Worksheets for learning Spanish. it's an easy worksheet to help the students to learn the jobs. There are 16 items written out in words and students identify which square it is in. Free. Jobs and Professions Matching Spanish Worksheet-Ernesto Clases DivertidasDescription: This is a 2-page matching worksheet. video. The old lady and her dog. Use this song to teach professions in Spanish to your students. Job ads Also included in: Spanish Jobs / Professions / Careers Bundle: 11 Resources @40% off! Included you will also find a 2 page worksheet for students to read each descript, Use this Spanish vocabulary worksheet to introduce the chapter on professions and careers. Game. They must match the vocabulary with the clue Each worksheet has a total of thirty-five statements or questions.How to Use It: Students will be given a list of statements. Professions in Spanish is translated as “LAS PROFESIONES“,  as you can see profesión is a feminine name. You can also go to each individu, Product Description:Great way to introduce professions in Spanish. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet? First students look at clipart of people and write a sentence explaining what the person's career is then students read descriptions of various likes and interests and write sent, Jobs and Professions Spanish Word Search Worksheet-Ernesto Clases Divertidas -17 flashcards of equal size ready for cut, Jobs and Professions Framework Puzzle Spanish Worksheet-Ernesto Clases DivertidasDescription: This is a one-page framework puzzle worksheet. 30 ejercicios para practicar el pretérito indefinido, Pronombres de objeto directo e indirecto: QUIZZES, Presente de Subjuntivo en español: conjugación (B1), Talk about length time in Spanish using DURAR, TARDAR y LLEVAR, When the GENDER change the meaning of the Spanish nouns. Professions. Description: This Spanish worksheet has four student pages and a suggested answer key. Each worksheet has a total of thirty-five fill in the blank statements and a word bank used as clues to find the target words on a grid. This worksheet was designed to help you practice part of the vocabulary for jobs and occupations in Spanish by solving a very simple exercise in a PDF worksheet about this interesting topic. Lesson Plans. Irregular verbs list with meanings in Spanish, It's the same list of verbs but with meanings in Spanish. In this lesson, we will show you a vocabulary list of jobs, occupations, and professions in Spanish. Teach kids with an engaging blended English program. Artists In Spanish you don’t have to use de article un/una (a/an) when you say your job: Soy profesora (I am a teacher), and  very important, don’t forget that most professions have to agree in gender and number with the people that are referred to: cartero (a postman) una cartera (a postwoman), un abogado (a lawyer), una abogada (a woman lawyer), un profesor (a teacher), una profesora… Although, there are exceptions like for instance those occupations ending in -ista, that can be used for both genders: un artista, una artista. How to Use It: Teaching Kids who Canñññt Read? We use cookies to enhance your experience. - 31 pages of worksheet activities: Answer key included. Worksheets that listen. Application form jobs and professions. Video. Flashcards. Student A and B have to complete the missing words. Te lo enviamos por email hoy. Worksheets that listen. Thank you! Worksheets that speak. Short story: Professions. SPANISH VOCABULARY QUIZ topic: OCCUPATIONS 1 Write the correct Spanish translation for each of the occupations. T, Jobs and Professions Missing Letters Spanish Worksheet-Ernesto Clases DivertidasDescription: This is a 2-page missing letters worksheet. Daily routines using verbs in Present Simple and Past Simple to describe different activities. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet? Use this worksheet to teach professions in Spanish to your students.