Follow the fascinating story of the castle and the inspiring past of its dedicated owners. It was peaceful watching the boats floating on the water. It’s worth spending a day exploring. It wasn’t long before we could see the edge of the cliff. FULL DAY | The Jurassic Spectacular. Lulworth Outdoors are a passionate, lively group of outdoor pursuit instructors, based within the stunning and versatile Lulworth Estate. Many thanks for your 5 star review, we are delighted you enjoyed your trip with us. Low tide reveals wonderful rockpools teeming with sea creatures. The view from the roof of Lulworth Castle on a foggy day. We walked along the rocky beach. Then, you can visit the nearby Lulworth Castle. The incline is not quite as bad as the beginning of the path from the Lulworth Cove parking lot, but it wasn’t as well made. For more information about planning ahead and enjoying summer safely, take a look at our page - Know Before You Go. All Rights Reserved. I guess it can be done in an hour if you hurry and don’t stop for photos. We were talking and just enjoying walking along the Jurassic Coast until we noticed a herd of cattle in front of us. Often, you’ll have this part of the beach completely to yourself! There is a half mile walk (approx 30 minutes) along a steep path downhill, plus a further 143 steps down onto the beach. The Jurassic Coast Unesco World Heritage Site covers 95 miles (150km) of coastline from Devon to Dorset, and features "rocks and fossils which record 185 million years of Earth's history". We had to settle for admiring the view from the platform at the top. Definitely a hidden gem. For the Lulworth Cove Parking lot, use postcode BH20 5RQ. Coronavirus: Government urged to change advice to 'stay local', What my ME could teach long Covid sufferers. Thousands of birds migrate to the calm and sheltered waters of the River Exe between November and March from the likes of Greenland, Iceland and Arctic Siberia to have their babies and […] I would not recommend trying to use a wheelchair. I love the look of Lulworth Castle, I’d like that as my weekender sometime. Nevertheless, it is a nice reminder of the wide reach of the Romans. I live in the Southern U.S. and have quite a bit of experience with farm animals blocking road ways. If you love the sand sculptures on the beach,…, Nothe Fort is now reopen to visitors with new measures in…, Turn a regular day out in Weymouth into a full-blown adventure! I am not sure I fully agree. Originally a band of resistant Portland limestone ran along the shore, the same band that appears one mile along the coast forming the narrow entrance to Lulworth Cove. The Jurassic Coast Trust said many were "determined to arrive at any cost" and volunteers described "horrendous" amounts of litter being abandoned. Your email address will not be published. It looked like there had been some kind of erosion or landslide that made those stairs dangerous. The Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch, of a very different material from the chalkstone of the surrounding cliffs. "I've had people shouting at me when I asked them nicely to take their litter with them.". As I was climbing that first hill I was wondering if we would see the Durdle Door once we got to the top, but no. I could see that the cows had gathered close to the gate where the path down to the Durdle Door started. When my Master’s programme at the University of Oxford had come to an end, I finally had time to explore some more of the natural wonders of the UK. #TheWeeklyPostcard. First, climb the steps to the top to check out the panoramic views of the Dorset countryside and the Jurassic Coast. Hiking boots are ideal, but you can get away with wearing sneakers (I did!). Excelent the driver Paul was very great very good with information and is a great asset to you Had a great time. While the Durdle Door walk is a hidden gem, the Durdle Door itself is that certainly not. We didn’t have a view of the Durdle Door yet, but we did see an amazing beach, the Man O’ War Beach. [4] The arch has formed on a concordant coastline where bands of rock run parallel to the shoreline. Check out our Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door Video to get a better idea of what the walk was like. On arrival the driver will show you the return pick up point first, in Lulworth Cove Car park for a moment then you will be dropped off at Durdle Door. However, then you start with the highlight of the hike instead of walking towards it. It wasn’t paved but had stones laid almost like bricks which definitely made it easier. When the Durdle Door came in sight, the tourists were there, too. Which attractions will I visit with Jurassic Coast: Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door half day trip? You do have to pay for parking. There is a playground for kids. "But we all still need to play our part by staying alert, and continuing to follow social distancing guidelines.