I found this bike to be easy to handle. money on essential things like a decent helmet, gloves, and protective clothing. Your trust is our top concern. There have been numerous larger bikes in my garage over the years, but 250's still provide me with lots of grins. If you would like to get a quote on a new 2007 Honda Nighthawk 250 use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this bike to other Standard motorcycles.To view more specifications, visit our Detailed Specifications. They are a temporary bike for a learner to keep for a year, then sell to buy something they can use. On your "Learner's" you shouldn't be travelling any faster than 80km/h which leaves about 50km/h spare for the cb250.2. I thought of selling the nighthawk, but it was fun and I decided to add some foam grips and a 15 tooth front sprocket a couple years ago. That option really helps fatigue on longer trips. Cycle Insider provides experiences consumers and owners have had with Honda NIGHTHAWK 250 Motorcycle Reviews. Just be sure that if you get a used one, the carbs are clean; else, gummy carbs can lead to rough idling and even stalling. The handling is good and makes me feel riding a classic bike. Its slow to get moving, and top speed is nothing to write home about. I've had it for about a year now, and have had no problems with it! It's a very simple machine compared to most bikes these days, very easy to work on without a box load of special tools. Use our Bike Finder, below, to get everything you need. Bought this soon after my learners test. It doesn't go like the clappers, but I didn't want a bike for that intention. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.com.au. MANUFACTURER SPECIFICATIONS. Between CB250 and 500 there is a big difference. If you're like me - a high school kid saving for college who wants cheap transportation like this, it's the way to go! Personally think it was better than the Honda ''dream'' but I'm just an old nostalgic person. I have a 1991 Nighthawk, the first year they came out with them. For this reason, they can be a little thrashed when you look at them second hand. The Nighthawk is, like most 250s, an ideal first bike. The bike was last registered in 1997 and i have brought it back from the dead in 2011. Will a cb 500 clutch fit in a cb250 superdream? I don't see what justifies the cost. rrgtd in 2000.Never ever did this. Reliability wise, I'd say it's great! This bike will see me through to the end of my "P's" and then I will most likely upgrade to a cruiser style bike that better fits my frame (I'm rather tall and fat lol) but for now I LOVE this bike and when the time comes to upgrade I will be very sad to see her go :( My personal opinion, if you know what you want to ride when your off of your "L"'s there are ... many other bikes that will suit your riding styles until you get there. - strong motor Also a perfect commuter for those who travel to the city for work or uni like I did. It doesn't eat chains or tyres like a GN 250 does. This bike is iconic. This is 400 dollars MORE than the sport little Ninja with the 14,000 redline and fairing to boot. Looking for a specific make, model or year of motorcycle, An excellent introduction to motorcycling with reliability backed up by the fact it is the vehicle of choice for the express post delivery service. – 1999 Honda CB250 Nighthawk. There is nothing fancy about the bike. An excellent introduction to motorcycling with reliability backed up by the fact it is the vehicle of choice for the express post delivery service. - no oil filter It's not a cruzer, its not a sport, its not a tourer, it wont fit into any particular catogory. Goodbye Harley-Davidson Bronx Streetfighter? The GS500 had much more power and smooth delivery. get a quote on a new 2007 Honda Nighthawk 250 use our. - easy & simple to work on Considering the amount of use it gets, the fact that I've had no problems with it further enhances its appeal. I am 61 yrs old so I do not abuse it. 2007 Honda Nighthawk 250 pictures, prices, information, and specifications. 1999 80 000 kms.Bought it when it had 30 000 kmsSimple easystill running and registeredwill sell soon without regoLiked the rich red colour.Will miss itReminded me of older english bikes.Good friend. Also, I have been looking for a bike for a while, and have some advice for the new bike rider; I have no problems pushing it around and it is so simple to figure out mechanically.