Superhero battle match: Michael Demiurgos versus Rune King Thor & Superman Prime One-Million. 0. You ignored this on Discord, how about now? Lucifer is also a native american god. This is where matter and memory break down. New information retcons old information. The Presence was never mentioned in that storyline. Your assumptions are not evidence. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. mate the proof is still on you. Spectre iirc was going from world to world and Pantheon to Pantheon in that arc in search of The One True God Presence. And that being is Michael Demiurgos. Justice league dark #22(which that scan was from) came before death metal #1. Strength. One is from Justice League Dark #22 and the second one is from Justice League Dark #23(June 24). This is completely wrong. It's an angel largely resembling Michael Demiurgos guarding the gates of heaven which is a role that only Michael Demiurgos was occupying during this time period of DC. 0. They're hypothetically saying that even if there was True God it's identify would be incomprehensible to them and therefore why should The Spectre assume that this supreme should be the one he worships and not Mawu who they worship. 2 wins (100%) Michael Demiurgos Michael Demiurgos: power stats . "Word of God" is an idiom, not a literal reference to a deity. God is directly mentioned on the paneled and it's followed up in the first panel of the next issue again mentioning God. Death metal #1 came out on june 16 and justice league dark #22 came out on june 2nd. That position is reserved for the Overvoid. @applekidthethird: It doesn't matter. The Spectre is trying to argue that The Presence and his creation myth is true and that all the other Gods is incorrect. And the only thing Michael is missing is his shield. And we'll there's death metal that says they are the same. @overvoid: go eat a coconut, you saggy hotdog! It plays a vital role in the story. The overall message of this story is issue is that there is no one answer and that for there to be purpose, people need to have the freedom of choice. Cosmic Armor Superman Darkseid at his best Full Power Spectre Lucifer Morningstar Michael Demiurgos Any of the Endless The Presence The Great Evil Beast Anti-Monitor Superman Prime can't be omnipotent if a piece of Kryptonite was still a threat to him and if he couldn't save the Atom's universe. But that also seem to be taken out of context. ", And the Oshiras who only recognize Mawu as a supreme being, fire back questioning as to why this idea of a True God that the Spectre has created should not be Mawu. Also, about the Mawu part. You need to show direct evidence to prove your point, not just a random angel without any sort of identification. Further proof that he isn't limited to christanity like some like to believe. Monitor Sphere is the final layer of creation where the barrier between fiction and reality breaks down i Morrison cosmology. This Superman left Earth after he watched all of his friends and family on Earth die. "That might well be The Source.". To the new gods he is the source. The second scan is a follow up from went on in the previous issue and it refocuses on the exact same message being that humanity was the one shaped things and not God. Superman & One Punch Man vs Thor & One … It has never been staated that Michael is the only one who guards Heaven's gate. @xearesay: that scan was literally just recapping what the previous issue said. Superman Prime One Million is under some circumstances resistant or immune to different forms and levels of lacerations, blunt force trauma, energy-based assaults, falls from great heights, explosions, the cold void of space, toxins and all known diseases on Earth. Superman Prime One-Million & One Above All vs Beyonder (Post-Retcon) Team Superman Prime One-Million vs Franklin Richards.