Hard Drive and RAM The hard drive is the permanent memory for your computer. Tell the pupils that each puzzle piece is important. 01/31/15 1 Basic Computer Class Welcome! 3. Free Templates Free Clipart. LESSON OUTCOME . Preview and details Files included (2) Worksheet. Computer Lesson Plans. 7. 2. 1. hardware the three essential parts of a computer are:- input unit ,keyboard ,mouse scanner ,lightpen ,joystic ,magnetic tape ,magnetic disk central processing unit arithmetic and logical unit control unit ram memory rom output unit ,display monitor •v, video ,printer ,mag. Main Parts of a computer The monitor: The mouse: 4. This means that the stuff, be it information or junk, flows from the TV out to you. Parts of a mouse: 5. Computer Technology. The front of the case usually has an On/Off button and one or more optical drives.. Computer cases come in different shapes and sizes. For Teachers. 4. https://www.slideshare.net/OECLIBOdishaElectron/parts-of-a-computer-ppt The TOWER contains all of the parts of a computer 3. Parts of a Computer. Mr. Computer - Basic Parts of a Computer. Parts of a Computer 1. Main parts of a computer (cont.) title: computer hardware 1 computer hardware. Provide each group with a jigsaw puzzle. Monitor. The MOTHERBOARD is the backbone of a computer – all other parts plug into it 4. Read more. PARTS OF COMPUTER INPUT DEVICES • KEYBOARD • MOUSE • JOYSTICK • DIGITAL CAMERA PROCESSING DEVICE OUTPUT DEVICES • MONITOR • PRINTER • SPEAKERS STORAGE DEVICES • HARD DISK • DISKETTE • COMPACT DISC (CD) 4. For Kids. Add stars if you found this to be useful so i can upload more sheets for grades 1 to 5. The TV is mostly an output machine or device. Instruct the pupils to solve the puzzle within five minutes. Free Games Downloads for Using Computers. RAM (random access memory) is the short term memory for your computer. The CPU interprets and carries out program instructions. The Parts of a Computer 2. If a piece is missing, the picture cannot be completed. usb flash disk is faster, holds more data and more reliable than a floppy disk. Gr.2-Quiz. parts of a computer ict computer parts hardware and software computing computer science computer How can I teach children about the different parts of a computer? it is also known as pen drive, thumb drive or … The basic parts of a computer system are: 1 PARTS OF A COMPUTER (Class III, IV and V) Read the content very carefully and analyze each word by actually thinking of various programs/ parts you deal with and are familiar too. 2. Gr.1-Parts-of-Computer . tape ,mag. Parts of a Computer (HS) See Also: Keyboarding. Liken the pieces of the puzzle to the parts of the computer. Just as there are different parts of our body, a computer has Mouse. A computer is made up of different parts. The basic parts of a computer are shown in the picture given here. Free. Main parts of a computer (cont.) In this lesson you will learn about the different parts of computers: CPU. Ask: What object was formed when you put the puzzle pieces together? These parts are called “devices” 3. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Introductions – name, where you live – what you want out of class 2. Loading... Save for later. Computer or CPU (central processing unit) The main part, or “brains” of a computer. HANDOUT 1B: COMPUTER TERMS Part I – Computer Terms 1. Parts of a Computer. You are pretty familiar with your TV, maybe too familiar! Basic computer class 1 1. These parts work together to do their specific tasks. It … Information is stored there even when the computer is turned off. After you have studied this lesson, you will be able to: Identify the different parts of the computer and know their use. A desktop case lies flat on a desk, and the monitor usually sits on top of it. These parts of the Computer and some other devices are connected together with the help of wires and cables. Parts Of Computer Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Parts Of Computer . Some of the worksheets for this concept are Computer parts labeling work, Monitor case, Computer parts crossword puzzel work, Module 1 handouts computer basics computers, Lesson plan, In this lesson you will learn about the main parts of a, Whats in the box, Computer basics for kids. Keyboard: Important keys: 6. Revision. Keyboard. Keyboard The keys that operate the computer, very much like a typewriter, with extra keys for special functions. Free Presentations in PowerPoint format. 2 Very Brief History of Computers 1943 - first computer ENIAC - Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer 1943 - IBM - International Business Machines - established to build business machines. Use this set of differentiated worksheets with your students to emphasise the key elements of the topic 'Parts of a Computer', as well as enabling them to quickly and easily identify the different parts of a computer. Two additional parts will be also covered: Speakers & Printer. a presentation by ; virat ; singh ; 7-c ; 2 flash drive. 3. it is a small, lightweight, removable and rewritable flash memory data storage device. INPUT DEVICES 5. doc, 273 KB. disk ,paper tape … doc, 348 KB. Divide the class into five groups. The CPU ( C entral P rocessing U nit) is the brain of a computer – it tells the other parts what to do 5. The computer case is the metal and plastic box that contains the main components of the computer, including the motherboard, central processing unit (CPU), and power supply. Just a simple worksheet i made for the start of the year to review the basic parts of a computer for my grade 1 and 2 students.