6653 The Law Enforcement Academy is basic training for law enforcement officers and enables graduates to take the P.O.S.T. Fax: 303-294-0874, JEFFERSON CO SHERIFFS DEPT TRAINING UNIT Those are some of the classes that most trainees struggle to pass. However, becoming a Colorado peace officer requires high ethical standards, personal discipline, and extensive training. Fax: 303-739-1616, BOULDER POLICE ACADEMY The physical ability test (PAT) includes a test in which you are sitting in a patrol car with the doors closed. Delta, Colorado 81416 13328 E. Montview Blvd You will need at least an associate’s degree or 60 college semester hours. Fax: 719-540-7453, PUEBLO POLICE TRAINING ACADEMY Northeastern Junior College After successful completion of the deferment and dismissal of the charge, your certification remains revoked. You’ll then get a radio message describing the suspect’s clothing. That’s why I’ve always suggested to recruits who are scheduled for the academy to start preparing for the curriculum exam 2-3 months prior to arriving at the academy. Becoming a cop is one of the best ways to serve your community, and if you are in Alabama they’ll probably have a great need for you. Minimum Requirements to be a Police Officer in Colorado. Trinidad, Colorado 81082. That’s just the application process, and the academy is a much more difficult proposition. After receiving POST certification, an individual must meet additional requirements before being appointed as a peace officer with the Sterling Police Department. However many don’t realize that it is awfully hard to become a cop in the state of Michigan as a lot of applicants are vying for the same position. Complete an approved Colorado basic training course within two years prior to your application for certification. The other is the patrol car test, where you run 130 yards, crawl under a table, climb a window that’s 30-inches on each side and situated 49 over the ground, run up a flight of stairs, and then drag a 150-pound dummy for five feet. Phone: 719-549-1200 The basic requirements are similar to the basic requirements of other police departments in Colorado. certification test to become certified as peace officers in Colorado. The difference here is that you need to speak fluid English and you must have completed a minimum of 60 semester (or 90 quarter hours) from an accredited college or university. Pueblo, Colorado 81003 First, you should be a U.S. citizen and have at least a high school […], Your email address will not be published. To be eligible for appointment as a peace officer, an applicant must first be certified by the Peace … 1765 Us Hwy 50 8895 Montview Blvd Bldg #58 Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601 To prepare yourself, you need a review material such as the Prepare for the Police Academy review manual. Phone: 303-370-1500 But the entire process can take 7 months. There are 7 steps to the application process which involves the usual interviews, exams and evaluations. Fax: 303-273-1737, DELTA-MONTROSE VOC TECH CTR CRMNL JSTC POLICE ACADEMY Home • Departments • Police Department • Our Department • Colorado Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST). The POST Board may put stipulations on your reinstatement, such as: Renewal of certification through the test out process, Visit the POST Website for more information, 421 N. 4th St. PO BOX 4000 Sterling, CO 80751-0400, A career in law enforcement can be exciting and rewarding. Accreditation must be from one of the six regional accrediting bodies listed above.). You should have at least a 2.0 GPA. Fax: 303-271-5552, LAKEWOOD POLICE ACADEMY With all the exams, interviews, and tests you have to take, it is very easy to screw up and make a mistake that can result in your disqualification. Your speed as you complete a Beep Test, in which you change directions when you hear a beep. Phone: 303-739-1600 PO Box 69 DELTA-MONTROSE VOC TECH CTR CRMNL JSTC POLICE ACADEMY 1765 Us Hwy 50 Delta, Colorado … In Denver, the starting salary for a recruit is $46.913. You also must attend a police academy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903 Upon completion of the academy, you will be eligible to take the Colorado P.O.S.T. This means you have to pass a physical and psychological exam along with a background check. The national state […], Young boys in grade school will usually say that they want to become a firemen or a police officer  when they grow up. You can’t have misdemeanor convictions related to domestic violence. The physical fitness standards are as follows: Again the basic requirements are the same, except that you really need Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline. Fax: 303-987-7206, NORTHEAST COLORADO REGIONAL POLICE ACADEMY In Denver, for example, the overall property crime dropped by 14.6%. You also need to speak fluent English. Required fields are marked *. Ability to speak in public, facilitate group meetings, resolve conflict, and solve problems. The curriculum encompasses 200 hours above the 556 required training hours set by the Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board. Perhaps the main difference here is that you need to have correctable visual acuity of 20/20 and you can’t be color-blind. By law Basic certification requires successful completion of a POST-approved Basic academy, successful completion of the POST certification examination, and a background check. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906 This covers everything from start to finish, and you’ll get tips you’ll need for every step. Violent crime fell by 2.4%, with murders dropping by a whopping 66.7% and robberies by 7%. Aurora, Colorado 80045-7205 There’s an initial written exam, a background history, a physical ability test, suitability test which includes a polygraph test, a psych evaluation, a more exhaustive background check, getting into the eligible roster, getting a conditional job offer, a medical evaluation, and then finally a final job offer and admission to the Academy. Fax: 303-649-1753, ARAPAHOE COMMUNITY COLLEGE LAW ENFORCEMENT ACADEMY Instead, the opposite happened and the crime rate actually dropped. We are a Colorado POST accredited Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy providing the highest quality training for those who want to be of service to their communities as police … I would focus my earliest studying on the criminal law test, traffic law, EVOC, defensive tactics, felony stops, and firearms. Phone: 303-271-5350 The PAT is an obstacle course which combines everything you need to display as a police officer. COLORADO SPRINGS POLICE TRAINING ACADEMY 705 S Nevada Ave Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903 Phone: 719-444-7676 Fax: 719-573-7304. The POST Board will begin revocation proceedings, even if a deferment has been accepted. Of course, individual departments nay have its own police academy requirements in Colorado that exceed the standards mandated by the state law. 200 Jefferson County Parkway Learning how to prepare for the police academy is crucial, if you want to be a cop in Colorado. The officer may petition the POST Board to reinstate their certification. Four years sworn Police Officer experience or Colorado POST certified corrections officer at a county jail, state or federal prison may substitute for 60 semester hours of college credit. The number of pushups you can make in a minute, The number of sit-ups you can perform in a minute, The time it takes for you to finish a 5-meter Illinois Agility Run involving two turns and some cones along the way that you have to avoid. Phone: 303-649-1749 No felony convictions or convictions of moral turpitude. The Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy program provides a comprehensive educational framework for your entry into law enforcement. If the board agrees to reinstate it, their certification will be reinstated. OJC is the only academy that focuses on training … But that doesn’t mean there are zero crimes in Colorado, even though the state has a fairly good reputation when it comes to crime rates. The ACC Academy … 3000 County Road 114 600 Prospect Phone: 303-441-3474 The PAT consists of two parts. You must get out of the car, run 130 yards, climb over a chain-link fence, go through a window frame that measures 30 inches on each side, crawl under two tables, pick the right mannequin based on the clothing description, and then drag the 150-pound dummy five feet to cross the finish line. If you have any questions concerning the “self sponsorship” program  or you want to know whether you qualify or not, you can call them directly. 6060 Broadway Phone:(970)874-7671, DENVER POLICE ACADEMY 7305 S Potomac St Ste 151 Fax: 303-330-5705, ARAPAHOE CO SHERIFFS OFFICE TRAINING ACADEMY In order to be eligible for the POST examination, the Board requires every applicant to have: Hiring RequirementsAfter receiving POST certification, an individual must meet additional requirements before being appointed as a peace officer with the Sterling Police Department. Phone: 970-945-7481 There are a few notable differences, however. 455 S Allison Pkwy 5900 S. Santa Fe Dr Phone: 303-987-7350 Phone: 303-330-8008 X313 When Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana throughout the state, opponents of the move predicted doomsday scenarios in which crime rates would skyrocket.