Enterprise Research Planning B. Transaction processing systems may be organized as a ____________ architecture with system components responsible for input, processing, and output ? 3. 2. USA - United States of America  Canada  United Kingdom  Australia  New Zealand  South America  Brazil  Portugal  Netherland  South Africa  Ethiopia  Zambia  Singapore  Malaysia  India  China  UAE - Saudi Arabia  Qatar  Oman  Kuwait  Bahrain  Dubai  Israil  England  Scotland  Norway  Ireland  Denmark  France  Spain  Poland  and many more.... © 2019 Copyright Quiz Forum. 0. 5. A point P is above Horizontal Plane (HP) and in front of Vertical Plane (VP). A _____ is a set of rules that specify the standards for constructed objects such as buildings and non-building structures. Professionals, Teachers, Students and Kids Trivia Quizzes to test your knowledge on the subject. Building Drawing; Concrete Technology > Foundation Engineering Engineering Geology - I; Engineering Geology - II > > > Hydraulics. Correct Answer : D. Share this question with your friends. This set of Civil Engineering Drawing Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Building Bye-Laws”. Enterprise Resource Planning C. Enterprise Resource Package D. Enterprise Research Package, A. functional B. available to the users C. permanent D. none of the mentioned Read More Details about this Mcq, A. software-based B. transaction-based C. server-based D. client-based View Answer. A left-click on a name in a drop-down menu showing three dots (...) appearing after the name means that: (a) A command name will appear at the command line (b) A dialog will appear on screen (c) A sub-menu will appear (d) A tool will be activated. Drafters should use a ________ in a section view of a mechanical part that includes the cylindrical view of a threaded hole, 10. Engineering Drawing MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Process Pipeline C. Distributed system D. None of the mentioned Read More Details about this Mcq. Environmental Control B. The point is in. Building Materials Question No. Answer: b Explanation: Such systems with a shared database are also referred to as transaction based information systems. Learn Building Construction MCQ questions & answers are available for a Civil Engineering students to clear GATE exams, various technical interview, competitive examination, and another entrance exam. Hydrology MCQ PDF Railway Engineering MCQ PDF Design of Masonry structures MCQ PDF Docks and Harbors MCQ PDF … Which of the following is/are commonly used architectural pattern(s) ? Which of the following is applicable on software radio . Question No : 68 A full scale technical drawing will have a scale factor of ________. All of the following are variables involved in the use of image planes, except: 6. Building Construction MCQ question is the important chapter for a Civil Engineering and GATE students. D All of the above . 01 Which of the following has more fire resisting characteristics? Masonry Structures. Which of the following is/are commonly used architectural pattern(s) ? Question No : 70 This type of section is not in direct projection from the view containing the cutting plane: Competitive Exam India | Copyright @2017-2018 | About Us | Contact Us, Hosting partner DigitalOcean - Click here to get $10 joining bonus, DigitalOcean - Click here to get $10 joining bonus. Read More Details about this Mcq. Soil Mechanics > > > > Surveying II. 1. All the operations in a transaction need to be completed before the database changes are made _________________?