In the third chapter, Boba Fett has escaped and the player's mission changes: you must now save Luke Skywalker's life by fighting a deadly gang of bikers in Mos Eisley—this is vividly depicted in the comics as well—and then recover Imperial secret plans of the second Death Star, with Skywalker's help. Kenner was one of the companies that made the toy line for the Shadows of the Empire project. It may be a bit hard to spot, but it is there.[source?]. A secured supercomputer containing the plans is being transported from Coruscant to Bothawui aboard the Suprosa, a Mobquet Medium Transport masquerading as a fertilizer freighter. Steve Perry (novel)John Wagner (comics) Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, although not officially part of the project, has a campaign of seven missions that takes place during the period covered by Shadows, with the player having to recreate events mentioned in the novel and the game. They were a dying race until they came in, and currently, their species as a whole is approx. The real Fett gives the actual carbonite block of Han to Jabba, and he receives his payment. 3.5 ABY In 1997 schreef Steve Perry dit boek. On his way out, Xizor explains to his servant Guri, that he intends to kill Luke and discredit Vader, while improving his prestige before the Emperor. Issue number(s) Lewis Galoob Toys, famous for their line of Micro Machines miniature toys and playsets, also developed a full Shadows of the Empire toy line. Vader is in his castle, doing lightsaber training with an ASP droid. Following Leebo's directions, Rendar works his way towards the main cargo hangar, encountering heavy resistance from the crew and Stormtroopers. While the stories in the book and comics seldom intersected, it was necessary that characters, scenes, and dialogue match when they did come together. Xizor makes his move against Vader upon learning of the identity of Luke Skywalker and his relationship to Vader. Steve Perry, author of the Shadows novel, was a consultant of the comics. Several missions in the X-Wing Alliance (1999) computer game involve assisting Rendar in the capture of the Imperial freighter Suprosa, which was carrying the design schematics of the second Death Star. Chewie looks strangely at Leia who prepares for him, and she excuses herself, claiming she is on a diplomatic mission. Shadows Of The Empire is een boek van het Star Warsuniversum.Het speelt zich af tussen de films The Empire Strikes Back en Return of the Jedi.Het boek maakt deel uit van het multimediaproject Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.. The Shadow Empire was largely mysterious, mostly cause they let few into their space, and even fewer alive. Luke and Leia end up on Tatooine. Meanwhile Jixton has arrived in Mos Eisley, and manages to challenge and impress Big Gizz and his gang by stealing Spiker's swoop bike and thus gains a job for Jabba. Luke exits and takes his lightsaber and comlink. Soon after the events of Return of the Jedi, Guri is left wondering what her future will hold now that she no longer has a master. Wedge briefs the new arrivals on the layout of the Imperial base and two Star Destroyers, each with a wing of starfighters. Eventually Avaro tells her that Guri would meet them shortly. Portions of the soundtrack are featured in the video game.[2]. As the two trains move alongside each other, Rendar leaps across the gap and makes his way to the front. Inker(s) Vader is naked in his medical chamber and ponder his meeting with Luke. [Source], Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire was a multimedia project release by Lucasfilm Ltd. in 1996. Meanwhile Lando is told by Dash that Luke remains on Kothlis and moves there. In his castle, Vader tests his injured shoulder by battling an ASP droid with a lightsaber, while briefing his agent, Wrenga "Jix" Jixton about his foresight that Luke will approach Jabba to rescue Han. As Luke continues tampering the lightsaber jewel in the company of his friends, Lando arrives bringing confirmation by Rendar that Slave I is on Gall. They change course for Coruscant. These mini-comics like the Kenner version were mainly a reprint but they also included some original scenes. It is based on the story and novel by Steve Perry. The cards are the work of Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, the twin artists who painted the most recognizable Star Wars art of all time—the world-famous poster that is still an icon of the trilogy. In addition to studying the original Star Wars trilogy, Perry read the first spin-off novel in the franchise, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, to get an idea of how to write for Vader.