You can use our compensation and benefits template to outline your policies. There are many challenges, but with some effort, you will know how to start an HR department. Sometimes, however, established corporations see a need to add a new division to its ranks -- such as a learning and development division or research and development department. Building an HR Department within a new or established company is going to take some work, but with a solid plan and the great advice we’re dishing out here, you can do it. Over the past decade, HR has been transitioning out of this cookie-cutter role. Figuring out all these answers ahead of time will save an unpleasant task far less messy. Luckily there are lots of consumer based apps that fit well into a small or medium sized business. Although your company has a business plan, the new division will need one as well. You will spend time accomplishing the organization’s first goals and deliverables. Do you request two week’s notice? Here are some pointers on how to introduce your new department without causing a major upset. But, in organizations that have no HR department, this onboarding has generally been left to individual managers, payroll, and accounting. A new department, like a new company, must develop an identity and also deliver value that its customers want. But there was no history, no culture for that department. While you have marching orders from your immediate manager, you need to know the priorities and concerns of the other departments. Culture includes both the intangible feeling of the workplace and the perks and policies that make your company a great place to work. Building your own business from the ground up is an exciting opportunity, but it can also be challenging. This is the approach you would take if you are starting an HR department from scratch whether you are new to the profession or experienced. After all, the work that HR does can be outsourced and seems mundane in the grand scheme of things. "It' s one thing to place people where they can learn from peoplearound them. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were something that you got in real life too? Revise every six months to ensure that you stay competitive. Put together an HR plan. Start by looking at the goals and objectives of the company as they relate to this division. Prior to this, Severson worked as a manager of business development for a marketing company, developing targeted marketing campaigns for Big G, Betty Crocker and Pillsbury, among others. Value is created when you continuously demonstrate that you can eliminate pain points and move the company forward. Most professional know how to act at work. It will be your job to meet or exceed those expectations. Nothing can derail the development process faster than a lack of support. Keeping track and contact with various candidates will soon become a big part of your routine, so find an ATS that can help you and your team do that. Ask how they think the division will affect their work. Monster Video: Is your Recruiting and Hiring Successful? They view the world through a different lens than regular employees. Comment and share: 4 lessons on how to develop a new business department. At the beginning of the process, promoting the new department--as well as developing it--will be primary functions. Initially as you learn how to start an HR department, you may find that introducing your new HR team members can wreak havoc on other departments, especially when they first take on the tasks previously performed by other team members. Sure, those will change as the company grows but knowing how the team defines “doing well” and sets their goals will only help new hires get acclimated. If it’s ignored, an incomplete or even negative company culture can form on its own. These people or teams should have a solid idea of how many widgets they want to make or how many contracts they want to sign and the people that you need to hire are part of that plan. You may not be able to bring in big name speakers to train your crew but you can build a mentoring program, support professional initiatives or leverage your vendors for useful training opportunities (like webinars and white papers series). Start a Business. Then, with each salesdivision expressing different needs, he had to pull together a cohesive profile of what a customer servicedepartment for the 270-person company would look like. If just the leader of the department is involved, there’s a missed opportunity for critical input and buy-in. A company starts a new department for a... 2. You can’t do everything at once, though it may feel as if that is the expectation. Diagnose the business problem this division will attempt to solve. Start with a history of the problem you will solve, or service you will render. Then, decide what type of investment company you want to have, and figure out whether a partnership, corporation, or limited liability corporation works best for you. You can include as much or as little information as you’d like but keep in mind if you choose to include more information (like what makes the current employee successful in that role) you will be able to use it for multiple projects (like building out sourcing profiles for future hiring).