Davon haben 22 Kunden keinen Text geschrieben oder in einer anderen Sprache bewertet. Focus@Will Review 2020: Is It Really All That Good? Cardioid vs. Supercardioid. 4 Kunden haben dieses Produkt mit 3 Sternen bewertet. Podcasts im Homestudio aufzuzeichnen, ist gar nicht so schwer. Ever since I have used Sennheiser e845, there is no turning back. Any advice is very appreciated. Let’s break down which mic wins out for durability: The SM58 needs little to no proving to show how durable it is. I’m in the same situation and I’m probably gonna get a SM58 but my question is do I need something like a Scarlett 2i2 or can I just get a XLR to USB. If we did not have the 58 picking up dust in the back i would have got a another 845. Bear in mind that if you need the microphone for one purpose, and one purpose alone, then the e835 may be the better option. If something spills on it, if I spit all over it while singing, if somebody drops it during tear down, I know that it’ll be fine for the next gig. INXS lead singer was used to record with SM58, I think. Sennheiser has not performed the insane stunts that Shure has, but this microphone can live along the SM58 in terms of durability. Regardless, both microphones will stand up for 99% of what you can throw at them and an attractive 10 year factory warranty on the Sennheiser gives a little bit of comfort if the microphone somehow does end up under the wheel of a tour bus. The e835 does sound much pleasing, but the SM58 sounds better if tweaked properly. Its reputation precedes it: it’s the toughest microphone in the biz. Learn how your comment data is processed. Shure for me sounds pretty mellow and Sennheiser seems more sweet and clear. Not a plug for my channel, it is just an example. Nach 5 Jahren im Einsatz möchte ich mich einmal zum E845 äußern. Ich singe schon eine lange Zeit über das Shure SM58. Keep in mind I don’t need to boost this quite mic up cause I myself have a loud environment especially in this city living on a major street. And I enjoy visiting that Sim Lim shop every now and then. You can not digitally mute individual sounds that are coming through the mixer. Da ich vor Jahren mal ein ganz gutes Sennheiser Mikro aus dieser Preisklasse hatte (BF 812), habe ich das e845 mal ausprobiert. Shure SM58S vs. Sennheiser e845S Sign in to disable this ad Which one is better? The tried and true $99 dynamic sounds great and can literally be run over by a truck and still work. For years, SM58 has served me well. While technically the SM58 wins in this category, I’m going to call a draw since both microphones hold up so well. When recording instruments, vocals, or even voice acting, it picks up more detail than the SM58. Are you thinking of adding one of these to your arsenal but you’re undecided on which one is the best fit for you? Shure SM58 also comes with a break resistant stand adapter and it rotates 180 degrees. SM85 , AT2020 or Sennheiser e845/e835 and behringer xenyx Q802USB or something less ? (With Pros & Cons). Take a bit of getting used to but I guess that is one of the techniques that I should master. Please know that your trust is so important for us. Beta 58A on the other hand is brighter and cuts through the mix even harder, and sounds very unlike the old muddy SM58. The Sennheiser mirrors the Shure with an all metal body and windscreen, and feels just as durable in the hands. The Shure SM58 is omnidirectional and bidirectional, whereas the Sennheiser e835 is just bidirectional 3. I challenge all SM58 users to give the E845 a try to find out yourself. It is supposed to be the same as the 58 but is clearly better. But if you’re looking for a more sensitive, versatile mic: treat yourself! Click to check best price . While this could easily be called a draw again, I’m going to give the win to the Sennheiser e835. The clarity is much better. Now my question is, which one of the 4 is the best for streaming, in a not THAT loud room, but still my kids will be playing or my girlfriend would be watching tv, in a room 10 meters away, and there are no doors between us that i can close. I’m gonna go with a SM58 and I should be good on the noise issues I have. Whether it is beer spilled on it during a gig, or the microphone being tossed across the floor, the SM58 can handle it. I use a dynamic (Shure SM48, I think, plugged into the Scarlett 2i2) with a noise gate filter in OBS. Because as vocalist, you have to be comfortable with the sound the mic produces. Wir sind selbst Musiker und teilen die Leidenschaft für's Musizieren mit Ihnen. (Don’t confuse the two Shures based on the model number – the Beta is quite different). Sennheiser E845 vs Shure Beta 58A. While you won’t hear much below 50Hz on either of the microphones, the e835 has a much slower roll-off, maintaining a lot of those low-end frequencies. Dynamics don't need phantom power. THe SM58 has more room for shaping and customization, whereas the e8… Mine has the same sound level as SM58. Every Sunday i have a male singer on a Shure 58 and a female on a Senn 845 and if any thing the Senn is more powerful. For the flat response, the SM58 can be used on just about anything and still get a fairly good sound out of it. Varytec VR-260 Video Ring Light LED BiLight mit integriertem Akku; perfekte Video und Foto Ringleuchte mit einstellbarer Farbtemerpatur und unzähligen Montage Möglichkeiten für Stative, Mobile Devices und Kameras., Integrierer Akku mit USB Stromausgang um Kameras oder Smartphones zu laden; Batterie... tc electronic PEQ 3000-DT; Equalizer-Plugin mit USB Hardware-Controller; 12-Band-Equalizer auf Basis der Midas Heritage 3000-Konsole; Stereo-, L/R- und M/S-Betrieb möglich; bietet vollparamtrische Glockenfilter, Cut-und Shelf-Filter und Phase-EQ; Echtzeit-Frequenzanalyse zur präzisen optischen Kontrolle; Steuerungs-Hardware für schnellen, präzisen und intuitiven Zugriff auf... Wir freuen uns über Ihr Feedback und werden Probleme möglichst schnell für Sie lösen. wow, can’t wait to hear the difference in clarity and detail. Also look at: Shure Beta 87A vs 87C- Which One Has Better Sound Quality? I found the Sennheiser e845 to be as useful in the studio as it is at a gig. I love the Senn 845 and we record live every Sunday (church praise and worship) and i love the way it sounds on the headphones. (Winner), Top 10 Best Microphones for Voice-over and Podcasting, 7 Best Microphones for Gaming and YouTube Commentary(2019 Edition), FL Studio vs Ableton: Here Is Our Best Pick! It’s not just my ears, because the e845 out-performs the SM58 in its stats, too. Can i use Sen e845 to record vocals other than jam sessions? Unsurprisingly, this age old design has had some competition, with different microphone companies bringing $99 handheld microphones to the market aiming to capture the rigid durability of the SM58 while improving the sound quality. A microphone interface is likely more what you are after as compared to a mixer. Unsere Servicemitarbeiter sind größtenteils selbst Musiker. They’re both good mics. Zur Kategorie Mikrofone für Trompete, Horn, .... Detaillierte Herstellerinfos für Sennheiser, Bestell­vor­gang/​Ver­trags­ab­schluss. As for studio recording, condenser mic is still better in terms of the details such as breath and the opening and closing of lips for vocal focused songs. Yes. Finden Sie diese Bewertung falsch oder aus irgendeinem Grund unzumutbar? I challenge all SM58 users to give the E845 a try to find out yourself. Immer mit einem Mehrwert und ganz speziell für Musiker maßgeschneidert. Let’s see which microphone sounds better: The SM58 is not the best sounding microphone out there, by any stretch of the imagination. Cause it has a 48V Phantom power, but i dont know if dynamic mics need it , or it even would harm the mics maybe? Just that now I have to sing as though I am singing into a condenser mic. I’m on a mission to help music creators to create fine music that help them position uniquely in the saturated music space. Would you guys just go for the AT2020, and have a shit ton of plug ins try to dampen the noise? Abhishek, best to use a proper condenser mic for vocal recording. It picks up the detail beautifully. The warm wash of the Shure SM58 isn’t as noticeable when you’re singing at a venue with a wooden or concrete floor.