Control The most important aspect of control is location of the source of the infestation. Insect pests of stored grains in Formosa Part I. About this page. Bangladesh Journal of Zoology, 18 :67-74. Journal of Stored Products Research, 23(4):233-238. Curculionidae) in stored wheat Triticum vulgare and its control. Development of rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae Linn. This is a representation of a part of a project paper of M.Sc (Zoology) of the first author. Biology of rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (L.) (Coleoptera : Curculionidae) in stored wheat Triticum vulgare and its control. However, this effect lasted for only 30 d. Amomum subulatum Roxburgh, Artemisia maritime L., Cedrus deodara (Roxburgh) Loudon, and Z. alatum oils (30 d) and P. longifolia oil (60 d) protected wheat grains from damage. The seed material of the commonly cultivated groundnut varieties in Konkan region i.e. average length of the larva was 2.8 ±0.2 mm. When adult wasps were present on the nest, wasp attacks prevented female moths from approaching the nest, and so they laid eggs singly or in clumps of several tens around the base of the nest pedicel. 蛹を食べて発育した後ハチの幼虫を捕食した. In a fumigation test with S. oryzae adults, bornyl acetate and terpinolene were much more effective in sealed containers than in open ones, indicating that the insecticidal activity of these compounds was largely attributable to fumigant action. However, the population parameters of the N. lugens on O. rufipogon and TN1 were 0.1096 d(-1), 1.1158 d(-1), 67.82 offspring, and 38.6 d and 0.1340 d(-1), 1.1434 d(-1), 144.77 offspring, and 37.2 d, respectively. Average larval and pupal period were 41.10 days and 10.70 days. 5) Longevity in adult stage was 1-6 days for female, and 1-9 days for male, the mean of which was 3.5, 4.0 days, respectively. Selain itu pada bahan yang diserang akan tumbuh pula jamur-jamur yang berbahaya bagi manusia bila … Agriculture, Formosa, 6 : 1-16. We investigated the mating, oviposition, and prey use by larvae of Hypsopygia postflava, a moth that is parasitic on nests of the paper wasp, Polistes jokahamae, in the laboratory under natural temperature, humidity, and day-length conditions, and in field cages. The average weight, length and wingspan of adult male were 14.49 mg, 7.00 mm and 14.90 mm, respectively, while it was 20.54 mg, 9.20 mm and 16.25 mm in female moth. taken and accordingly CD and SE value was calculated. Total larval period lasted for 22-29 days. These insects are cosmopolitan in distribution and have originated in Far East region. Barbhuiya, M. H., 2002, Biology of rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (L.) (Coleoptera : Females lay 2-6 eggs per day and up to 300 over their lifetime. ƒÕ-Œ Sitophilus granarius Linnaeus (Coleoptera Curculionidae) Species of Sitophilus (S. granarius, S. oryzae, and S. zeamais) can be identified using the keys of Gorham (1987) or Haines (1991). prothorax is strongly pitted with round or irregularly shaped pits. The average longevity of male and female was 8.40 days and 7.00 days, while the sex ratio of rice moth was 1:1.11. and oviposited during the period from mid May to mid June. Insect and Mite Pests of Durum Wheat. The incubation period for egg was 6 to 7 days on rice. observed under laboratory condition covering thr, egg to adult ranges 35-49 days with mean of 41.2 ±, ________________________________________________________________________________. The snout is long (1 mm), almost 1/3 of the total length. castaneum. Habit and Habitat. Gejala Serangan Sitophilus oryzae L. . It then pupates within the grain kernel and emerges 2–4 days after eclosion. Sitophilus oryzae is a major stored grain pest infesting many grains in storage but rice is its main target of attack. 10) It was ascertained by a rearing experiment that females oviposited not only on bamboo leaves, but also on leaves of rice plants, and larvae derived from the either case showed no actual difference in development. It is very similar in appearance to the granary weevil. At 0.05 mg/cm2, moderate activity was achieved with bornyl acetate (56% mortality), α-phellandrene (75%) and terpinolene (55%). Larvae of third generation reached pupal stage at late October and entered into hibernaton. The laboratory temperature ranges from 30.7 0 C and 23.7 0 C and relative humidity from 86 to 69 per cent respectively. Only Mentha citrate Ehrhart oil showed significant fumigant toxicity when applied to stored wheat grain. But the ease with which the life cycle is completed also depends on the type / variety of rice on which the insect is thriving. Seven constituents of the oil were tested for contact and fumigant activity against adults of Callosobruchus chinensis (L.) and Sitophilus oryzae (L.). Environment and Ecology, 20 : About this page. The fumigant toxicity of 28 essential oils extracted from various spice and herb plants and some of their major constituents were assessed for adult coleopteransRhyzopertha dominica, Oryzaephilus surinamensis, Tribolium castaneum, andSitophilus oryzae. in sorghum grains of two size classes. The pupa is naked and the pupal stage lasts an average of 6 days. XI Weevils (Sitophilus oryzae L.) in Stored Milled Rice Grains in Sierra Leone critical after milling and between the stages of storage and marketing. また, メイガの1齢幼虫をハチ成虫がいる巣の巣柄から10cmの距離に数詞したところ, 55%の個体が巣内へ到達した. 8) As a rule, adult females copulated after the lapse of one day from emergence and the oviposited usually at the next day of copulation. The female uses strong mandibles to chew a hole into a grain kernel after which she deposits a single egg within the hole, sealing it with secretions from her ovipositor. oviposition period, incubation period and hatching percentage were 3.90 days, 4.50 days and 94.33 per cent, respectively.