Subject is not averse to preying on humans, and it is recommended that personnel not enter the enclosure if SCP-811 has not fed in over 16 hours. SCP-811: [pinches some of her skin between two fingers] This! Not like Aé. 11 Favourites. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. SCP- が財団の管理下に置かれた時、トレビュシェット博士は記憶処理ではなく雇用を選択しました。 SCP文書: SCP-023 ("黒い抜け殻") SCP-135 ("万能発癌女") SCP-811 ("沼女") SCP-1284 ("月の幼き花嫁") SCP-1359 ("肉への衝動") Tales: Gears's Birthday Special: "Kindness" 6ぴきこねずみ Архивированные рассказы: Surprise! 1K Views. 0 Comments. The enclosure must be tested daily for pH and microbe levels in both the soil and water, as well as for changes in chemical composition. Wachtel: [alarmed] Wait, you mean you had skin like ours? Description: SCP-1496 is a place setting, comprising a plate and several items of silverware. SCP-811: Pain. All discarded waste should be put in quarantine for analysis before disposal by standard biohazard protocol. Dr. Epiphany "Piff" Trebuchet, one of the most under-appreciated personnel members the Foundation has. Simon Glass (20) No Romantic Relationship(s) (17) Draven Kondraki/James Talloran (16) SCP-073/SCP-076-2 (SCP Foundation) (14) Other Relationship Tags to Be Added (8) It has extremely oily black hair that has proven to be resistant to cleaning with conventional shampoos (See Addendum 811-1). This Dr Epiphany Trebuchet. No heated elements or open flames are permitted inside the enclosure. SCP-1496 is a place setting, comprising a plate and several items of silverware. It no longer displays any ongoing anomalous properties, although records it has affected in the past remain in their affected state. [hands the clip board to Wachtel, points to something on it]. doctor dr foundation piff scp trebuchet drtrebuchet epiphanytrebuchet epiphany scpfoundation. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Within the stomach, enzymes and bacterial flora cause it to congeal into a grainy, tar-like substance that SCP-811 periodically voids by voluntary projectile regurgitation, a mechanism which it uses to hunt. [uses hand to indicate a height of approximately one meter off the ground] [points to her own arm] Was like man. Trebuchet, That crocodilians be removed from its prey animal rotation (approved), The water be stocked with a variety of fish species from its native █████ (denied), One (1) hair brush, made of 100% synthetic materials (approved). Look. [pantomiming something coming out of her mouth] Red. Scared. Water depth is not to exceed half a metre (0.5) at its lowest point. Addendum 811-1 To date, SCP-811 has requested: Addendum 811-2 Due to the fact that SCP-811 has lungs and teeth — despite having no apparent use for either — it was brought to Bio-Research Area-12's radiology lab for X-rays, to examine its internal structure. Dr. Trebuchet: Aé. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Dr. Trebuchet: "Needle", Aé. SCP-811 should be kept in a climate-controlled, cylindrical glass enclosure, between ten (10) and twenty (20) (inclusive) metres in diameter, filled to a depth of no less than two and a half (2.5) metres on average with wetland soil and stagnant fresh water. Benjamin Kondraki (53) SCP-049 (SCP Foundation)/Reader (26) Dr. Gears/Dr. Gears (SCP Foundation) (3) Dr. Its skin has slight abrasive properties, and is a mottled green color that serves to camouflage it among the reeds in its natural habitat. [Dr. Trebuchet and Junior Lab Assistant Wachtel enter SCP-811's containment unit. The possibility that SCP-811 was once [REDACTED] is being explored. By El-Drago-800 Watch. SCP-811 supplied with complete dentures, to be repaired as needed. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. One such organ in the abdominal region appears to contain lighter-than-air gas. SCP-811: [seems to understand] Before box? Bright: I didn't do nothing. It shows partial comprehension of human language, consistent with case studies of "feral children" that had been abandoned at a few years old, instead of as infants.