Some debaters will even use the second rebuttal to develop arguments, as was discussed in the essay on Rebuttals. If you speak second, you can use all of your prep time plus all of your opponent’s prep time to prepare your speach., as they are always prepping and speaking before you. Moreover, their body shape is different, the internal arrangement of their organs is different, the elasticity of their tissues is different and the postoperative effects are different! Blog Home > Speeches > Example of a Debate Speech. Hee. The motion of today’s debate is that this house would not experiment on animals for human benefits. The motion of today’s debate is that this house would not experiment on animals for human benefits, FOR HUMAN BENEFITS, ladies and gentlemen. So the fact that experimenting on chimpanzees being able to find cures for AIDS as mentioned by the first speaker of the opposition team is rubbish. The second Summary only has to cover what the first Summary covered and then can use any remaining time to put new strategic pressure on the first Final Focus. As mentioned by the first speaker, many of the tests on animals produced insignificant results. Ladies and gentlemen, there are many alternatives which have proven to produce antibodies, vitamins, insulin and etcetera that do not involve the use of animals. Second, you want to have as much time as possible to respond to responses to rebuttal arguments. The winner of the coin toss go to choose either their side or whether or not they spoke first or last. Crash dummies have been proven to produce much more accurate results and are more effective than the animals previously used. New arguments. And last Indah Puspita Sari as a third speaker who will deliver more proof and brief summary of our arguments. April 14, 2009. ( Log Out /  Most competitive debaters essentially divide the second Rebuttal in two, using two minutes to respond to the first Rebuttal and. First, you need to maximize the prep time you are getting in your debate. Next, the first speaker of the opposition team also mentioned that antibodies, vitamins, insulin are all based on animal testing. For instance, in a Debate about globalisation, the Second Proposition Speaker can note that the Opposition has focused mainly on social and political issues and criticise this approach during the overview as globalisation is primarily an economic phenomenon. Ladies and gentlemen, animal experimentation is UNETHICAL, IMMORAL and IMPRACTICAL, and I will present our case against it! Blog Home > Speeches > Example of a Debate Speech. 2nd Affirmative Speech: Allow me to start off by restating that the United States of America definitely needs to declare English as its official language, and what our opponents have said supports that. In the US,  choosing second has become so common that many tournaments have eliminated the coin toss and the Pro automatically speaks first, with sides being assigned by the computer tabulation program before the debate. (source: Today, however, most people have figured out that there  are tremendous advantages to speaking second and will usually choose that position. ( Log Out /  Some people don’t like it (especially first speaking teams ☺), debaters who speak second can get away with making new arguments later in the debate, especially in the Final Focus. And now, thank goodness ladies and gentlemen, General Motors have found an alternative which is to use of crash dummies in their crash tests. It is rare, but it is possible that you will want to choose the side instead of first/last speaking. If you give the second Rebuttal, you can use some of your time to respond to the first Rebuttal. The U.S. National Disease Research Interchange provides more than 120 types of human tissue to scientists investigating diabetes, cancer, muscular dystrophy, glaucoma, and other human diseases. Doing the first Summary difficult, as the first Summary speaker has to organize, make coverage decisions about,  and work through eight minutes of Rebuttal arguments. Similarly, perhaps you have scouted a debate and you do not know how to respond to one of your opponent’s arguments. The motion of today’s debate is that this house would not experiment on animals for human benefits. Based on these criteria, I think you should  always choose to speak second. The first speaker of the opposition team has stated their stand that animal testing is in fact the most reliable source to find cures for animals and humans. what do you write. This is a lot of time to prepare a high quality rebuttal, as opposed to  having to give a rebuttal immediately after a speech is over. ( Log Out /  These animals suffer. Ladies and gentlemen, crash dummies are indeed an excellent example of mechanical models which I’ve clearly mentioned earlier on. ok. so i was on the debate team and we never stated our names or that second speaker thing.