Patient.. #83799941 - Sick dog under quilt with fever and temperature. #40044136 - Thermometer icon isolated on the white background. #82409931 - Thermometer icon isolated on blue background. #41763450 - french bulldog dog very sick with ice pack or bag on head, eyes.. #87789675 - Cute newborn baby boy, lying in bed with cold and fever. #107343901 - Thermostat icon vector isolated on white background for your.. #114136211 - Adjusting room temperature with electronic thermostat at home,.. #114884895 - Worker carefully stirring melted chocolate in a bowl. The range is affected by the metal with which mercury is amalgamated. Newest results. Contact your dedicated Account Manager. This cavity is filled full of a liquid (mercury, alcohol) that expands up the tube as it get warmer. This depends on what type of thermometer it is. #37885386 - Flat design of Thermometer measuring heat and cold, with sun.. #40272877 - Sick kid with high fever laying in bed and mother taking temperature. #110725191 - Thermometer for measuring body temperature in a vector. Thermometer.. #80232481 - Cute little asian girl is ill lying on sofa bed mother checking.. #30046677 - Pork roast on grill, sunny day, grass. THERMOMETER 2. #95815036 - Tepid sponge. 1. This cavity is filled full of a liquid (mercury, alcohol) that expands up the tube as it get warmer. #63512418 - Non-contact forehead infrared thermometer, shade picture. Clear filters. #43281286 - Thermometer Fahrenheit Celsius Heat Illustration Concept of climate.. #46428764 - Sick child boy lying in bed with a fever, resting at home. Basal. 3. of 3,366. thermometer temperature woman woman with thermometer hot temperature thermometer winter woman checking temperature flu thermometer woman temperature thermometer outdoor thermometer line icon thermometer nature. Flat Vector.. Vector . They are fast, accurate and convenient. Search 123RF with an image instead of text. #81000624 - Modern medicine workplace with board, stethoscope white table.. #43237362 - Sweaty man holding thermometer as summer heat concept isolated.. #93295413 - Thermometer and water filter for central heating system on a.. #116336472 - Young sad woman with flu, she is resting in bed and measuring.. #117810106 - Sick child, toddler boy lying on the couch in living room with.. #113157892 - Baby and hands of mother, indoors, #86414198 - vector goal thermometers at different levels. Add to Likebox #83150095 - wooden celsius thermometer isolated on white background. Traditional thermometers measure the temperature using mercury, but you can make your own at home with just water and rubbing alcohol. High and Low temperature symbol. #41632707 - Close-up Hot temperature fahrenheit or celsius. Lesson Plan in Mathematics Grade 5 Grade V – Acacia (7:50-8:50) Molave (8:50-9:50) I. This type of thermometer notices the difference between hot and cold junctions through the current in the attached probes. #110725199 - Thermometer for measuring body temperature in a vector. Portrait of young excited woman holding.. #81720198 - Tropical temperature, measured on an outdoor thermometer, global.. #43617716 - Cartoon thermometers indicating hot, cold and normal temperature. 4. Flat Vector illustration, #61607664 - a thermometer on white background. 7. Why is it important to knew the parts of the thermometer? 14 73,103 7 minutes read. #91755948 - hot weather thermometer Vector illustration. Types of thermometer. admin October 3, 2020. Browse 61,518 thermometer stock photos and images available, or search for thermometer goal or thermometer vector to find more great stock photos and pictures. 4. What tells how far the mercury goes up and down? Glass bulb thermometers. Learning Objectives Cognitive: Identify the parts of the thermometer Psychomotor: Draw and label the parts of a thermometer Affective: Tell the importance of being a good sport II. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy.