Medium. West of Mort'ton. Map with a crate next to a building, close to a bridge. By the ZMI Altar. Maps; Simple; Medium Clue Scroll. Here's a list of the different maps: Maps: Map: Location: Map: Location : … Dig on the fern just South-East of the Musician, South of the bridge to Rellekka Closest teleport: Fairy Ring C-J-R: Click the above image … A coordinate clue is a clue scroll that contains a set of coordinates. Treasure Trails/Guide/Maps | RuneScape Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia #91020 . Treasure Trail Help - Runescape Miscellaneous Guides - Old School ... #91022. Headbang at the exam center . Scans; Emotes; Anagrams; Puzzle boxes; Tower puzzles; Lock boxes; Skill riddle challenges; Recommended Teleport Items. … They are obtained upon opening a sealed clue scroll (medium).Medium clues are between 4 to 6 clues long (3 to 5 with the Totem of Treasure ). OSRS Treasure Trails - RuneScape Guide - RuneHQ #91019. Easy … Medium clue scroll steps. Anagrams; Challenge; Coordinates; Cryptics; Emotes; Maps; Puzzle Boxes; Elite Clue Scroll. Lovely Medium Clue Maps. This is a part of our OSRS Treasure Trails Guide. 1 Page. Celtic Knot Solver; Compass; Scans; Puzzle boxes; Master Clue Scroll. However, if you're completing a hard, elite or master clue then you will need to defeat the following: OSRS Runescape -Elite Clue Scroll Map Guide Help - YouTube #91021. Hard. West of the Chemist's house. You do not need to defeat any monster if you're completing a medium clue. Completion of the clue scroll will either give a scroll box (medium), containing another clue, or a … Medium Treasure Trail Maps. Search the crate located by the Clock Tower south-west of East Ardougne. 10 Pages. June 19, 2020 July 10, 2018 by thelifbissue. Sometimes you might get a clue scroll, and when you open it to read it, all you see is a map. Medium Clue: Maps: Location: Image: Draynor Fishing Spot Map - South from Draynor's Bank: Click the above image to enlarge! Salute in the center of the kitchen of the mess hall. Best Osrs Clue Scroll Maps Ideas - … Osrs Medium clue scroll map location (trees, and x with a building ... #91018. Closest teleport: Fairy Ring D-J-P. Click the above image to enlarge! Treasure Trails - Maps. Dig West of Necromancer's Tower, just North of the Tower of Life. Possible rewards for map two. To dig, you'll need your trusty spade (a spade in your toolbelt will work). Anagrams; Challenge; Coordinates; Cryptics; Emotes; Maps; Simple; Hard Clue Scroll. Dig inside one of the destroyed building. Salute in the banana plantation. Your task is to find out where that place is, and then, like the pirates always do, take the steps shown on your map and dig where X marks the spot. Possible rewards for map one. Map clues are included in clue scrolls of all difficulties. Categories Maps Tags elite clue scroll maps osrs, medium clue scroll maps osrs, medium clue scroll treasure map osrs, osrs elite clue scroll maps, osrs medium clue scroll maps, osrs wiki medium clue maps. Although a chart, sextant and watch may be used to determine one's present coordinates, players only need a spade in their inventory to dig up the clue. Maps with an “x” require the player to dig while maps that lead to a crate require a player to search. A clue scroll (medium) is part of the Treasure Trails Distraction and Diversion, in which a player follows a series of clues leading towards a buried treasure. Lovely Medium Clue Maps – Pleasant to be able to my own blog site, on this moment I’ll teach you in relation to medium clue … Search the crate south of the house … Blow a raspberry in the fishing guild. Panic on the wilderness volcano bridge.