That said, it was probably a good move on John Byrne's part to axe Superboy from DC's new canon, but it might have angered some Silver Age loyalists. Iron has at most pulled a fleet of battleships so his punches would certainly hurt Superman, but Superman has moved PLANETS! Superman is much more powerful and has a wider range of actual powers than Spider-Man. Superman vs. Superman has all the advantages minus versatility. After all, everyone can wear a suit but not everyone can look good in a suit. Gameplay was enhanced as well, with Superman using most of his powers and switching between flight and fight easily, though the controls were sensitive and came with a steep learning curve. Superman's battle with Homelander would be a fight for the ages. However, the writers came up with a pretty good workaround in the comic book event Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man in 1976. Regardless, Superman looked good and unique. The idea of Superboy, Superman's identity as a prepubescent crime-fighter, is admittedly ridiculous, not helped by how ridiculous a lot of Superboy's adventures got during his heyday. The Amazing Spider-Man (1976) On paper, Superman vs Spider-Man is not a very good fight. ... 8 Cavill: He Is More Of A Fighter. 7. Reeve could also use the 'S' on his chest as a weapon by throwing it around. Out of all the actors that wore the light blue costume, Reeve looked the best in it.