How to make Magnesium Bicarbonate Concentrate: I really appreciate it! ________ Uncap the seltzer and pour off a few tablespoons. 2 liter bottle of seltzer or other unsweetened carbonated beverage (not club soda) The I found the Supermarket brand of MoM right beside the Phillips brand. Since a recent run-in with a kidney stone I’ve been taking 1 cap + 4 oz of mag water twice a day. CopyCopied, InChI=1S/ClO.Mg/c1-2;/q-1;+2 I’m only tangentially following CAM cancer therapies, but for most types, those exploiting the metabolic mitochondrial model seem the most promising. When I ran the numbers on home carbonators, it looked favorable (with local cylinder exchange), so we bought one. Good Sense Milk of Magnesia Saline Laxative. Get your answers by asking now. 3.   Purified water Formula: Cl2MgO2 . What are the applications of lateral strain in industry? Synonyms: hypochlorous acid,magnesium salt (6ci,8ci,9ci) | dihypochlorous acid magnesium salt | magnesiumhypochlorite | magnesium hypochlorite. Formula: Mg(ClO)2. Can anyone steer me in the right direction to find that info please? That would be this product (and I have no insights on that product or reseller). Molar Mass: 127.2098. 1/2 Mg. Molecular Weight: 127.2098 ☰ Identification; Suppliers; Specifications; Safety; CAS 10233-03-1 Suppliers; List of Suppliers . re: «The other curious thing is why the major players named in your article were not cited in Chris’ material.», Not cited implies not mentioned at all. re: «This H-E-B brand is unflavored, has as its active ingredient Magnesium Hydroxide 1200 mg. and the only inactive ingredient is purified water!». Betty wrote: «If one is able to work up to 360 mg per day, this still does not meet the total amount that Dr. Davis recommends…». Help Key datasets. You can consume this in 1 day. Further, a lot of people who think they are on blood thinners are actually on anti-coagulants, which is a different story. But the weekly infusion was an awful experience, as getting an IV is no fun, it’s a major inconvenience, and costly. I agree, it could have been expressed more clearly. SO the unflavored Walgreens brand is recommended? Blog Associate (click my user name for details). Kroger brand now has Sodium Hypochlorite. 1. Is the change in this recipe the Club Soda? Active Ingredients: Magnesium Hydroxide 1200 mg (In Each 15 ml Tablespoonful) It combines with a number of cations to form hypochlorites, which may also be regarded as the salts of hypochlorous acid. So many people were having problems interpreting this , and he replied so many times, but confusion still reigns. How long will the footprints on the moon last? I did not purchase the docu-series, which would have included a transcript book, complete with references. I have gone round and round reading all the questions ( and many wrong answers) on the 10 Day Detox site where there has been confusion about how many pills or capsules to take to meet the 400 to 500 milligrams recommended by Dr. Davis. Alibaba offers 1,859 Magnesium Hypochlorite Formula Suppliers, and Magnesium Hypochlorite Formula Manufacturers, Distributors, Factories, Companies. The compound was attributed the formula Mg(OH) (OCl.Mg(OH).sub.2).2H.sub.2 O" which I would describe as a dibasic magnesium … You might want to check out Vitamin K for your osteoporosis. Good luck with finding the best course of action for your situation. I ordered the minimum order of three bottles, so I should be Magnesium water-rich for some time! Chris Wark mentioned it in one of his “Square One” videos (a 10-part nutrition-based cancer treatment program that was recently presented online.) Chris states in the videos that even though some of the reports on his site are about people who had success with just a single treatment modality, that’s not the norm and that approach is strongly discouraged. Am waiting for the reordered Source Naturals Magnesium Citrate to arrive. The top two K2 supplements used by subscription forum members are probably Life Extension Super-K and Koncentrated-K. I’ve used both at various times, and don’t specifically endorse either one. What is the formula for magnesium hypochlorite. Also the brand of Soda/Seltzer you use, as well as other factors will determine the amount of Magnesium Hydroxide you need to use. Good Sense that had been recommended by folks on the Detox site because it seems to be the only one that does not contain the inactive ingredient sodium hypochlorite, which Dr. Davis says is bleach. Further down in the article: “Note that the milk of magnesia must be unflavored, as flavorings block the reaction. Brief Profile REACH registered substance factsheets C&L Inventory Biocidal active substance factsheets PACT tool Regulatory Obligations . - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2020 Ask Question + 100. I hope your response and the explanation of my misunderstanding will help others who may read this. Bob likes Koncentrated K. Their website has a TON of information. hypochlorous acid,magnesium salt (6ci,8ci,9ci) | dihypochlorous acid magnesium salt | magnesiumhypochlorite | magnesium hypochlorite. Supplement needs may be expected to vary by individual, region and diet. Mg(OCl)2.