Black armour, as worn by the Kinshra, has an evil and dangerous look, but is not any better than white armour. We rate champions as Optimal (S-tier), Great (A-tier), or Good (B-tier) based on their ability to perform in the current meta. This Toktz-ket-xil is extremely popular amongst mid-level warriors who are unable to afford a better-suited shield for their level, and because it also possesses a strength bonus, it is often used by those who cannot currently gain access to the Warriors' Guild but have the defence level requirement of 60 to use it. Helmet, platebody/brassard, platelegs/plateskirt/chainskirt, (weapon: greataxe/warspear/hammers/flail). Iron armour is slightly better than bronze, and requires level 1 Defence. Warframe Melee Weapon Tier List Beta. White armour may be bought from Sir Vyvin on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] of Falador Castle with sufficient White Knight rank, which is received from killing Black Knights. Keep in mind that since he is looking at the melee and ranged specs seperately, the rankings might be slightly different than what you see below. This makes them a good choice for players who favour Melee, but want the opportunity to use Magic and Ranged. It offers relatively low Defence bonuses but this is compensated by decent Prayer bonuses. The set may be bought from Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park, requiring no Black Knight kills but requiring 20 Defence and 10 Prayer to wear. The armour set of Guthan the Infested has a very desirable bonus effect, as it has a chance of healing the wearer when they deal damage. The Ice Climbers and both Links are also placed in their own tiers, and Kirby and Pichu are placed at the bottom of the tier list. Granite armour comes with the granite maul. They are made during The Fremennik Isles from yak-hide and split arctic pine logs. The Melee helm grants the player a +10% bonus towards accuracy and damage, if the player is wearing the rest of the Void Knight equipment. Dragon armour requires level 60 Defence to be worn and is very popular. Rangers and mages are at a great disadvantage trying to aim their Ranged and distance magical attacks in this restrictive and heavy metal armour. It is received from Mawnis Burowgar, the burgher of Neitiznot, after completion of The Fremennik Isles and may be re-obtained from him if lost. Rune is cyan in colour. If the player is lucky enough to receive all the items from one of the brothers' armour sets (including the weapon), they'll be rewarded with a set effect. Entering Bandos's Stronghold requires having level 70 Strength and killing forty Bandosians in the dungeon. It offers decent bonuses and is quite cheap and as such often used by player killers who do not want to risk losing their own armour. Armour from the 3rd age is incredibly rare. Some players may consider these more desirable, as they often provide higher bonuses than other forms of armour. Barrows armour needs to be repaired every 15 hours of combat for a price. Chainmail is weak against stabbing weapons as small pointed blades can pierce the rings, as can arrows, therefore it is less effective at defending against Ranged attacks. For a full list of items and their stats worn in the body slot, see this table.. Melee armour, used in the Attack, Strength and Defence skills, is generally made out of some kind of metal. It can then be discharged to release a vicious burning attack. Aside from the Prayer bonus, white armour is the same as black armour requiring 10 Defence; however, it also requires the completion of Wanted to equip. There are already 200,000+ tier list templates available on TierMaker and you can make a tier list for nearly anything by searching for the topic you are interested in or starting on our category page. Buy one from TzHaar-Hur-Tel's Equipment Store in Mor Ul Rek, trade with another player or obtain one as a rare monster drop from a TzHaar-Ket. All Fremennik helms require completion of The Fremennik Trials to wear them, but the Helm of neitiznot requires The Fremennik Isles,and the Neitiznot faceguard requires The Fremennik Exiles. Black armour, like white, cannot be smithed, only received as a drop or bought from several shops. It requires 10 Defence to wear, as does white armour. As with all Dragon equipment, the Dragon platelegs/plateskirt cannot be made via the Smithing skill. A number of different versions exist, all received from Treasure Trails. Mithril is a medium level metal, requiring 20 Defence to equip all pieces of the armour. This helmet may be bought off Skulgrimen or received as a drop from Dagannoths. The basic spirit shield requires level 45 Defence and level 55 Prayer to hold, the blessed one requires 70 Defence and level 60 Prayer, arcane and spectral spirit shield 75 Defence, 70 Prayer and 65 Magic, and elysian requires 75 Defence and 75 Prayer. Chainbodies are made up of small rings linked together. It can be made on an anvil with requirements starting from level 1 Smithing. Adamant armour is the second highest smithable armour and green in colour. However, you need 850 Pest Control points. Basically being an upgrade of initiate armour, it offers both higher Defence and Prayer bonuses. Warframe's first community-powered tier list, just click to cast your vote! The granite body is obtained by playing Barbarian Assault and purchasing one from Commander Connad. It's very typical among the metal armours. Adamant is extracted from adamantite ore. This requires completion of The Fremennik Exiles. Dharok the Wretched's equipment set effect has a useful, but dangerous set effect. The dragonfire shield is a high-level piece of armour. Bronze armour is the weakest of all Melee armours, requiring no levels whatsoever and costing little. As some players find it more effective to wear other full sets of armour, such as Bandos or Barrows armour, than a full set of Void Knight armour due to the Defence bonuses, this item is not frequently bought. Defenders make a trade off whereby they sacrifice much of a shields defensive capabilities to further boost offensive stats and are as such desirable for warriors who favour stronger and more accurate attacks over survivability. Plain, Blessed, Arcane, Elysian, Spectral. Yak-hide armour and the Fremennik round shield are relatively weak, but valuable against Ice trolls, as the armour lowers the maximum hit of the males, and the shield lowers the maximum hit of the females. Kiteshields are marginally weaker against stabbing attacks. Additionally, it classes as a hybrid set (besides the helmet), and as such gives equal Magic, Ranged and Melee Defence, thus making it an alternative choice in minigames where hybridding is common. Players may buy the armour off Sir Tiffy Cashien after completing The Slug Menace. Equipping the Rune platebody requires completion of the Dragon Slayer quest. Sheik is once again placed in the highest tier with Fox, Falco, and Jigglypuff. The set consists of a sallet, hauberk and the choice of a cuisse or tassets. Bandos armour is one of the best armours in the game, providing excellent defensive bonuses.