Gut bacteria in health and disease. Furthermore, the gasket sealing technology used in the caps make these bottles more ideal for longer-term storage and ensures that the kombucha will remain carbonated while in storage. However, as a conscious abstainer of alcohol, I was seeking information on products that are alcohol-free, which was omitted from this article. These are unique storage bottles for kombucha that provides you the ability to store 32-ounces of the fermented tea in each bottle that comes included in the Amber Kombucha Growler Bottles 32 oz 4-Pack with Polycone Phenolic Lids. The primary reason for this is the fact that the Cobalt Blue EZ Cap Kombucha Bottle are not clear and provides a color that makes it difficult to see your tea – you need to make sure that your tea is fresh and has not gone off before drinking. They increase the natural caffeine with green coffee bean extract. $4 for a 16-ounce bottle; available at retailers nationwide. One tester said: “Exactly what kombucha should taste like in my opinion. To watch the Grolsch Glass 11 oz Bottle Airtight Swing Top Seal Storage for Home Brewing by Cocktailor Review on YouTube, click here. There has been some government scrutiny in certain States because, although they leave the factory at under.5% alcohol, under the right conditions fermented tea products can continue to ferment and produce more alcohol. It can be slightly different batch to batch and is tangier than the more mainstream brands. Each pack comes with 12 bottles, ensuring you have adequate storage space for larger brews of your favorite kombucha flavor. For example, St. John’s Wort can interact with some medications. The Prebiotic (red cans) and Prebiotic Plus (yellow cans) each have a prebiotic plant-based fiber called xylo-oligosaccharides, or “XOS” for short. Bottle size: 16.2 oz. They also make a line of probiotic soda’s but these aren’t classified as kombucha. To watch the Clear Swing Top Grolsch Glass Bottles 16 oz Set of Six by Bellemain Review on YouTube, click here. The swing top caps also provide an easy way to open the lids, as well as the ability to seal the bottle to avoid the kombucha losing its freshness. Brewing it yourself is the best way to insure you are getting the real thing. What makes kombucha so good for you is the probiotic benefit it provides. It is a little higher in sugar than some of the other brands. Verdict: This is a solid brand health-wise but may have too much caffeine for some. The Chef’s Star Case of Twelve 16 oz Easy Cap Bottles provides a way for you to store a larger batch of kombucha in smaller-sized bottles. Health-Ade’s Organic Ginger-Lemon Kombucha, Nectarine, Basil and Clementine Infused Water, Cranberry, Orange and Cardamom Infused Water, Dark chocolate has plenty of health benefits for your body, arugula pesto chicken with spiralized veggies, Our Test Kitchen Found the Best Brands of Coffee, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. The gut microbiota and host health: a new clinical frontier. I toured their plant a while ago and the health/safety levels were awful. Verdict: B-tea Kombucha is a raw kombucha tea and is low in sugar. No artificial ingredients or preservatives. This pack comes with two large bottles that are perfect for storing your kombucha. There are many similarities between these two options, after all. These bottles have been designed to exhibit an antique look and provide a more secure way to store your kombucha. Zuzoro Glass Kombucha Bottles for Home Brewing 16 oz Clear Glass Grolsch Bottles Case of 6 with Easy Swing Top Cap with Gasket Seal Tight by Zuzuro Review, 2. To watch the Zuzoro Glass Kombucha Bottles for Home Brewing 16 oz Clear Glass Grolsch Bottles Case of 6 with Easy Swing Top Cap with Gasket Seal Tight by Zuzuro Review on YouTube, click here. If you are planning to serve up larger batches of kombucha, perhaps to the entire family or to a group of friends, then the Amber Glass Growler Jugs would be a perfect way to store your kombucha.