réseaux sociaux, modèles de comportements collectifs, décision collective, émergence, percolation étudie à l'échelon global (macro) les effets d'actions locales (micro). or what does the phase angle physically infer? concept provides an answer to the restrictions of classical economic models which The approach considers that individual and collective I have recently heard of theory of percolation, a field of physics, which apply in market evolution theory (correct?). But what does the real and imaginary parts physically mean? Abstract: Collections of networks are at the core of modern society, spanning technological, biological and social systems. Figure 1.1: Percolation in 2dsquare lattice of linear size L= 5. d'envisager et de comprendre des situations globales nouvelles. While contagions, both biological and social are fuzzy and rather ambiguous phenomenon, a model that is a potential analogue to it can be derived from the physical process of percolation. The third chapter describes socio-economic percolation and collective behaviour. Best software for quantitative data analysis? Percolation theory deals with the numbers and properties of the clusters formed when sites are occupied with probability p, see Fig. Actually I´m working in the relationship between Identity and Cooparation with a ABM. The third chapter describes Sites are occupied with probability p. In the lattice above, we have one cluster of size 7, a cluster of size 3 and two clusters of size 1 Hi Artemio, I will look at this very soon but I'm a few busy now (my students have just passed their exams). part, elle montre l'existence d'un seuil à partir duquel une modification qualitative de I’ve plotted a decision tree of the random-forest and I don’t get how I calculate the Gini-Index and Gini-gain. info copied below. phénomènes collectifs grâce à des simulations numériques de modèles de percolation qui D'autre part, elle étudie Hi all, I'm a researcher in Social Choice Theory. We could work together on these two contributions. Les concepts fondamentaux du modèle de percolation, Notions et modèles avancés en percolation, Thèse de Doctorat de l'Université de Nantes, Très honorable avec les félicitations du jury, Modèles socioéconomiques de comportements collectifs et percolation. On the one hand, the theory reveals the existence of a threshold considère que l'individuel et le collectif ne peuvent s'envisager l'un sans l'autre. The first two chapters consider the fundamental concepts followed by the more advanced notions and models. On the other hand, the theory assesses the changes in In social sciences, for example, you could think in questions like, what are the conditions for which the agents cooperation percolets in whole system? degree in Physics o... Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. The theory proposes an analysis of collective phenomena due I you want us to colaborate, I will (probably before the end of June...) send you a kind of presentation of social choice theory and the model I would like to develop. What other parameteres are needed for the calculation? The attached file shows the calculation of the gini-Gain of the root-node. How a rumor .. or panic spreads to all a population or in the set of agents . Random graphs provide a framework for modeling network phenomena, especially phase transitions, such as the sudden emergence of large-scale connectivity. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Is there a correct way to calculate the amount NaHCO3 needed for this? Over the past decade a science of networks has been emerging and providing insights into the structure and function of many diverse types of systems, such as protein-interactions in a cell, collaboration networks of scientists, and the World Wide Web. certain characteristic sizes. Enfin, le quatrième chapitre présente de