Marie O. Davis, MA, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a graduate degree in Expressive Arts Therapy and has a private practice on Orange St, in Asheville. Check out using a credit card or bank account with. We could say that Psyche in the earlier stage of the story is an idealized, not-yet-initiated aspect of the Soul. In one she is confronted with a huge mound of a wide variety of seeds, which she is told to sort into separate piles before dawn. The light reveals him to be the most handsome, desirable God, the God of Love himself. Powered by Create your … Eros and Psyche tells the beautiful fairytale of the only mortal love affair of the god of passion and desire. This advice from nature can be life saving at a psychological level. When Love then comes to us, though we may think that we are happy, Love’s true face is unknown. See Also: Eros, Psyche, Aphrodite, Persephone. She is able to gather the wool stuck in briars at the end of the day rather than be exposed to the danger directly. In despair she pleads to the gods for help. To begin this discussion I will look at the image titled the Abduction of Psyche. ancient Greek society yet it is incomplete by today’s moral standards of what is acceptable. In both, The Iliad and the Hesiod, external actions are the most important however, without logos, a look into the soul no decisions are made by choice. It is a love story we all participate in, each in our own way. We become immortal and mortal at the same time, an initiated human in relationship to divine powers. The story is told in varying ways. Receiving guidance from the symbolic and mythic dimensions of the psyche can be salvational. William-Adolphe Bougereau painted this beautiful piece in 1895 (see fig.3). After that will be the depiction of Eros in a clip from the 1940 Fantasia. But she longs for companionship. By choosing images to represent soul gestures, we take our ‘problems’ and place them outside of ourselves to gain a different perspective on the challenging life events, giving us an opportunity to develop ourselves, change beliefs and find new responses and behaviors, especially in our relationships. When we are in a “seed sorting” phase of love’s initiation, we may find that we have to sort out the seeds in our psyche in short order: these are thoughts about love or responses learned from family, these from the culture, these from a couple of failed relationships, these are what I actually think, these my friends want me to think, these my partner insists upon and so forth. Reading the myths and locating our own story within them can help us to not take ourselves so personally, recognizing the common nature of our most intimate challenges. That being said, it becomes even more difficult to say, however, that there is no attraction, that there is only a platonic relationship between James’ protagonist, Theo Faron, between Eros and Death. The dramas presented in ancient Greece were for similar purposes—telling mythic stories that help wake up audiences to realms of meaning, mystery and magic that inform our lives. Analysis of the Relevancy of Freudian Psychology © 2017 Copyright WNC Woman // All rights reserved. Psyche manages to accomplish these one by one, with the aid of natural and supernatural help. ©2000-2020 ITHAKA. Access supplemental materials and multimedia. Celebrating the inherent strength, wisdom, and grace ofwomen creating community one conversation at a time. Psyche seems to be at peace in the arms of Eros.