Step 6: Pour warm water measure per 1 teaspoon of tea leaves 200ml. If you used the teapot to boil the water, set the strainer into the pot at this point. Continue scrubbing until it becomes clean. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Now we arranged all those things that could make tasteful tea. Refer to the package instructions on the tea. Boil the water with a kettle and then pour the water into the teapot. Step 4: Pour out all the solution from the teapot. Preheat your teacup by running hot tap water over it. You should have both a teapot and kettle for using to make tea. ​A. Boil the water with a kettle and then pour the water into the teapot. The leaves go in the infuser and the infuser goes into the cup and then allowed to mix with the water. Let the infuser sit in the hot water until the tea has brewed to the desired strength. Set the tea strainer on the top of your empty, preheated tea cup. I'm a ceramic researcher, ceramic artist, writer, and professional blogger since 2010. By using a tea strainer, the tea leaves are allowed to float around within your cup or teapot, as there is no tea ball holding the leaves in place. A ceramic teapot is comparatively simple to use, but you need to keep some things in your mind. Lot of vinegar​C. Step 1: Clean your teapot by simply putting a cup of vinegar or 4 tablespoons of baking soda. It’s very trustful from that time. Teapots are a must for brewing tea for 2 or more people. It’s very popular now. Step 6: Take out the teapot from the big pot. Vinegar and baking soda can be used to clean it. Vinegar and baking soda are friendly for the teapot. I hope how to use a ceramic teapot article will help you to clean your teapot perfectly and easily. Step 2: Pour medium warmed water into the ceramic teapot and put the teapot into the basin. The lid of the ceramic teapot is cap type lid. They are usually dishwasher safe. It will save your teapot from the crack. The Ceramic teapot originated in Asia and The Middle East since 11,000 years ago. Refer to the package instructions on the tea. But we are not gonna use any chemical or cleaning tablet to clean our ceramic teapot. Add loose tea leaves to the strainer, approximately 1 tsp tea leaves per cup of water, depending on the brand of tea. 5 Allow the pot to stand for between one and six minutes to brew, depending on taste. Because those chemicals will effect on teapot colors. Tips. This will ensure that the teapot is evenly heated, allowing it to retain heat more efficiently. This lid sitting down over the neck. There are many ways to clean a ceramic teapot. Ceramic Braces – Complete Guide with Pros …, Best Reginox Ceramic Sink Reviews in 2020 …, Best ceramic honing rod Reviews & Buying …. Make the teacups hot with warm water and serve well. Boil water with high temperature.Step 2: Add lots of vinegar into the pot.Step 3: Turn off the stove.Step 4: Pour 4 cup of vinegar and warm water onto the teapot and put the teapot into the big pot.Step 5: Leave them for 30 minutes or until becoming cool. To using your ceramic teapot will need some goods. Enjoy the tea. You could make your old teapot looks new to follow some care and cleaning tips. Hello, I'm William Jon. The difference teapot and kettle is more n more. Sponge or scrubber. ), I showed all the method and steps in this article. Check the lid fits well. Pour out the water designed to warm the tea pot glass, and add the teapot infuser with tea as instructed by the packaging or your personal preferences. Pour a little bit of the hot water into the teapot and swill it around. Add the boiling water - Always use freshly boiling water for a superior brew. Drink directly from the teapot. We need to choose the best teapot for making good and tasty tea. I showed all the method and steps in this article. A tea-strainer, which can be bought from most larger super markets. My tea stays always hot. There is much reason to like the ceramic teapot. Once the tea is ready, remove the infuser to prevent overbrewing. Sets can be bought with matching pot and cups, often with a milk jug, sugar pot, saucers and side plates, but these can be pricey. A ceramic teapot has the ability to keep the temperature inside. Share this helpful article with your friends and family. How to use a cast iron teapot in 7 easy steps 1 Choose Your Tea. All Rights Reserved, Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble: The Top Tips on How to Use a Tea Kettle, Once More Unto the Steep, Dear Friends: Your Guide to Reusing Tea Leaves, Yellow Tea: The Obscure Leaf of the Camellia Sinensis Family, The Measure of a Cup: How Much EGCG Is in Green Tea, How to Make Tea Taste Good: Tips, Tricks, and More, Exploring the Health Advantages of Matcha Tea. An infuser is slightly different to a tea strainer in that it (usually) wholly contains the leaves – so no teapot required. On the other hand, a simple tea infuser sits in your cup or teapot like an infusing basket while it is brewing with the loose leaves inside and then removed from the cup or teapot once brewing is complete. Let’s start know how to use a ceramic teapot. And, steep the tea for two-six minutes. Clean inside by put your hand inside of the teapot. Step 7: Wash it perfectly by tape water. At first, you need to check manufacturers instruction. If your pot is small, use a brush to clean it. The difference teapot and kettle is more n more. When brewing leaves in a teapot, once the tea is ready to serve, tea is poured through a tea strainer and the fine mesh stops leaves from dropping into your cup. That’s why most of the people chosen ceramic teapot. I have one ceramic teapot, that one gives me better services. Continue to wash until removing the soapy bubble from the ceramic teapot. If you don't have any loose tea to use but still want to use a tea infuser, you can cut a corner off a tea bag and pour the contents into the tea infuser. Let’s start know h, Milk jug for keep milk. ), Sugar pot for keep sugar. Do not use on the stove without permission. Teapot without a strainer. Wipe it by dishcloth after wash. This will be depending on the quality of tea, and your own performance of strength that you did. Scrubber or sponge. Tea cups, same as the teapot. ( If you like to add milk in your tea. You need to check how dirty is your pot. For little dirty teapot: If your teapot is not too much dirty use these steps. If you do put on the stove or deep freezer your ceramic teapot might crack. Step 3: Add the Tea Leaves Add the tea leaves into the infuser or into the teapot. Pouring out all of the water while you feel that, your teapot is hot. After you have put the tea into the teapot, pour the hot water over the tea. You can make the neck and the flange of the lid at the same time anytime. Step 7: Steep for 5 minutes.