You will surely find what you are looking for with their massive variety of fabrics and patterns to suit whatever project you are up to. Best of all, they give away free sewing patterns, downloadable as PDFs, with every checkout. Aimee Kent is a creative designer focusing on sustainable textiles and fashion. No wonder it is one of the most recognizable brands today. Her products range from hand-drawn scarves to shaped cushions, shirts and ponchos, and a new wallpaper collection as well as bespoke private commissions. Loom Decor is a great place to shop for fabrics with pages of options, and it is also perfect to shop for custom-upholstered decors. Karen Mabon is a textile and jewellery designer hailing from Black Isle, Scotland. Click here to read more. Sarah Corynen is a Belgian designer specialized in surface pattern design, textile prints and illustration for paper products. The struggle was too much.”, Tapping into an existing community of designers ranging in age from 23-80, she set up the Slow Textiles Group “as a platform of solidarity to carry on a conversation, to show work, to help. BeFab Be Creative run Printed & Co, and also print all of the fabric. This incredible company is celebrating its 100th year of family business in California. I'm Erin Dollar, the textile designer behind Cotton & Flax. This collaboration was part of the Printed & Co Textile Showcase, Native Flok is listed on Make Works and you can check out their full listing here, As part of Grayson's exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery titled 'Who are you?' Jasonda Desmond creates vibrant, free-flowing surface prints featuring bright, optimistic colours and bouncy, hand-drawn lines. La Mercerie is a modern hub for makers, artists, and crafters. They have the finest collection of apparel fabric, cotton fabric, knit fabric, blouse and dress weight fabric, wool fabric, and home decorating fabric. My inspiration comes from many places but I'm particularly drawn to geometric and strong bold patterns. Molly is a freelance textile artist and pattern designer specializing in Ottoman and cultural pattern designs for bespoke, artisan textiles and a wide range of products. Britt's Prints have exhibited in New York City at Premiere Vision, proving Britt's level of expertise and professionalism. The fabric industry can feel a little opaque sometimes. Because each fabric is woven by hand, every yard will be slightly different and may contain some irregularities in the dye, weave, and print. You'll find the answers here! Their choice of elegant brocades and exclusive matelasse, luxe wool, soft silk, pretty prints, and enchanting colors will surely charm you. “I try to produce one or two each year. We're desperately awaiting degree show season – that time of year when we get to see what all those bright young things are coming up with and to fill our boots with ideas. This is a list of notable fashion designers sorted by nationality. Kristi has also just completed her first publication, The Pattern Base: over 550 contemporary textile and surface designs. While some of these fabric designers’ names might not be the most recognizable in the textile industry, they’re certainly up-and-coming designers to watch out for. A new wave of designers is being inspired by nature and the great outdoors. The mission was for a collaborative creative effort to raise more money than each contributor could have done individually. Check them out. So, they put so much importance on quality. For more than two decades, Mood Fashion has played a vital role in the fashion industry with its impeccable reputation anchored on hard work, honesty, and creativity.