It is a summer visitor to breed in the UK, with the largest concentrations in East Anglia and along the south coast - there are relatively few breeding in Scotland and Ireland. The reed warbler is a plain unstreaked warbler. Song. Nestlings typically feed on diptera and arachnids, though this may not be their preferred food. A. arundinacius has also been reported to eat fruit during non-breeding seasons. Listen to Blyth's Reed-Warbler on, which is a comprehensive collection of English bird songs and bird calls. The Eurasian reed warbler looks similar to the great reed warbler, but the great reed warbler is larger in size and has a stronger supercilium. It is warm brown above and buff coloured underneath. The sexes are identical, as with most warblers, but young birds are richer buff below. Listen to warblers on The song is a slow, chattering jit-jit-jit with typically acrocephaline whistles and mimicry added. It winters in Africa. Here you will find 257 british bird songs. A. arundinacius has a primarily carnivorous diet. Observation of prey collection specifically during breeding season has shown the retrieval of insect larvae, moths, dragonflies, damselflies, beetles, spiders, small fish, and frogs.