an impossibility? Tourism can contribute to positive developments, not just negative impacts. The plan of highways are resulting in useful thing for the peoples but the main problem which is faced by the government of any country is that the more repeated road accidents which are happening on the highways which results in serious damage in form of man power or infrastructure and mainly it is happening in big cities like UAE which are having large road transport. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have your work published on the website then please: Our academic writing and marking services can help you! However, the frequent use of, In this report sustainable tourism development will be explained and analyzed in relation to the essential features that influence a country’s tourism development. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance.” – Ban Ki Moon, 2013 This guide has tips on how to be eco-wise and leave gentle footprints when travelling. Sustainable Tourism essay. With very weak sustainability position, people are anthropocentric and utilitarian who do not care about what consequences will be brought out after activities going on whiles a very strong sustainability position means it is totally bioethical and eco-centric where development does not take place. Abstract Sustainable tourism is attainable only by ensuring the participation of … Najdeska, K., & Rakicevik, G. (2012). It promotes conservation and is appreciated and accepted all over the world by the tourist sector. (The Responsible Traveler Guide. The, ... and destruction.     - The development of deliberative, multi-stakeholder forms of governance that can result in more development-friendly, as well as environmentally effective, policy solutions. The industry of tourism develops every year. Sustainable tourism is tourism that is implemented and maintained, in a way that allows its long-term presence without damage or change to the environment in which the place exists to a point where it will hinder the progress and stability of other operations by stakeholders (Wahab & Pigram, 1997). In 2016, PATA signed an agreement with the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) with the aim to enhance the promotion of sustainable tourism across destinations in the Pacific Island. Swiss Alps – Whitepod Resort Basically, the concept of sustainable development is based on certain principles, which focuses on ensuring that the development is compatible with the maintenance of biological resources and ecological processes. Sustainable Development & Sustainable Tourism In my view conservation of the landscape, of our natural and the cultural heritage is a key precondition for local development and ecotourism. Road Accident is accident between any vehicles or it can be with any pedestrian, animal or the difficulty placed in the middle of the road. Generally, top tourism destinations, mountain, lakes, national parks, nature phenomenon attraction, wilderness areas, developing countries, and cultural sites, are from rural area. Policies regarding social equity should aim to help disadvantaged people by benefitting them in the economic and social aspect. Journal of Service Science and Management , 7 (2), 30-45. However, the natural growth is not enough, because tourism needs the help of human to develop perfectly, especially for the assistance of Vietnam Government. Mass tourism may deplete the socio-cultural traditions and authenticity of host community by introducing foreign elements which are in conflict with cultural, historical, and religious heritage of the community. Firstly they argued that sustainable tourism should include the participation of local residents, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and the local tourism businesses such as … In New Zealand, the tourism industry has undergone various changes and developments. As stated by (Vlaicu, 2010), the international donor agencies and government were responsible for promoting the tourism development planning in developing nations. The sustainable development planning mainly focuses on the preservation of environmental resources, and the activities are planned in such a manner that the intensive and excessive use of resources is avoided. Tourism on the Coromandel impacts people by creating a better economy and more jobs. With an overall numbers surpassed 1.135 billion of international tourists arrivals in 2014 (UNWTO, 2015), tourism has become one of the key driver for socio-economic progress around the world. Our academic experts are ready and waiting to assist with any writing project you may have. An integrated approach to sustainable community-based tourism. Journal of Tourism Futures , 1 (2), 117-125. Roots and Routes Travel and Tours is a full service travel agency. (See Figure 2 Pg 19 (Mcfarlen, 2015)) This is added to the pollution affects on the lagoon. Retrieved February 20, 2017, from Tourism in New Zealand: The social aspect refers to the overall development of the entire community, with social and mutual understandings being the major assets. The concept of sustainable tourism development includes different dimensions that relate the culture, economic, social, and environmental development with each other. The Coromandel is working towards being a sustainable tourism destination. To qualify for the discount, you must have paid at least 50% of your order cost by 23:59 on Sunday 29th November 2020 (UTC/GMT). Sustainable tourism has to deal with social, environment and economic impacts. This article covers how the complexity of tourism has complicated the tourism industry and what new strategies can be implemented toward building a more sustainable tourism. Tourism has significantly influenced different destinations and places around the world. on, The Industry Of Tourism: Sustainable Tourism. Travelling has become an important part of human life, and the tourism industry has faced increasing challenges and pressure with the increasing demand of travelling. (Hassan & Bayazidpour, 2016) stated that the benefits of sustainable tourism are similar to conventional tourism. Report to UNESCO Mass tourism is psychocentric. Looking for a flexible role? What one sees today, may be totally different 20, 10 or even 5 years down the road. studied sustainable tourism development in Niagara and found that sustainable tourism development is a multifaceted phenomenon that needs to meet certain criteria. Larsen, G. (2016). Malaysia is a well-known country for its tourism because of scenic beauty that includes idyllic beaches, lakes in between lush green forests with mountains and clear blue waters. World Tourism Organization: The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) was founded on 27 September 1970 and from 1980 onwards, this day is celebrated as “World Tourism Day”. 8th Sep 2017 The culture and resources are also under the threat of being destroyed or altered as a result of conventional tourism. Sustainability , 8 (2), 1-32. Even ecotourism cannot be allowed to grow in an uncontrolled way. Weaver assures that “all sustainable tourism strategies must be formulated within the financial capabilities of the managing body” . It was due to lack of control, management, and ineffective planning techniques. It does not aim to enhance the local community, if the goals are targets of conventional development plan are not effectively managed, it can result in damaging the fragile environment. The hospitality industry should focus on developing highly attracting services and places to attract tourists from different regions and countries. It gained tremendous popularity among nature and travel lovers, what resulted in the development of many environmentally oriented resorts. Healthy ecosystems and environments are vital to the survival of life on earth. These programs aim to educate the tourists about the natural environment and resources so that they value it preservation. Essay On Sustainable Tourism 2755 Words | 12 Pages. Tourism Management , 51 (2), 285-297. All work is written to order. For the chance that you have given us to be with your team and for giving us more knowledge in this fast and furious world of Tourism. People find out tourism extremely popular, it helps to develop the positions in every country, but it has some disadvantages. It always exists with... ...their activities on principles of good, sustainable use of resources and best eco-practice. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher? The Malaysian tourism can be improved; therefore, a report on ‘Sustainable Tourism Development’ is given to provides an in-depth view of the issues and gives a measure to deal with such issues which cater the heavy tourism industry of Malaysia.