The resulting aesthetic is unmistakable, as the space between the outer tip and bulbous hull below is … The 3,268-guest ship and a coming sister AIDAperla sport an almost vertical bow design and a covered front deck. Ulstein Group is a family owned group of companies offering a wide range of ship designs, shipbuilding, equipment packages and maritime solutions. Gone on the ship is a bow nose cantilevered far out over the waterline, and in its place is a bold 90-degree forward angle, drawing a vertical line from the waterline to the top of the bow. One of the principal criteria applied to the design of a bulbous bow is the relationship that its sectional area at the fore perpendicular bears to the mid-ship section area. Bulbous Bow Design and Construction Ship Design I Manuel Ventura MSc in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture Bulbous Bow 2 Historical Origin • The bulbous bow was originated in the bow ram (esporão), a structure of military nature utilized in war ships on the end of the XIXth century, beginning of the XXth century. 2. One method of improving efficiency and minimizing wake is to design the hull such that the bow pressure front is as far out ahead of the bow … In case of a ship with X-bow, it is the opposite. The X-BOW and X-STERN hull line designs are registered innovations by ULSTEIN. The cheeky way AIDA chose to introduce the new look was to paint big puckered red lips around the bow. Parameters affecting the design of a bulbous bow. For a conventional bow, as she plunges deep into the sea, the displaced volume increases, increasing the momentum to reduce pitching motion and acceleration. Summer load waterline or design waterline: The line that runs along the waterplanes, from aft to the fore of the ship is known as summer load waterline.It is the line at which the ship is generally floating with its load. A bulbous bow works best under certain conditions and good design gives efficiency gains throughout the range of these factors. Fore perpendicular: It is the vertical line passing through the point of intersection of the summer load line with forward side of the stem. As boats move through water, they build up bow pressure (in front of the boat) which actually pushes the water aside, rather than the boat physically parting the water. Bulbous bow is a peculiar bulb like projection at the forward end of the ship. Learn about the significance of this ship structure and the importance of its design inside the article. The company is headquartered in Ulsteinvik, Norway.