Published September 21, 2016. The Connecticut Warbler Oporornis agilis is a small songbird of the New World warbler family. Elsewhere in Acoaxet there were four northern shovelers and two pectoral sandpipers. There was a … Western Massachusetts: Highlights from Pittsfield last week included two ruddy ducks at Richmond Pond and two horned grebes at Onota Lake. Two of the birds were flushed from the fields themselves (one ragweed, one overgrown squash), and one responded to pishing the tangles at the base of staghorn sumac at the edge of a pumpkin field that was overgrown with ragweed. See eBird’s real-time distribution map for Connecticut Warbler. Highly Regarded Works. One of the most strikingly colored of our wood-warblers, this species’ flaming orange throat was responsible for its colloquial name of “Fire Throat.” In addition, I'll be rambling about various topics, such as: identification, status and distribution, the state of migration, rarities, and weather and its impact on local birding. It didn’t know nor did it care that it was the first of its species to be seen here. Photo by Al Valentine and Brian Gibbons. Great post Nick! Blackburnian Warbler. It was sheer dumb luck. These medium-sized warblers measure in length, with a wingspan. A red-headed woodpecker was at Pochet Island in Orleans, where other sightings included 600 white-winged scoters, one black-billed and one yellow-billed cuckoo, 11 common and 45 Forster’s terns, 30 red-breasted nuthatches, a brown thrasher, and 2 pine siskins. By Paul Cianfaglione, published June 23, 2017. Here are links highlighting seven previous Bird Finders, each of them with amazing details about warblers. North Shore: An American avocet continues at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island. There was a Hudsonian godwit at Eel Point and a little blue heron on the flats off Washington Street. That yellow crown fades to a green nape and back, which itself blends into blue-gray wings that have white wing bars. © Frank Mantlik, “I thought seriously about hopping in the car and driving up to Cedar Hill in Hartford where it had been found. the pre... A "drop everything" chase - Terek Sand in Rhode Island! Thanks Nick and Tim.Andrew Block. I guessed right; it was CT Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert. He is kind enough to share his secrets with us here. “All the active birders, they’ve put Townsend’s Warbler number 1 on their list for the next bird that will be found in Connecticut. Puzzle for $19.99 A 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring 49 species of *MEGA* First CT Record. Sightings from GREEN LANE RESERVOIR, Montgomery County: Dunlin - 19 on 10/26. — by Tom Andersen, Communications Director. Large, skulky, and seldom-seen warbler. Birds around the bird banding station at Wing Island in Brewster included a gray-cheeked thrush, a Swainson’s thrush, a hooded warbler, and a Connecticut warbler. Usually first noticed by a ringing “weeta, weeta, weeteeo” song, a Hooded Warbler sighting highlights almost any bird walk in the Connecticut woods. Sightings from the FOGELSVILLE area, Lehigh County: At the Nestle Way retention ponds: White-rumped Sandpipers - 5 on 10/27. American Redstart. big flight this morning. As far as is known, only one person — the late Noble Proctor, who saw 404 species — has ever recorded more than Frank. Newfoundland. You figure one of those birds is going to have to go through Connecticut one of these years.”, For Frank, it was a special bird: it was the 400th species he’s seen in Connecticut. Those almost always occur in the fall. Canada Warbler. The enthusiasm that had filled him as he left his house was drained by late morning: “No photos. Russ Smiley said, “I decided I had to find it again.”, Frank Mantlik described the scene: “Russ yells out and everybody starts chasing everybody else thinking somebody must have it. I upgraded to the 7D MarkII in September of 2016. Immature has brownish hood, not gray. Check out our blog for more sightings of intriguing, uncommon, or otherwise notable birds. A South Polar skua was photographed at Race Point in Provincetown, where other sightings included as many as 18 Caspian terns, a continuing Sabine’s gull, a little gull, a razorbill, a harlequin duck, a buff-breasted sandpiper, 15 red-necked phalaropes, 250 Forster’s terns, a red-throated loon, 7 Northern fulmars, 118 Cory’s shearwaters, and 37 Manx shearwaters. When in full view, the proportions of a Connecticut Warbler will appear strange, as often these birds are storing so much fat they are bulging like a shorebird ahead of long migration. Blue-winged, Worm-eating, Canada, Hooded, Blackburnian, and Swainson’s; and American Redstart. Greater Boston: Reports from Point of Pines in Revere included eight black skimmers and two pine siskins. Blackburnian Warbler. Bird sightings from the Mass Audubon Society. Cold fronts in November are no joke. In migration, found where weedy fields meet a forest edge, especially with dense thickets, goldenrod, and jewelweed. By Chris Wood, published May 19, 2017. Take Merlin with you in the field! In spring and summer they are commonly found in young and mature forests with a good understory component. At the Church Road area: Guest Post by Tim Spahr: Finding Connecticut Warbl... MA - Thanksgiving Barnacle Goose in Turner's Falls, Saturday November 14, 2020 - by Kate Sutherland, The Bruce Mactavish Newfoundland Birding Blog, Morning Flight - Saturday, August 24, 2019, Colorado "Lekking Chickens and Rosy-finches" 2011.