@kevd4wg oh, yeah I didn't think anything was wrong here lol. He has access to all feats above solar system level. Last time I said this over 9 years ago. They weren't above large star levels. @kirkseven: Then I think post-crisis stomps. Secret compartments are also created using this power. In many ways, he is the ideal American, but he also stands for all people everywhere which is how he came to be galactically renowned. I might have taken it overboard doesn't mean I am not right debating wise. I remember reading stories of the Silver / Bronze Age Superman being able to travel in time. Green Kryptonite (Fatal, Loss), Range: 03. Link to germane writeups.org articles on the web (your blog, online forums, comments areas…). While the other SA superman already is flying with 13 planets wondering if he should pick up some more due to these balloon weight planets. Clark is also considered to be a big wimp, mainly because he won’t get into situations where he might be forced to reveal his powers. Attraction/Repulsion represents his Superbreath’s ability to attract as well as repel. But Superman #231 is a personal favorite. You already tagged the mods. Source of Character: Pre-Crisis DC Comics. Brain cells killing thread, tbh. The way this attraction works is the following: Storage Capacity is a new Power that allows its user to store a volume equal to the APs of Storage Capacity. Pre-crisis Superman makes this a mismatch. Pre-crisis Superman uses infinite speed and multiversal striking power to one shot him. In versus forums you’ll see “Pre-Crisis Superman” as more or less shorthand for “stupidly OP character who can do anything just because”. consistently both characters are always just as strong as the plot needs them to be lol. The only way to play Superman is as a compassionate person with great confidence. Advantages: This site uses a handful of cookies. Sonic Beam represents Superman’s shout and has an Area of Effect. @empressofdread: I asked for feats and you just said, they have feats for this. SuperBreath may be used to move objects as if SuperBreath had the same APs as Superman’s STR as long as Superman has freedom of movement, i.e., as long as he could have used his STR anyway. Transmutation may only be used to super-compress coal into diamonds. My memory is a bit fuzzy on that.- … https://comicvine.gamespot.com/forums/battles-7/hulk-vs-pre-crisis-superman-and-superboy-prime-rea-1877652/. Bonuses and Limitations: ^ just when I had the feats ready dammit. Pre-crisis Superman uses infinite speed and multiversal striking power to one shot him. He was knocked out though. He can be portrayed as larger than life, or all too human, but without his characteristic inability to give up he would not be Superman. I actually don't understand your logic. However, his internal body temperature is normal. @jedixman@rogueshadow this seems pointless and disrespectful to pre-crisis Superman. First prove inconsistency. Gadgetry is reduced to 8 when creating new gadgets from scratch. If he flies faster than light while moving clockwise, he will time travel into the future. If this is your first visit, be sure to Surviving a massive explosion that covered half of supertown and the universal black hole feat to name a few. @kirkseven Dude, you're fine. It differs from STR in that Storage Capacity allows one to hold fluid and/or awkwardly shaped objects. Now, show me some of those "outliers for Post-crisis Superman". Typically it is used to mimic abilities which are common in a “genre” other than Superman’s. The OP posted a feat of superman just flying. Why does it bother you so much? Just play Clark Kent as if he were completely human with the following exception. To arrive at the correct time, the traveller must make a Perception Check against OV/RV determined by the GM. Transform!! For example, a plastic bag would have this power, as would any object with a pouch or a pocket. Insane elseworlds tale. It seemed alright to do is what I'm getting at. Still Pre Crisis. Death The Crisis! For one character star level is an outlier for other its an everyday feat. I am not understanding you? @empressofdread: It's only a bit of fun, let it be. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Danger! There's nothing wrong with this thread. The last thing I will say is I can do a CAV. Secret ID, CIA (never killing anything). Clark Kent is in many ways a mirror of Superman in beleifs, but he acts much more ’restrained and responsibly‘. It cant have good arguments on either side. Phantom Zone Projector [BODY: 25, Dimension Travel: 25]. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of cookies – explained on our cookies info page. I'd call both of them bad. This is pointless at the "very least" and a bad thread. Kamen Rider Gemn, Welcome or welcome back! the closing of the pre-crisis era This profile is almost entirely a technical article revisiting the game stats for Earth-1’s Superman during the Silver Age , back when he was juggling planets.. As such, this entry is IIRC the only one on the site that uses the 1 st edition, pre-Crisis scale. Adaptation: 30, Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent: 15, Attraction/Repulsion: 20, Storage Capacity: 20, Digging: 12, Cold Immunity: 30, Extended Hearing: 15, Flame Immunity: 30, Flight: 45, Heat Vision: 30, Hypnotism: 08, Ice Production: 12, Invulnerability: 50, Microscopic Vision: 15, Recall: 30, Sealed Systems: 50, Solar Sustenance: 50, Sonic Beam: 04, Super Breath: 20, Super Hearing: 15, Superspeed: 25, Super Ventriloquism: 15, Suspension: 12, Systemic Antidote: 20, Telescopic Vision: 75, Thermal Vision: 15, Transmutation: 18, X-Ray Vision: 30, Skills: Both Clark and Luthor grew up, and as an adult, Superman was still Lex Luthor’s sworn enemy. On his chest, he wears an S-symbol, a red S on a yellow pentagonal field. Anyways, Pre-Crisis Superman has both the attack potency and defense potency not to mention the speed advantage. there are enough outliers under Post crisis Supes belt to allow him to fight his pre-crisis counterpart. Flame Immunity does not protect against Kryptonian Heat Vision. @kirkseven: In that case. Under the influence of Earth’s yellow sun and lighter gravity, Kal-El would have incredible powers. For example, he could use Adaptation to mimic the Flash’s Dispersal since Dispersal is based on Superspeed and Superman has Superspeed. check out the FAQ by clicking the Typically this power is used in conjunction with Attraction. @kirkseven: Outliers. Both Superman and Supergirl performed such feats. Back then fans will claim you are stating superman strength is unlimited. In particular, his DEX should be treated as if it were always 03. You can learn more with the writeups.org FAQ. That's how he could be part of the Legion. (3) In order to not outshine other heroes with whom he may be teamed, he tends to use his abilities to a lesser extent. Glasses [BODY 01] ; Kryptonian Glass Lenses [BODY 25]. Like Surviving two galaxy sized+ planets hitting him, absorbing enough anti sunlight (energy that hurts him) to vaporize half a galaxy, Surviving a massive explosion that covered half of supertown and the universal black hole feat to name a few. if you dislike this thread that much, then just go somewhere else that fits the confines of your own liking. Giving a bad thread to validate your thread is not justifying it. (excluding MAGIC, KRYPTONITE, RED SUN RADIATION, and PIS). Rocketed from the planet Krypton to Earth, he discovered he had powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Superman’s hair is utterly invulnerable, requiring the combined Heat Visions of 3 Kryptonians to cut it. @socajunkie: Yeah, I think this could be an interesting match up if you used his mid-showings. Restating the same thing doesn’t help anyone. Hence the huge numbers. Superman is first among heroes for a good reason. CIA (not using his powers to full effect). Superman has a characteristic S-curl on his forehead and wears a blue bodysuit, with red trunks and a gold belt. When baby Kal-El was on his way to Earth, his rocket collided with an alien ship and there was a duplicate rocket created with a simulacrum of baby Kal-El. Again, first edition scale. Dangerous Zombie!" superman of earth 1 and 2 and ultraman of earth 3. and of course , u can't read the pre-crisis superman stories without some of alan moore stories superman annual 11 - ' for the man who has everything' , adapted to the jlu animated cartoon as well as supergirl tv show just without mongul. @kirkseven: You can high ball him to multiversal level but this is spite. Do you want scans or what? Pre crisis Superman isn't just 'any' character though. There are innumerable times when these situations arise. select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I don't think you understand the point of this thread -_-. Like what? Are all the threads existing? (anything from Post Crisis, New 52 or Rebirth), ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Anyway, Kirkseven already talked about the multiversal black hole feat so I'll wait to see consistent(At least 5 or more considering how inconsistent pre-crisis characters are)striking feats for pre-crisis Superman on this level.