I live in the house we lived together in. I had become sick in January and was super sick when he died. Or if someone has had something similar happen to them. I know she is reaching out to me. Later as a young adult grief from life itself brought them to me when i cried out the need for them. They automatically placed her in a Covid-19 unit for days and put her on the Ventilator then later moved her to an ICI unit. I woke up from the dream and felt the very strong presence of my mum by my bedside but I said in my head 'mum im scared' to which the presence disappeared. My eldest brother in law passed away 3 years ago june 2016. What does this mean? I took a few pictures with my iPhone from my car to see if the solar lights were bright enough. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. If you find a coin in your path, look at its year and see if that year is important between you and your deceased loved one. My other thought, although to be honest took longer to reach than the first. It will be logical and have some sort of message, either in the form of words, physical objects, or even telepathy. The next day i found out that he died from a heart attack. Sounds like you are medium, hone your gift more to help others mine is different when they want to talk to me sometimes there earth bond i see them as a bright light in my third eye but im not always aware what there trying to tell me only the feeling they catch me off guard my vibration not high enough at the time so they usually pop into my dreams and tell me what happened but i only became aware of this link a few years ago. Be patient and persistent. In the deepest grief, they will try to find a way to let us know they're with us. I laughed and said you still have it Dad... you are still funny as heck! But I was curious. I felt immense joy and love so powerful, I could not explain it but it made me cry. My husband passed 6 months ago after a 10 year illness. There is no easy way to cope. A sign on the side of the road? Only seconds had passed since the incident began, but it felt so much longer. We took our granddaughter to the beach about a month after she died. It didn’t echo. My daughter passed away a year ago I dreamed that we were at a house I had been in when I was young and I was dressed and going out she grabbed me and I couldn’t get a loose from her until I told her to let me go and she did and then she sat down and just stared at me I asked her why did she do that but she never answered me she just stared at me like she was really angry with me. Lrts forgive and live one another, seize the noment and be happy, I have always been able to read people ,insight on people,I know when where something is going to happen,when someone is going to die.I used to be afraid and thought it was a curse,I have now embraced my gift..I have learned how to channel my energy and help spurts cross over,talk to loved ones,I see spirits and I have seen entities..What I love the most is when a child asks for my help.Many people/spirits do not realize the are gone,the want answers, they want justice ,they want to get in touch with a family member..Sometimes they come into my dreams,I am able to lucid dream,able to enter another living person dream possibly alter the dream,and out the spirit in the path of their living lived one..All they want is to be loved,helped,talked to..Don't be afraid.A spirit will not hurt you.Yes a evil entity can hurt you.Ive even tried to help them cross over into their light.I believe in summerland,it's where we go in our after live..I was born n raised a strict Catholic.As I grew, into my gift I choose to believe in a Higher power,there is so .uch more out here people, just be willing to look and listen..I pray to the Goggess NYX (the Goddess of the Moon,the Night. I prayed to GOD and my grandparents to please help her and make her well. But losing one’s boyfriend, when you’re planning big things about the future and dreaming sweet about the coming life, is an irrecoverable loss. God Bless. Is the radio playing their favorite song? When you're cleaning, turn on the music and see if a message is being delivered. My mum passed on the 6th November 2018 of lung cancer. I know have an Imperial moth tattoo in memory of my high school sweetheart. I prayed so hard, I didn't even feel that he left this earth. I've been dreaming about my grandmother lately and I've been having raining in my ears for no reason and I've also been hearing my mean ful songs about her in my house in the perfect time.I really miss her and I really wanna talk to her, My mom past away in 2011 she always chewed juicy fruit gum - to this day I still smell it - just at different times - no special time just out of the blue ..also I see the numbers 616 constantly comes up ..meaning- consider yourself blessed to receive this number I never thought of number being sent by my mom. The film is based on Arthur Nersesian's 2000 novel Dogrun [2]. After about five minutes they floated away and then they disappeared I don’t know what they were but I do remember the sent of my grandfather before I saw The first one.