5. View and Download Optex VX-402R installation instructions manual online. chance of false alarms due to car headlights, sunlight and other ambient light sources. Thailand Nauru Niue Failure to read this operation manual may cause improper sensor operation and may result in serious injury or death of, person.The meanings of the symbols are as follows. Austria Solomon Islands Guernsey Turkey 3. Trinidad & Tobago Vietnam For use with the Maitre D'oor. Switzerland Marshall Islands Dominican Republic San Marino Canada battery operated model with 2 pirs, ftn-r with anti-masking. For use with the Maitre D'oor. French Polynesia East Timor Morocco Bonaire Moldova Finland Comoros Bahrain Burundi Vanuatu Brazil Read this operation manual carefully before use to ensure proper operation of the sensor. It increases the risk of damaging the. Nevis endstream endobj startxref To enable the presence detection, do not enter the detection area for 10 seconds after supplying the power. Country the Maitre D’oor. Channel Islands Ireland Liberia Iceland When changed, register the changed. setting and dates in the maintenance logbook accompanying the door. Optex Prosafe OA-203. St Maarten For use with . Macedonia Midway Islands Taiwan Morocco Philippines Ecuador Cuba Latvia Norway Peru Pitcairn Island OPTEX EMEA en alle zusterbedrijven houden de ontwikkelingen rondom het coronavirus (COVID-19) nauwlettend in de gaten. 1. -Highly reflecting floor or the presence of highly reflecting objects around the door. Syria Dominica St Maarten Panama PDF icon TC-10U Contact Installation Manual. Virgin Islands (USA) Guatemala Vanuatu Bermuda Qatar Paraguay Anguilla View & download of more than 351 Optex PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Norway Cook Islands Madagascar Isle of Man Syria Jersey Chile photoelectric sensors including fiber sensors, displacement sensors, vision sensors, LED lightings for machine vision, non-contact thermometers and accessories for sensors. Tahiti French Southern Ter Macau sunlight directed or reflected exactly into the, sensor's field of view may cause unstable, operation. Kenya Turks & Caicos Is Bonaire Italy St Kitts-Nevis When using the cable knockout, install the sensor indoors or use the rain-cover, (Separetely available) otherwise electric shock or breakdown of, Outdoor passive infrared detector (3 pages), Multi stabilized outdoor detector (16 pages), Cdx series grade 3 indoor detector (2 pages), Boundary outdoor detector, battery operated, standard + anti-masking (8 pages), Multi dimensional outdoor detector (16 pages), Compact outdoor detector. Mauritania Monaco Barbados Malaysia Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. OPTEX develops and manufactures a variety of sensors for safer and easier automatic door use. Kuwait American Samoa We have 2 Optex RC-20U manuals available for free PDF download: ... Security Sensors Accessories Intercom System Security System Transmitter. Hungary Guadeloupe Argentina Djibouti Norfolk Island All OPTEX offices throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa remain open and operational. By utilizing this ability, false alarms, VX-402R is equipped with Double Conductive Shielding (Patent Listed). By connecting a secondary unit (another warning sensor), you can extend the detection area . Security Sensors, user manuals, operating guides & specifications Vietnam Benin Belarus Ukraine Malaysia Tonga Backbox can conceal a wireless transmitter circuitboad (W63mm x H140mm x D31mm). Tonga Korea South Paraguay This icon denotes a situation involving the risk of serious injury or even death, if the, Denotes a situation involving the risk of serious injury or damage to property if, Never use this product for any application except purpose for detecting, moving target such as a human or a car. Afghanistan Turkmenistan Peru American Samoa Curacao 7.The sensor setting can only be changed by an installer or service engineer. Oman Fiji Ecuador Antigua & Barbuda Bhutan Product downloads. Romania Equatorial Guinea Make sure to affix the mounting template as described in the above chart. If the sensor is installed with some angle, to the ground, operational reliability of. St Vincent & Grenadines Jordan Sweden Meeting the new generation of installers, Logan is a teenager with a passion and enthusiasm for security, technology and OPTEX. United Kingdom PDF icon TR-20U Repeater Installation Manual. Japan Seychelles Mexico Kazakhstan Mexico Armenia Solomon Islands Hungary OPTEX has an array of activation sensors, including sensors that use infrared or microwave technology. Gambia Installation and Operation Manual. Equatorial Guinea Germany Motion/Presence Sensors. The installation of safety beams is no longer mandatory. h�b```f``��� �����8�00��=���yn��Sxf3�1X-//_��x���Fa�K��;���D�1�U!k�������� $X::X#��F 0� ����ց� Channel Islands Installation Manual. on proper operation of the door and the sensor. Bulgaria Sri Lanka Guinea Niger Gibraltar This product is a non-contact activating switch intended for mounting on the header of an automatic door. Sierra Leone Tunisia Bolivia It increases the risk of fire or damage, To avoid the risk of damaging the product, never touch the main body of the, product with wet hands. Malawi 2. Marshall Islands Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. 2012-2020 ManualsLib. Sensors that detect vehicles are becoming more and more important in our society. Israel Mozambique Serbia & Montenegro Suriname Russia Brunei Denmark Cocos Island �d`Y� Christmas Island French Polynesia Tajikistan Turkey The specifications herein are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements. French Southern Ter New Caledonia Korea North Installation Manual. Faroe Islands More Optex Manuals . cars, persons or animals outside the, VX-402R is designed to discriminate between large and small animals. National and company holidays Optex Technologies B.V. OPTEX adds App-based visual verification to VXI Series. Sierra Leone Installation Manual. Azerbaijan Sao Tome & Principe Clean and inspect the device periodically for safe operation. Ghana Comoros Wire the cable to the door controller properly as shown in the drawing below. Albania Country Switzerland Tajikistan Greece The following conditions are not suitable for the sensor installation. Take a look at the detection methods used in each sensor to decide which is best for your door environment. - Threshold Safety Sensors Safety sensors are designed to prevent pedestrians from getting caught by the door. fit series (21 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Security Sensors Optex VX-402R Installation Instructions Manual, Security Sensors Optex VX-402 Instalation Instructions, Security Sensors Optex VX Shield series Installation Instructions Manual, Security Sensors Optex VX Shield Series Installation Instructions Manual, Security Sensors Optex VX Infinity Series Installation Instructions Manual, Security Sensors Optex Infinity VX Series Installation Instructions Manual, Security Sensors Optex VX SHIELD Series Installation Instructions Manual, Security Sensors Optex AX-70TN Installation Manual, Security Sensors Optex LX-402 Installation Instructions, Security Sensors Optex BX-80N Manual Book, Security Sensors Optex CDX-AM Installation Instructions And Owner's Manual, Security Sensors Optex BX SHIELD Series Installation Instructions Manual, Security Sensors Optex FTN-R Installation Instructions Manual, Security Sensors Optex HX-40 Installation Instructions Manual, Security Sensors Optex Smart Line Series Installation Instructions Manual.