Here are the Super Mario Sunshine Controls for using FLUDD. Maybe unlocks after finishing 1, If I can do those ball rolling stages without motion control, mario galaxy will be a 15/10. The 'Super Mario Sunshine' Nintendo Switch port that's part of 'Super Mario 3D All-Stars' includes one glaring change that's uber-frustrating to diehard fans of the original. So if they're adapting the pointer controls to handheld mode, what about shaking the Wii remote to attack? Mario Galaxy (1+2) was the first time I returned to 3D Mario in years. I missed Sunshine, just never had it even though I had a GC even back then. I want to use a Pro Controller but the thought of having to use it as a pointer for Galaxy just isn't vibing with me, if that's what they're going with. That thing was a real pain to wrestle with. — Ground Pound = while in the air press ZL, — Triple Jump = while running press B three times in a row, — Side Somersault = while running make a U-turn and press B, — Wall Kick = jump toward a wall and press B, — Backwards Long Jump = perform a long jump while holding backwards on the joystick, as soon as you land press B rapidly, — Breast Stroke = while in water, press B repeatedly, — Mario camera = press down on right joystick, — Spin Jump = spin left joystick once and press B, — Carry/Throw = while holding an object press Y, — Slip-Slide = spray in front of you with ZR then perform a Slide, — Front Somersault = while sliding press B, — Sprinkler Squirt = spin the left joystick once and press ZR, — Back Somersault = while spraying with R, press B, — Spin Jump = while in the air shake the right Joy-Con or press Y, — Wall Jump = jump toward a wall and press B, — Hold/Throw = while holding an object shake the right Joy-Con or press Y, — Dive = while on the water's surface press ZL, — Skate = while on ice shake the right Joy-Con or press Y, — Stop an enemy (player 2) = point at enemy with left Joy-Con and press Right button on directional pad, — Make Mario jump (player 2) = point at Mario with left Joy-Con and press Right button on directional pad, — Super Jump Mario jump (player 2) = point at Mario with left Joy-Con and press Right button on directional pad at the same time Player 1 jumps. In Galaxy 2 I think there is one boss fight that relies heavily on pointing and launching projectiles with Yoshi, while also navigating around. Next: Super Mario Sunshine Enhanced 3D All-Stars Cutscenes Have One Drawback. @Bermanator Doesn't mean it's unplayable on Switch Lite. @C-Daddy I think your analysis of sunshine is a little harsh - I own all 3 games and would say Galaxy was easily the most chore-like one for me. This is criminal! Have they taken the time to try to fix it? Loved 64 at the time and like to think I'd get more out of it now I'm a more seasoned gamer with a few decades of 3D gaming under my belt. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Switch between primary and secondary nozzle. But for those who were scarred by the game developer's inability to tell up from down, this is the end of the world. Super Mario Sunshine marked Nintendo’s second foray into the 3D world of Mario, arriving five years after its predecessor, Super Mario 64. @glenny3214 Well, it's certainly not difficult, but definitely a lot less intuitive. The official game page also provides some basic information about the motion controls and pointer functionality in Galaxy: Gently shake a Joy-Con™ controller to activate Mario’s Spin ability or pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend for some extra help in Co-Star Mode. The lack of analogue triggers will present challenges for Sunshine though. Glad to see they have a control method that should work, replicating the old Wii setup would be rough (but I'd love to see a way to connect a Wii controller and Nunchuck to a Switch to play it the old way, lol. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. For example in one early level in Galaxy 1 there are pull stars around the lower star and you need to pull on them to get the power star, but you don’t have to worry too much about other controls in that segment.