You can use these in your referral emails , on your website, in your marketing emails, and pretty much in any scenario where you’d want to ask your customers for a referral. Now, that’s organic and free advertising. You don’t have to give everyone an iPad to make that happen. Use Your Blog As An Advantage Your blog comment section is a great place to encourage interaction and increase traffic so have refer a friend contests that center on this aspect. Tell your friends about [brand] and you both get [benefit]! 11. Don’t hide your refer-a-friend feature somewhere your customers won’t find. If you’re unable to deliver consistency, then your customers will be unable to deliver any friends to you and that means your customer base will struggle to expand. Create a blog post about a specific discount and then offer it to people who comment on your blog page. 9. Studies show referral leads that come from partners are typically higher in quality and likely to result in a sale. As a small business owner, you may be considering the implementation of a "refer a friend" marketing program. Keep any emails you send (to the referrer or the referred party) short and simple. This helps maximize their word-of-mouth marketing – customers are more than happy to tell others about a stand-out product or service, and that includes giving out your business cards. You could go slightly bigger and use a referral card that’s 3.5 x 4 inches. By including all the essential referral program information, these cards provide a simple and effective way to refer others to your business. Include the organization’s brand and information to the referral card so recipients can easily see the cause you’re supporting. RESOURCES Growth MarketingReputation ManagementReferral ProgramsB2B Sales and MarketingAffiliate MarketingBrand Strategy, BE A CONTRIBUTORContribute to a roundupSubmit a guest post. Refer 10 friends, earn a free razor. 3. Refer A Friend. Have a cookout, hold a potluck, or have a public picnic where games and prizes can be won. Rural Recruits. Basic marketing theory offers that word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective, and least expensive, forms of business promotion. • “Share on your friend’s Timeline to get additional entries.” Instead, use contest software with “refer-a-friend” features to award extra entries to those who can get more people to enter the contest. Get rewarded. Provide awards for those that have the best referral rates. Say, you’re venting to a friend about a problem you’re having or something you need. Refer a friend and earn [benefit] over and over, paid via PayPal! If you need other ideas when designing your referral card, there are many sites you can visit. Refer qualified candidates and as a “thank you,” we will offer you [add specific rewards for referrers, e.g. The "Refer a Friend" from DirecTV itself that ended quite some time ago was a $10 for 10 month credit on the bill for the $100 value. Make it simple for your customers to give your referral card to others. 12. If someone takes the time to give you a good review, then return the favor and take the time to give that person a solid discount the next time they come in. You can also distribute your referral card through a newsletter. Here’s a basic template you can use to create a top-notch referral card. Referral slogans catchphrases that you can use when encouraging your customers to refer their friends to you. They also offer a lot of opportunities – you can print out postcards and hand them out to customers, or you can ask referral program members to send a hand-written postcard to their friends. Adding a humanitarian aspect to the referral can … Ninety percent of consumers say they have the most faith in recommendations from people they know about companies and services, according to a 2009 study by The Nielsen Company. 5. Postcards are an interesting approach to marketing. If you create a specific online discount that can be accessed and shared by people who have liked your page or followed your accounts, then you can create a viral message that may have lots of people coming through your door.