And I had a bench from them that went together quite easily, good quality, amazing price for the material and design, and sturdy - so - hit and miss, I think. I am glad to hear some good reviews on here. I've never tried the customer service route with them because it doesn't have the greatest reputation in that department. On that note, I was also hoping for any other similar furniture store recommendations? Ikea has a pick up store in London that would save you the trip. Not an easy one to assemble. You have to check it and ask them to reduce the price for your order. or should I not waste my time? I just bought a couch from there and it’s dirty. The items are sturdy. I have the Haley couch and Eiffel chairs. The quality is absolutely dog shit. Not sure if the in-store demo furniture is better quality than what you’re buying. Thanks everyone. I can't speak about this one though.I would highly recommend the Stockholm leather sofa from ikea. Have had them for about 6 months now. Believe it or not, you may want to check out Sofa World on Merivale (near Costco). But Structube is ready to provide me only in the form of credits but I am not willing to invest in Structube furniture anymore as … I can’t speak to their sofas but we got a bed frame from them and it’s pretty but the quality is shit - I wouldn’t go back there for anything. I drove past Structube at Fanshawe and Hyde Park and the furniture on their website is exactly what I'm looking for. However, my couch looked used after a year. I agree with everything you are saying. I own a chair and a dining table from them. I bought a couch from them. We have several pieces and the quality varies. Their customer service after purchase is awful as you found online. They will if they continue to do business like this. I had another friend recommend eq3 as well. My girlfriend and I used ours for about 2 years, and then realised we needed a ‘proper’ one with actual therapeutic effects. Glad that you’re happy with it. So I guess the shipment came from China to Montreal and then shipped to you. You can't flop down on their furniture because it always sounds like it's going to break if you put too much pressure on it. The parts all fit. You can save by getting something from Ikea and I've never had an item from Ikea that didn't go together easily per the instructions. I was hoping someone has first-hand experience that they could share. And I have a bed from them with a couple of legs that aren't quite secure because 2 nuts didn't fit the screws, and despite trips to hardware stores, I've never been able to get nuts that will go onto those screws. Anyone experienced an awful experience with Structube Canada. I was looking at the Kinsey sectional and Rowan sofa. Lastly, is there any other furniture store in Ottawa that does a similar mid-century modern look? But where will you find reasonably priced couches that look nice and modern??? Longevity to be determined I guess! This chair also had a faulty locking mechanism, so every so often, you'd hear a loud "POP" and the chair back would give out, making you feel like you were about to fall out of your chair. You will get a confirmation a day before the scheduled date to determine a delivery window between 8 am to 9 pm. Also noticed the lead time is really long. They masquerade as an upmarket version of IKEA, but their furniture is poorly designed, poorly made, does not last, they don't honor their warranty when their garbage furniture wears out in a matter of months, and their return policy is extremely strict compared to IKEA. Stuff is mislabeled, you gotta put it together yourself... it's very "made in China". The built quality is okay. Bought an interchangeable couch with a bed and storage and it is broken now. I've never heard her complain about the quality of the products, and I personally find most of the items pretty comfy/cute. Thank you for your help, it's exactly what I wanted to know. I had a chance to try out the sofa version of the Kinsey in the store and it seemed really comfortable. Ever since this incident I vowed to never give them another penny. My mom buys from Structube, and most of her friends living in condos do too. Yeah. It is an excellent couch, very stylish, and good quality leather. Secondly, the sofa I'm looking at is on backorder. Their furniture looks great but definitely pricey. I can't speak about this one though. FUCK STRUCTUBE. But then companies would have to pay their employees a decent wage, and we can't have that now. My husband assembled them and he said that the construction of the chairs is a little uneven (they're not perfectly aligned) but when they're not upside down you can't tell. Just had to tighten the legs on the couch last week because they had become a little loose but other than that I've been really happy with the quality for price. The back cushions have lost their shape and lots of piling. My coffee table and drawer cabinets are super sturdy and well designed. Worth the price in my opinion, I’ve only heard good things from people. Furniture used to be made in North America and it would last you forever. They delivered a broken mirror and refused to refund the delivery fee since mirror was discontinued and I was unable to get an exchange. It is an excellent couch, very stylish, and good quality leather. I might see if Article has some good Black Friday sales. Glad to hear the quality is at least decent. They have the same style as but at a much lower price. Oh noo! Anyone experienced an awful experience with Structube Canada. The only thing we didn't like was we had to go through a commissioned salesman. Bought our bed from the London location. They are not very cheap either. It actually made Ikea look so good. If you search ‘Structube’ here there are a few posts from recent months with various complaints. The Structube mattresses are horrible. Quality control is a bit better. Press J to jump to the feed. Still going strong, and looks great. Oct 28th, 2020 3:22 am #12; leeoku Sr. For postal codes located outside of the free delivery zone, additional shipping fees will apply. The packaging is thick and stable. All in all, I'd say go elsewhere, unless you've seen the item on the floor and know it's what you want. Toronto, but it's all the same chain. So keep an eye out for that. Like, we had to repair it using a bunch of 2x4s less than a year after purchase, and it still kind of like... shifts itself into weird angles. Would you say the pain of their customer service is worth it (would you continue to buy from there?) The only items I have from Structube is some industrial metal chairs and stools. You can tell it's Chinese because it's so shoddy. Sometimes the item is promised to come at certain date but eventually due to some "administrative error" it's never available and not mean to be restocked in the first place AKA canceled. I posted my concern in Twitter and Structube reached out to me to know m concern. It's a damn shame that a Canadian store like Structube couldn't blaze the way and make their stuff in this country, like how it used to be. As far as I know, she's been happy with anything she's ever bought from them. They’ve em been closing stores and scaling back their product line for some time now. It is very hit or miss. JFYI, Leons and Brick belong to the same company. Couch has held up very well. +1. Subreddit for news, discussion, and anything else related to London, Ontario. But Structube is ready to provide me only in the form of credits but I am not willing to invest in Structube furniture anymore as their products are of extremely poor quality and very flimsy. Would not honor their warranty, claimed it was my fault. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Leon's has always been my favorite. The bed slats are useless... super weak and the support posts just fall over. Basically they wanted me to be out of pocket $99 for a broken mirror. Structube competes on price and their items can sometimes not wear well. Thank you! I’ll watch for Black Friday sales. Note that everything ships from Montreal, so there's a flat $90 shipping fee. Definitely not furniture to have around if you plan on moving it much or will be particularly rough with it. But no, quality be damned, we'll give the Chinese the jobs instead, to make an inferior product as they always do, even though a furniture industry revival would be great for our economy. Terrible shopping experience at Structube. I'm happy with it. No regrets, my EQ3 stuff has lasted me so far. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It's shit. Was going to buy a leather sofa bed from them but, just like with you, on back order and needed something right away for an unexpected guest. They have a store in the market. Oh, and watch for the price of the items that you've already placed order. I don't want to spend so much money on something I could have issues with later. News, events, discussions, and what not from Ottawa, Ontario. IKEA is fine if I have to (it's a pain to travel), but I am looking for a furniture store a bit closer to home, if possible. Hope they can help me this time. Structube Coupon Code Reddit | Grab up to 70% OFF your select items. They seem to get consistently good reviews whereas Structure reviews seemed to be a mixed bag. They are made in China. Our dining room light fixture is from that exact location a few years ago.