The service was awesome. Neomonde Online Ordering - OrderLogin. 6/19/2014 1 Comment Of course me and my family went to Neomonde for lunch after my soccer game. Now the 2 kabob platter is not that reasonably priced anymore if you don't order chicken, +$1/kabob for steak and +$1.5/kabob for lamb kafta, up to +$4 increase... Courtenay Morgan February 20, 2014. La Lorraine Bakery Group, c/o NV La Lorraine Ninove SA | Elisabethlaan 143 | 9400 Ninove | T 054/31 82 00 | F 054/32 67 85 | | TVA BE 0402.225.247 | … The hummus is creamy with a fruity olive oil on top. That's because the Saleh brothers Samir ("Sam"), Joseph ("Joe"), Mounir, and DeGaulle decided long ago that anything they sell must be good enough to serve their own family. content. Overview Locations Contact A Devotion to Freshness & Quality "For all its changes, Neomonde retains the same family-run friendliness that has won it so many fans over the years. ModalPopupExtender QuestionPopupExtender OrderTypePopupExtender AddressSuggestionPopupExtender NoSiteInRangePopupExtender ShowLoyaltyRewards ModalPopupExtender1 ModalPopupExtender2 TimeSelectorExtender [Skip to Content] MENU. If you have an existing account, please enter your e-mail and password and press the "GO" button to begin. And Cecili... Read the rest of the story. The food is Middle Eastern food. We had fresh and hot Pita bread with hummus, and grape leaves stuffed with rice and spices. Index: Founded 30 years ago by brothers who came to America from the mountainous region of northern Lebanon, Neomonde has a spirit all its own. We also had Spanakopita, a pastry with feta and spinach in it. The devotion to freshness and quality of ingredients is as obvious as ever. Neomonde, Raleigh NC. Welcome to Atlantis WebOrder! Web Site Results. Log in. Curbside Pickup Time: Location: Sign In, Create an Account or Just Order… Delicious and reasonable! LOCATIONS. You still order at the counter. Green apple and Kale salad is bright and tangy. Place Wholesale Order Neomonde. Been here 5+ times. It was yummy.