I thank You because playing music has allowed me to gain clarity in life and has helped me to enforce truths that You have opened my eyes to. May our praises today connect with heaven and unite our hearts with the sound of eternity. I thank You for this talent You have given me, I choose to give it back to You by using it to glorify Your Name, Amen. Please also opt me in for Exclusive Offers from Beliefnet’s Partners, From time to time you will also receive Special Offers from our partners. Psalm 101:1 Oh Lord, I will sing of Your love and justice for the rest of my days. Ephesians 5:19-21 O Lord, I pray that the music I make or the songs that I sing are always from my heart to You. (Psalm 57:7-9, NLT), "Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp." Spending a few minutes alone with God will change the direction of your worship service and ministry. The birth of these hymns is as powerful as their lyrics. For Hard Times For Financial Prosperity For Physical Health For Emotional Health For Protection For a Marriage For Babies and Pregnancy For Family For Spiritual Warfare For Spiritual Health For a Death For the Workplace For Bedtime, Bible Commentary Bible Verses Devotionals Faith Prayers Coloring Pages Pros and Cons, 14 Big Pros and Cons of Prop 57 (California CDCR Early Release), Matthew 24:15 Meaning of the Abomination That Causes Desolation, Matthew 10:36 Meaning of Verse and Simple Commentary, Romans 8:11 Meaning of Give Life to Your Mortal Bodies, Romans 4:5 Meaning of Their Faith Is Credited as Righteousness, Philippians 4:11 Meaning of Content Whatever the Circumstances, He Who Is Faithful with Little Meaning and Meditation, Philippians 2:3 Meaning of Value Others above Yourselves, Luke 12:49 Meaning of I Have Come to Bring Fire on the Earth. 6 Uplifting Prayers for Musicians and Singers Jun 14, 2019 by Editor in Chief Ephesians 5:19-21 O Lord, I pray that the music I make or the songs that I sing are always from my heart to You. Sign up for Beliefnet's Prayer of the Day newsletter! Prayer for Church Musicians (The church musicians can be called to the Solea and the Priest can bless them and use the following prayer) PRIEST: In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I praise You Lord for Your acts of power and I praise You for Your everlasting greatness. No wonder I can sing your praises! Instead of rehearsing the song the twentieth or thirtieth time, spend quality time in prayer. I sing not for myself, but I sing to demonstrate Your goodness in my life, Amen. I pray that this love is evident each time that I sing. Wake up, my heart! Wake up, O lyre and harp! I declare that everything that has breath praises You! in the temple of the LORD. (Isaiah 38:20, NIV), My heart is confident. You are an awesome Father, I choose to worship You in Spirit and truth in all that I do, Amen. I will sing your praises among the nations. • Pray for music leaders at all levels, locally and nationally, that they will receive guidance and wisdom. I pray that all music is to glorify Your great Name. May the talent that you have bestowed upon me be used only to serve you. Psalms 150:1-5 Awesome God, I praise You. I shout because the joy You give me is uncontainable! • Pray that vocalists and musicians will pursue excellence in their musical talents, offering their best to the Lord and to His Church. The Musician's Prayer Oh Lord, please bless this music that it might glorify your name. We gladly gather! To You, Lord, I will sing praise. We often treat it as a show. Psalm 105:2 Righteous God, I give You all the glory, the honor and the praise for who You are. We simply go through motions, Because we have sinned against you, even our worship fails to be what it could. A short film suitable for showing at the beginning of a service or church meeting, with a prayer asking that we would be inspired by God's love:-, (suitable for a worship leader to pray before a hymn or time of congregational praise or worship), "The LORD will save me, May the talent that you have bestowed upon me be used only to serve you. • Pray for the equipping of ministers in music with relevant, inspiring resources. I praise You with the harp and with the sound of singing. As we praise you, though, our own inadequacy reminds us of how we have broken our relationship with you. Musicians Prayer (a prayer suitable for church musicians) Creator God, You hear us, our words in prayer, our silent thoughts and pleas and each note or melody we sing and play. Let this music be a … Thank You because my voice is a blessing from You. God, our creator, we thank you for giving joy and delight to your Church through those who … I pray that genuine worship to You is my main focus when I sing rather than the musicality; this I pray, Amen. Hallelujah! I listen carefully to many proverbs and solve riddles with inspiration from my instrument. I will thank you, Lord, among all the people. Let these songs lift your spirit and connect your soul with God. I pray that the melodies that I sing and/or write are inspired by my love for You. Lord, you have called us to worship you. and we will sing with stringed instruments all the days of our lives I pray that I always give You thanks for all things, in Jesus’ Name. Music has to power to communicate messages and emotions that words cannot capture. Make sure these songs are on your playlist. Beliefnet is a lifestyle website providing feature editorial content around the topics of inspiration, spirituality, health, wellness, love and family, news and entertainment. Psalm 49:4 Heavenly Father, I thank You for the gift of music. I pray that as we sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, we genuinely dedicate each melody to You. Prayer of Confession. Prayer is the secret weapon for the aspiring musician or worship leader. I pray that my instrument (whether this be my voice or my guitar, piano, drum etc) worships You, Amen. Psalms 98:1-7 Dear Lord, I sing to You a new song because You have done marvelous things, I am in awe of the works of Your salvation! I will sing so that all can hear it and see how great You are. Feeling down? Oh Lord, please bless this music that it might glorify your name. I thank You for this gift that You have given me, I do not take it lightly, Amen. I praise You with the sounding of the trumpet and with the harp and flute. I will wake the dawn with my song. Music is just one way that I enjoy worshiping You. I declare that I will sing to You, I will sing praises to You and tell of all of Your wonderful works in my life. It is prayer not only for musicians and artists but for worshipers as well. It shouldn’t be optional. (Psalm 149:3, NIV), "May our praises..unite our hearts with the sound of eternity", musical instruments were used in the bible. I praise You in Your sanctuary and I praise You in Your mighty heavens.