Nevertheless, we don’t claim pie pans to be a great tart pan substitute without accounting for these factors. Use the microwave. If you agree and happen to be searching for tart pan substitutes, you’ve come to just the right place. Use a round cake pan the same size and line w/ greased parchment. Remove it from the water, and run a paring knife or small, thin spatula around the edge. It is a deep pan with straight edges and no lift-out bottom. Don’t have a tart pan? America's most trusted culinary resource since 1997, Questions and Answers – Springform Pan Substitution, The Lowell Hotel-Pembroke Room’s Afternoon Tea, Perfect Prime Rib Roast Recipe – Cooking Instructions, Perfect Boneless Leg of Lamb Roast Recipe, What’s Cooking America ©2004-2020 by Linda Stradley, What’s Cooking America Privacy Policy and Disclosures. Fill half of the ramekins with dry beans to make sure it won’t move from the center. Moreover, while tart pans are mostly metal, pie pans are usually made of glass and ceramic. As far as tart pan substitutes go, quiche pans are your best bet. Code: YAY20*exclusions apply. It sounds like a lot of steps, but once you get used to it, you may be glad to only need conventional cake pans on hand for many uses. Use the thumb and index finger of one hand to push the crust in from one side and use the index finger from your other hand to create the dents between the flutes. Springform pans are designed to be helpful when releasing items that can not be inverted, such as cheesecake, quiche, deep-dish pizza and layered frozen desserts. It is common to consider the Bundt pan and the tube pan to be the same. You can choose to use any to bake a flawless recipe. There really is no fool-proof substitute but you can try lining your cake pan with parchment paper and grease it pretty well. To depan, set the cake pan in a mixing bowl of hot water for about 15 seconds. Cake Pan Size Conversions, What's Cooking America: Definition of Springform Pan. Regardless of how you bake a cheesecake, it is always a good idea to bake it at least 12 hours before you plan to serve it. Serving your cake right from the pan you baked it in is actually a pretty good... Bake your cake in a silicone cake pan. A simple substitute for a springform pan is to use a disposable aluminum foil pan. Instead of making one large tart, you can opt for mini-tarts. Place several cupcake liners or mason jar lids on the tray to support the crust and crimp the edges yourself. Brewer has articles published at "Busy Mommy Media," and has developed website content for Nanette's Books and Trims. Whatever you place in the center, apply the butter on its outside and the inside of the pan. While you can cook a simple tart with smooth edges when using a springform pan, if you want those crimped edges, you can do that too. So, you don’t need to adjust your recipe when you use it as a replacement to Bundt pan. Press another cake circle or flat plate on the crust, and invert the cheesecake. This means that you will have to adjust your baking time accordingly. Cover the cake with a piece of parchment, and set a cardboard cake circle or a flat pate upside down on it. Nowadays, you can find online the most useful charts for checking pans sizes and volumes. This cookware is most similar to the shape of the Bundt pan. It is very hard to substitute for a springform pan. When you decide to use the mold for cupcakes, you will get 18 to 24 cupcakes from the 12-cup Bundt recipe. To get that decorative edges on your tart, you can use your fingers, a fork, or some similar tool to create the design on the crust yourself. Additionally, the primary feature of a tart pan is its lift-out bottom, which allows you to easily lift your tart without damaging its edges. If your recipe calls for a 10-inch springform pan, a 9×13 pan, 9-inch tube pan or 10-inch Bundt cake pan would be good substitutes. On the other hand, if used cookware is too shallow, the depth of your dough will be lower, and it may burn quickly or stick to the sides. Remove the toothpicks and bake the tart as you usually do. On the other hand, go with a tube pan for a Coffee cream cake. However, not all pie pans are designed this way. Since the springform pan commonly has 10 inches (25.5 cm) in diameter, you can use it for the Bundt cakes recipes, as well. The same goes for standard 8 by 4 inches (20 x 10 cm) loaf pan, which can hold a maximum 6-cup cake. At best, you will get a round cake with the hole you need to decorate with chocolate glaze, fruit, or some frosting. When you bake in a regular pan, you need to take care of the baking time. Should You Bake Banana Bread in a Glass Loaf Pan. If you don’t have any of these baking pans at home, you’ll have to resort to more creative methods with these DIY hacks. If it springs back after touching, it is probably ready. For example, you can make the Monkey bread in a regular loaf pan. One of the signs that they are finished is separating its sides from the pan edges. Let’s take a closer look at the subject. Additionally, to make it easy to lift the baked tart out, you can line the cake pan with a square piece of parchment and use the corners as handles to lift out the tart. Another option is to use multiple pans, such as two 8 x 4-inch loaf pans, two deep dish pie plates, two 11 x 7-inch baking dishes, or two round or square 9-inch cake pans. How to Use a Springform Pan as a Tart Pan Substitute. Rather, the excess crust is folded over the filling itself for a more free-form dessert. One of the options is to make your cake in the tube pan on a lower temperature to prolong the baking time. After that, use a knife to cut and remove all the excess crust carefully. Moreover, if you don’t have a cupcake pan, you can use a baking tray. Lime the bottom with parchment, press your crust into place, fill with the batter, bake in a water bath until done (it should "jiggle like jello, not wiggle like a wave" when you bump the edge of the pan), remove, cool, and refrigerate overnight. For the crimped edges, you can create the design yourself using your fingers or a fork. For this, prepare your usual tart crust and filling. When you remove the sides of the pan, serve the dessert without moving it to another plate. The advantage of a springform pan is that the cake stays on the base and the sides of the pan are removable. Since the springform pan commonly has 10 inches (25.5 cm) in diameter, you can use it … Springform pans have a clasp on the side, which, when released, enables the sides of the cake pan to “spring away” from the cake. Once the cake has cooled, you can cut away the sides of the pan to reveal the outside of the cake. Two deep-dish pie plates, 9-inch cake pans or 8×4-inch loaf pans would all work well. Here are 4 Substitutes for Springform Pan Serve your cake straight from the pan. Also called pie tins, pie dishes, and pie plates, pie pans make an excellent tart pan substitute. You can easily account for the height difference by adjusting how high you take your pastry crust. Alternatively, you can even use a fork, spoon, or knife to create the design. However, there are a few differences between the two, which you’ll need to consider when using a pie pan for baking a tart. Then, instead of using any pan, place the crust over a parchment-lined baking tray, place the filling in the center, and carefully fold the crust over the filling to contain it. If you don’t want it moving around too much, you can use a few pieces of masking tape to secure the ring. Lime the bottom with parchment, press your crust into place, fill with the batter, bake in a water bath until done (it should "jiggle like jello, not wiggle like a wave" when you bump the edge of the pan), remove, cool, and refrigerate overnight. That means you can make your Bundt cake to look like mini muffins.