But things got really bad after two days of heavy rain, when the bridge warped to a degree that neither I, nor the luthier, had ever seen in our lives. All of the payments made, up to a maximum of six months, will contribute towards the purchase price listed below. I know that the fingerboard is supposed to be shaped like that, was just pointing out that the shape makes the C-string dramatically higher than one would expect. Another weird thing I’ve noticed, and that I can’t tell whether it’s real or imagined, is a perceived shift in the placement of 4th position on the fingerboard. I have seen threads that say that 5 mm to 7mm can be a good range. Is your luthier a violinmaker? I also have only been able to play intermittently this past month and was out of town the month before, so im definitely out of practice. Do they also work of guitars? This chart gives you the size of the cello (measuring just the back of the cello, and the total length), and different criteria for what size is required as a general guide. He’s fine other work for me that I’ve been happy with, so I’m a bit surprised it’s still not quite right. Before I brought it to him the bridge was slightly warped, but I didn’t have the time / money to get it fixed. I fell like if there were a problem with the neck it would turn into a really big problem really quickly. There are several methods to decide what size you need if your teacher hasn’t advised you. We have made getting organised easy! Perhaps this is a problem with your cello, too. However, it is worth taking note of arm length and height below just to double check. First, thank you all very much for your interest and help. Buy a stress ball and play with that. I find it somewhat difficult to play; I can get through an hour or so of practice alright, but at that point my fingers are extremely sore. It only became a problem when I was playing in the upper registers, especially thumb position on the D string; depression the the string would bring my bow really close to the adjacent strings (though, writing this now, I realize that maybe that wasn’t what was happening, as a warped bridge still maintains the lateral distance between the strings). With that, the body will shrink and the bridge/ strings will go down. But he/she could easily have told you where you were in relation to what's considered standard, and advised you based on your preferences. of my strings. Pour autoriser Verizon Media et nos partenaires à traiter vos données personnelles, sélectionnez 'J'accepte' ou 'Gérer les paramètres' pour obtenir plus d’informations et pour gérer vos choix. A lot will depend on the type of strings … I did buy a despiau bridge already so that the luthier can use it. Hi! Here is an article on the topic of bridges. I am going to the luthier in 2 weeks, should I stop playing for now? I’ve shifted the bridge a bit and things are better now, but still in 5th/6th position its pretty strenuous to play. All children vary, as do the cellos themselves. I wasn’t, so he went back and raised it, so that actually the strings were further from the fingerboard than when I started. All of the payments made, up to a maximum of six months, will contribute towards the purchase price listed below. Andrew, can you describe a "New York neck reset"? The C is 1.4 cm, G is 1.7 cm, D is 1.4 cm, A is 1.1 cm. But I wouldnt trust them to lower the bridge because they are not really specialized on string instruments. So I guess my question is this: Is this normal? Where I am now, we have had a lot of unseasonably humid weather. Hi! If the fingerboard is properly scooped the strings should leave the nut (towards the. Where on the fingerboard do you find this too high? He’s very intelligent and thorough, and walks me through all the repairs he’s done on my instrument. 10603316Vat No. Then consider the climate since your bridge was altered. You might also have them check the scoop of the fingerboard and the neck geometry (straightness, projection, etc.)