And even better, there was a disproportionate number of interesting girls in all my classes. Oktober 1955 in Seattle, Washington) ist ein US-amerikanischer Unternehmer, Programmierer und Mäzen. The teachers here did everything to make their lessons matter. In one early development, one of the teachers burned up 200 dollars of computer time in a few minutes by accidentally running an infinite loop. Lakeside School reopening, 2020-2021 Visit the reopening webpage for information and updates on the 2020-2021 school year. Typically 100% of students go on to matriculate at four-year colleges, with 88% of graduates out-of-state. In 1923, it moved to the present site of The Bush School in Washington Park. In 2005, students visited India, Peru, and China; in the summer of 2006 students travelled to Peru, China, Morocco, and the Dominican Republic. That made computers seem pretty scary to some people here—especially when 13-year-old kids were eager to try their luck next. Another is to help the institutions that helped you. The 2013-2014 boys' soccer team won the WIAA state championship in the 3A division. What does this have to do with Lakeside? In those days, Lakeside was an all-boys school where you wore a jacket and tie, called your teachers "master," and went to chapel every morning. Originally, the school was intended to feed students to Moran's other school, the Moran School on nearby Bainbridge Island. I believe if we could get the same kind of visibility for health problems around the world, so that rich people saw millions of impoverished mothers burying babies who died from causes we can prevent—we would insist that something be done, and we would be willing to pay for it. And I would take those manuals home and read them page by page, over and over. Finally, I support Lakeside because I see a deep need for leadership in the world, and I believe Lakeside can help provide it. If you need proof, look no further than Bill Gates. I almost didn’t make it here tonight—because I nearly didn’t make it to Lakeside at all. Lakeside introduced me to computers. [3] Gates g… I didn't have a lot of skill in that. Graduation requirements include 2 years of Arts, 4 years of English, 3 years of History, 3 years in either a foreign language offered (Chinese/French/Spanish/Latin) or 2 years in two foreign languages, 3 years of Math, 2 years of Physical Education, and 2 years of Science. Rigor absolutely defined my Lakeside experience. Gary Maestretti really inspired me to learn physics. Years before other schools recognized the importance of computers, the Lakeside Mothers Club came up with the money to buy a teletype that connected over the phone lines with a GE time-sharing computer. If we have strong financial aid, we’ll be able to attract the best talent and the greatest diversity—and both are essential to a top education in the 21st century. Ann Stephens got me to sign up for drama. When the images of the people trapped in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina hit the 24-hour cable news stations, the public demanded instant government action to help them—and businesses, foundations, churches, and citizens all stepped in as well. I also support Lakeside out of simple personal gratitude. You see, when I was in 6th grade, and my mom and dad suggested I go to Lakeside, I wasn’t too sure about it. She gave me the lead in a romantic comedy that I still know all the lines to. We rarely make eye contact with people who are suffering—so we act sometimes as if the people don't exist and the suffering isn’t happening. Check it out Unfortunately, too many high schools are not graduating students who are prepared to do well in college. Lakeside students have the opportunity to study abroad during their junior year of high school through schools called School Year Abroad, the Mountain School, the High Mountain Institute, the Maine Coast Semester, and CityTerm. Resources. He gave me a hard time and told me that I was just getting by in terms of what I understood about chemistry. This site uses cookies and similar technologies to store information on your computer or device. One reason I'm so grateful to Lakeside is that I can directly trace the founding of Microsoft back to my earliest days here. September 23, 2005Remarks by Bill Gates, co-chair. Now I’m finally prepared to say what no son ever wants to say, especially in public: "Dad, you and Mom were right.". Rigor, relevance, and relationships are what made my time at Lakeside so extraordinary. US-Dollar als der zweitreichste Mensch der Welt nach Jeff Bezos. Lakeside School is a private/independent school located in Seattle, Washington for grades 5–12. I am convinced that after these trips, the students will be transformed. I think we need to do it for humanitarian reasons. As of 2019, school review website Niche ranks Lakeside School the best private high school in Washington state and the 14th best private high school in the United States. It didn’t have to work that way. The most common image of a bad education is a sullen kid, slumped in a desk saying: "When am I ever going to use this?". ROAR (Raising Our Allocation Resources), is an annual celebration of the Lakeside community and the primary fundraiser of the Parents and Guardians Association. One of the ways our foundation is doing that is by helping more people here in America get the benefits of higher education. Computer time was so expensive that it really added to the tension of that room in McAlister Hall. All Rights Reserved. Lakeside also has several traditional fundraising events. The academic excellence Lakeside is known for—combined with a focus on global citizenship—can inspire Lakeside graduates to build the kind of institutions that make the world a smaller place, get science to move forward more quickly, and make sure our discoveries are used for human benefit. So we have invested nearly a billion dollars to re-design high schools around the country to help create an environment where students achieve at a higher level and never fall through the cracks. Q: What is your biggest regret from your days at Lakeside? But I decided to do as well as I could on the test, and luckily, I got in. The school could have shut down the terminal, or they could have tightly regulated who got to use it. See more ideas about Lakeside school, Bill gates, Bill gates steve jobs. Nov 16, 2018 - Explore Elia Tagoai's board "Lakeside School" on Pinterest. I’m really excited about the Global Service Learning Program, which will send Lakeside students on extended trips to developing countries to learn about the people and the issues they face. Finally, I had great relationships with my teachers here at Lakeside. During an Oct. 2 speech at his alma mater Lakeside School, the Seattle high school where he met Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Gates pointed … It was at Seattle's Lakeside School where a young Bill met Paul Allen, two years older and equally intrigued by the new teletype terminal the school had just acquired. Students visited Cloud View Farms, the Quinault Reservation, Vernonia, Elwha, the Makah Reservation and Broetje Orchards.[10]. I was in her English class, and I read every book in there twice. Di sekolah tersebut, Bill Gates mulai belajar mengenai teknologi komputer, tepatnya dalam bentuk mesin teletype yang kemudian ia hubungkan ke sebuah komputer pembagian waktu. Since 1984, the schools have been sister schools. Advisory groups meet several times a week and are a space for students to build connections with each other and their faculty advisor. Bill Gates - Lakeside School. One is to try to give others the same opportunities you had. But they didn't. I support Lakeside from all three points of view. Teachers like Ann Stephens. In the summer of 2007, 86 Upper School students traveled to Peru, China, Morocco, India, and the Dominican Republic. Honors courses are only available in science and math. Lakeside has many classic traditions and special events, including May Day (organized by Student Government) Convocation, dances and Arts Fest.[11].