To change views (e.g., the week, the month, agenda format), use the tabs in upper right corner of each calendar. Keyword 1Penn Academic Calendar 2020 Keyword 2 Penn Academic Calendar 2020, Keyword 3 Penn Academic Calendar 2020 Keyword 4 We are providing the good range of the school and college calendars for our visitors. Academic Calendar Download a PDF of the 2020-2021 calendar.. Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, the first two days of Passover and Good Friday are religious holidays that affect large numbers of University community members and that fall during the academic year. The Law School reserves the right to alter this calendar. Three-Year Academic Calendar, 2019-2020 through 2021-2022. The Penn State academic calendar for 2021-22, which shows key academic dates including the first day of classes, deadlines to add and drop classes, final exam days, holiday schedules, and more. August. View the University’s policy regarding these and other holidays. Click on an event to see more details. The Council of Undergraduate Deans recommends an academic calendar to the Provost three years in advance. The University’s Three-Year Academic Calendar is subject to change. Fall. Penn State calendar is the schedule or the academic plan of the Penn state university for its students. Academic Calendar. Home / Academics / Academic Affairs / 2020-21 Academic Year. You can save this calendar in HD quality print from this site. This article is shared with the academic calendar of Penn state. The calendars listed below are web-based, updated frequently and viewable here, lower on this webpage.